Every now and then when you visit a website, you must have come across a notification that says this webpage stores cookies. And you always wonder, what are cookies but scroll anyway. Now I am going to explain what cookies are and why you get that notification. 

Cookies is a small file used by browsers to store the information of how you interacted with a particular website. Cookies can be used to store your login details, page you revisit, no. of pages you visited in a particular session. 

For example – if you have visited a news channel website then the browser will store a little information such as your IP Information and then it will show you stories based on your geographical location. 

Now, there are two types of cookies, one is session cookies, that is, it will store information of your interaction with the site for a particular amount of time /session. The other type of cookies is Persistent cookies, they will keep tracking you until they get expired or get permanently deleted.

People use cookies to provide more personalized features based on their behavior such as if you are visiting a site for learning about WordPress, by looking into your cookies it will recommend you more WordPress blogs.

You get that notification for allowing or disallowing a website for storing private information. If you do not want to provide your personal behavior and data to the website you can simply click disallow.