The Media Settings of WordPress defies the height and width of the images, videos that you are going to use in your website. The settings of media are located in the WordPress dashboard under Settings >> Media. 

The media settings are the sub-panel that you can find under the Settings >>Media. Therefore the admin can change the settings for WordPress file uploads in the sub-panel.

When you upload an image on the dashboard of your WordPress website, it creates three copies of your image of different sizes- thumbnail size, medium size, large size. If you are the administrator of your website, then you can edit the sizes of these images in the settings. 

Maintain the aspect ratios of the images and make sure the images do not look distorted on your website. If you have set the height width of the image but it exceeds the limit of the display size, then WordPress automatically adjusts the size of the images into the best proportions. 

The first option that you can find in the sub-panel is for image size. When you first upload an image, WordPress saves the original image and creates three copies – that is for the thumbnail, medium and large sizes. The admin can change the sizes on these pages.

While the other section allows you to decide the place where the uploaded media gets stored. Here you can also find an option that lets you decide whether or not to arrange the uploads in monthly or yearly based folders. The media allows you to work with the theme and design of the website and customize the size of the image accordingly.

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