The ecommerce industry is an ever-changing medium that pushes the business owners to try new things to stay competitive. They need to balance with latest trends and industry’s best practices to sustain success. And for that, they should know about the alternatives they have!! So, here is an exceptional list of ecommerce platforms & software to keep you updated.

Ecommerce has changed the way brands reach to the customers. It offers the flexibility to shop and buy over the internet to the consumers and businesses. It is all about convenience. Time convenience of customers to shop and convenience to businesses in receiving the transactions on the same day. There lies a platform at the core of every ecommerce business that powers the store. So if you are also thinking to start an online business, an ecommerce platforms provides the complete solution to manage your page or website, sales, and operations. You will find a number of ecommerce platforms on the market. We have compiled a list of existing ecommerce platforms and software. It covers the major ecommerce platforms and other possible choices to launch your own conventional ecommerce store or a multi-vendor marketplace.

Big Contenders/Top-Players of Ecommerce Platforms

There are some leaders in the space, but surely not one best ecommerce platform. As it entirely depends on your needs that which platform will work efficiently for you. So, here at TemplateToaster website builder, I have listed of some big contenders is maintained that contains all the platforms recommended by the ecommerce community as follows:

Top Ecommerce Platforms Comparison Chart (2018)

Ecommerce Platforms Launch year No. of Online Stores Price Starts Best For
WooCommerce 2011 37% of all online stores(about 310,00,000) Free Small & Medium Enterprises(SMEs)
X-Cart 2001 33,000+ Free Medium & Large Enterprises
Shopify 2004 150,000+ $14/Month Small retailers & Start-ups
Big Commerce 2009 55,000+ $29.95/Month SMEs
Magento 2001 240,000+ Free Medium & Large stores
Zen Cart 2003 100,000+ Free Medium Businesses
OpenCart 2012 175,000+ Free Large & Small businesses
PrestaShop 2007 250,000+ Free Store owners, Developers & Designers
OsCommerce 2000 260,000+ Free All type of businesses & freelancers
JigoShop 2011 370,000+ Free All-in-One
Drupal Commerce 2011 13,000+ Free All type of businesses
WP e-commerce 2006 36,000+ Free SMEs but can be extended
UberCart 2006 35,000+ Free Small Stores
VirtueMart 2005 300,000+ Free Store owners, Developers & Designers
Wix 2006 119,000,000+ $16.17/Month SMEs but can be used for larger businesses.
Squarespace 2004 1,300,000+ $8/Month SMEs
Weebly 2007 441,000+ Free SMEs
Ecwid 2009 100,000+ Free SMEs
Jimdo 2007 200,000+ Free All type of Business
Selz 2013 100,000+ Free Selling on existing website
3DCart 1997 23,000+ $9.99/Month Any type of business for multi-channel selling
Volusion 1999 30,000+ $15/Month Small Businesses for recurring purchases
Gumroad 2012 35,000+ $10/month and 3.5% + 30¢ per charge Selling Digital products


1.  WooCommerce – Free Ecommerce Platform

woocommerce best ecommerce platform and software

WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin, launched in 2011. It is a fully customizable ecommerce platform with a secure payment gateway and a shopping cart. It can turn any WordPress website into an ecommerce store automatically with unlimited product categories, inventory management, and coupons. Super easy to manage admin panel. You only have to add content, rest the WooCommerce will do for you. But it involves some investment to avail hosting, domain name, extra extensions, themes etc.


  • Poor media manager for handling images.
  • Additional investment for integrating shopping cart.
  • Lack of scalability with business growth.

2. X-Cart – Free Ecommerce Platform

xcart best platform and software

X-cart is an free source and self-hosted ecommerce platform. It is easy to use, set up and modify. It offers mobile-responsive design and has integration with many third-party applications. Its basic edition is free but you have to pay one-time for business licensing. No extra monthly charges, no payment for transactions etc. Whenever you want to upgrade, only one click is needed and it will be upgraded automatically. It is very popular for its incredible features like multi-language and multi-currency support, integration with payment gateways, PCI compliance, security etc. It is best to sell the stuff in-person on your self-hosted ecommerce store.

  • Extra fees for direct customer support.
  • Some manual coding may be needed while setting up a new store.

3. Shopify ($14/month)

shopify best ecommerce platform and software

Shopify is a Canadian-based ecommerce platform that aids small business to open their online stores. It serves a plethora of themes, plugins, and extensions for convenient mobile shopping. It is integrated with Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for facilitating better social commerce. It always keeps pace with new ecommerce trends and technologies. For example: the customers can get the product updates directly in their social media inbox. They don’t have to leave their social media platform in order to buy from you. You can convert your FaceBook account into an Ecommerce platform, only by spending $9 on its light plan. It also includes a point-of-sale (POS) system to process sales in your real-world store and payment processing service that offers lower transaction fees. But it all depends on the plan you opt. It provides technical support via live chat, phone as well as tutorials. It is a top choice to build a full-featured, hosted online store with built-in payment processing.

  • Additional transaction fee if not using Shopify Payment.
  • Extra investment for useful extensions.

4. BigCommerce ($29.25)

bigcommerce best ecommerce platform and software

BigCommerce is one of the most prominent ecommerce platforms to aid businesses of all sizes to launch their online storefronts. If you are already selling your products on some online marketplace, BigCommerce makes it easy to add your existing product listings to your own store. It has integration with Facebook, eBay, Google shopping and many other sites. So, while setting up your own store, you can import product list from any such site. It maintains your inventory at all the selling marketplaces. It provides you many responsive themes, a point of sales interface, shipping, tax, analytics and many other good features. It guides you through all the installation via the setup wizard, tutorial videos, detailed guides with visual illustrations and demos. It is really easy to configure. It is the best option to sell your products at multiple stores.

  • Limited export log features.
  • Lack of free themes.
  • Inflexible shipping options.

5. Magento-Free E-commerce Plugin

magento best ecommerce platform and software

Magento is a popular open source ecommerce platform. It provides unlimited customization options to run a store on your own server and control everything about it. The core product pages, order management tools, and scheduling tools increase its usability and manageability. There are many free social media extensions and plugins to add a blog to your store, create barcodes, make pricing comparisons etc. Its extensive resource library for demos helps you to build a store with features you need. It is trusted by many leading brands like Burger King, Huawei, Pepe Jeans etc.

  • Technical skills are needed to set up and customize your store.
  • Requires money and time for optimization.

6. ZenCart – Free Ecommerce Platform

zencart best platform and software

Zen Cart is a PHP/MySQL based open source shopping cart that offers robust features to retailers for customizing their websites. It is meant for non-technical users. It provides hundreds of custom options, downloadable add-ons, and payment gateways. It is easy to track the performance of different products by using the basic reporting functions.  It enables you to Show advertisements and banners for associated products, manage discounts, group pricing, coupons, and voucher codes etc. It maintains an inventory of available products of multiple types. It facilitates a number of themes and multi-language support. It is a secure, user-friendly ecommerce platform to scale up your business.

  • No dedicated support.
  • Less impressive templates.
  • Lots of customization needed for a modern-looking cart.

7. OpenCart

opencart best ecommerce platform and software

Opencart is a lightweight and easy to use, open-source ecommerce platform. It provides you the feature-rich, search engine friendly, and a visually appealing interface. It includes support for over 20 different methods of payment and 8 shipping methods. Its order processing functionality is really appreciable. It has a great backup and restores tools and automatic image resizing. It gives a multi-language, multi-currency and a multi-payment gateway support. It avails a plenty of free themes. It is best suitable for the businesses that need basic website setups and development tasks. It includes the free software updates for the lifetime.

  • Relies on additional plugins for good performance.
  • Not SEO-ready by default.
  • Customization options are really few.

8. PrestaShop

prestashop best ecommerce platform and software

PrestaShop is a beautiful open-source ecommerce platform. It is easy to use and doesn’t require any experience to install it. It supports 65 languages. It provides many core features, filtered custom & search pages, email marketing, detailed analytics etc. It gives a wonderful inventory management system and an easily adaptable store maintenance. It facilitates a number of modules and themes to customize a fully responsive store. It configures various shipping methods and coupons for you. It tenders a multi-vendor and multi-currency support. You can have a free cloud or self-hosted store to quickly sell the products online.

  • Lesser scalability as compared to Magento or other major ecommerce platforms.
  • You have to pay extra for nice themes and other extra modules.
  • Premium training is quite expensive.

9. OsCommerce

oscommerce best ecommerce platform and software

OsCommerce is an open source ecommerce platform to build a self-hosted online store. It is easy to set up with more than 7000 add-ons. It needs less experience to make customizations. One amazing feature of OsCommerce is a large community of 280,000+ store owners. They actively participate at a forum and help you on various problems and issues. It aids you by providing exact stats for products and customers, weight, price etc. It also offers destination based shipping modules, quick and advanced search features, product reviews, and far more. Many big brands like Ubuntu Shop, Parsico, Melbourne Kitchen Renovations are using it.

  • Requires more maintenance and extra expenses on SEO.
  • Less scalable than other competing ecommerce platforms.
  • Error-prone so need an expert to protect a site.

10. JigoShop

jigoshop best ecommerce platform and software

JigoShop is an open source WordPress ecommerce platform often compared to Woocommerce due to its ease of use and migration options. It bids a broad functionality with a wide range of plugins and add-ons to scale up your website. It is a lightweight, functional and an advantageous platform for beginners and intermediate users as easy to pick basic dashboard. It comes with a wide range of widgets and high-quality themes. It facilitates various payment gateways, shipping tools, full order management, product import/export, product search & far more. It possesses powerful SEO features. Moreover, its integrations are similar to WordPress so you can search for -and plugins online to get a required functionality.

  • You have to rely on the forums and blog posts for customer support.
  • Extra investments needed for product comparison, themes, PayPal integration and coupons.

11. Drupal Commerce

drupal commerce best ecommerce platform and software

Drupal Commerce is one of the most comprehensive open source ecommerce platforms. A considerable percentage of the internet is powered by Drupal. It gives the flexibility to integrate a rich commerce experience. It connects content and products seamlessly to scale up the user experience. Offering optimized merchandising tools and proven SEO tools. It has an inbuilt security system that gets updated frequently to secure your website. It gives a good speed and performance due to built-in caching. It is supported by a huge community to help you out with various issues. It is an unmatchable open source platform option to create any kind of website. Open Sesame, Lush Cosmetics, and many such big brands are using it.

  • A tough learning curve is associated with it.
  • Extra cost involved for host servers.

12. WP e-commerce

wp ecommerce best ecommerce platform and software

WP ecommerce is a simple and reliable WordPress open source ecommerce platform. It bestows amazing ecommerce functionalities to add products to your catalog, monitor sales, and reporting, configure taxes and shipping, integrate with industry-leading payment gateways and more. It has a clean and modern interface with an easy to navigate backend. You can also get customer support. Even, a large community is there to help you out. Many big brands like Molly Meg, Cronut are using it.

  • Add-ons are limitedcompared to other ecommerce platforms.
  • A Lesser number of themes are available.

13. UberCart

ubercart best ecommerce platform and software

UberCart is a simple Drupal open source ecommerce platform. It is easy to set up and comes packaged with a payment module and shipping options. It gives a customizable order processing page. It has a wonderful facility of activity logging to find an order’s status at any point during the purchase process. The import/export of information from an old store to the new one is really smooth. It gets updated regularly. It works well for small stores though can be extended easily.

  • More suitable for small businesses.
  • Customization controls are less powerful.

14. VirtueMart

virtuemart ecommerce and software

VirtueMart is an open & free source ecommerce platform to work in conjunction with Joomla Content management system. It is a complete shopping cart solution that provides a number of templates and layouts per category. It imparts multiple payment and shipping options. It consists of powerful SEO features and promotes your store well. It has a rating and review system that enhances the customer experience. It is a good option for small or medium retailers. The brands like Produtti Herbalife, DP Moda, 3D Puzzle Welt are using it.

  • Extra expenses for hosting.
  • Accepting payments via VirtueMart is little costlier.

15. Wix Ecommerce

wix best platform and software

Wix is a cloud-based development ecommerce platform to build a custom web store. It has hundreds of templates to choose from. It creates a mobile-optimized website in a completely drag & drop environment. Wix has beautiful product galleries, multiple payment solutions, secure checkout and much more. It endows a professional sore manager, global tax & shipping methods, coupons, discounts etc. it automatically creates backup points that can be restored anytime. It provides you a 24X7 support. It is really simple to add any feature to your website with Wix.

  • Less focus on SEO
  • Paid if requires professional features- starts from $17/month plan for a store.
  • You can’t switch a template after you select one and start working on it.
  • Difficult to add custom function if not provided with the app.

16. SquareSpace

squarespace best ecommerce platform and software

SquareSpace is a cloud-hosted website builder that offers an ecommerce platform allowing you to set-up an online store quickly. It renders site theme and tools not only to build a blog or landing page but also to sell your products online. There is no transaction fees on online store plans and also avails a free domain with annual plans. It provides SSL security, integrated Xero accounting, label printing, a range of metrics & a lot more. It possesses top-class features to build a customized ecommerce website.

  • Transaction fee is charged for sales on business plans.
  • Add-ons are limited.

17. Weebly

weebly best ecommerce platform and software

Weebly is website builder that creates a fully-featured ecommerce platform or store that works in a way you want. It has an easy to use, drag & drop fields to build a standalone website, blog or a store section. It automatically adds the pages corresponding to the items you added. Weebly facilitates you to automatically calculate tax and shipping rates for orders, send branded store emails, and structure your products into categories in your site pages. It provides great flexibility and saves a lot of time.

  • There is no customer login function in case of repetitive shopping.

18. Ecwid

ecwid best ecommerce platform and software

Ecwid is a cloud-based ecommerce platform that can add your store to any website via a widget. No installation required. You can add a store to multiple sites, blogs or social networks. All the storefronts can be managed from a single control panel. It gives a responsive design to look perfect on all devices. It makes easy to sell on mobile phones, social sites and marketplaces like Google Shopping, Amazon, and It facilitates customers to maintain an account for faster transactions. No setup or transaction fee is charged. You can customize your store design & can put promotional pricing, discount coupons, volume discounts etc. More than 40 available payment options and you can work with offline POS systems too.

  • Not a standalone e-commerce solution as need a website.
  • Live Chat and Phone Support available only for premium plans.

19. Jimdo

jimdo best ecommerce platform and software

Jimdo is an easy to use e-commerce website builder for small to medium businesses. It possesses rich features to build a website in more than 9 languages. You got simple customization options for editing product listings directly on the page and adding details with a click. It has a huge collection of template designs. All the page you created with Jimdo will be search-engine friendly automatically. It is optimized for mobile devices too. It hosts all the websites even if you are using a free version. It has a nice customer support system.

  • It provides limited flexibility due to template restrictions.
  • No credit card gateways are available.

20. Selz

selz best ecommerce platform and software

Selz is a WordPress ecommerce plugin that allows you to add the products to your existing WordPress website. A great platform for selling digital products and services. You can customize your store beautifully with a number of themes, buttons, widgets etc. You can manage your sales, inventory, promotions via your Selz dashboard. It is integrated with inbuilt payment methods and free SSL certificate. Realtime shipping rates are available for physical products. No coding is required. It is fully integrated to social media, a single click sharing is available on Facebook, Twitter.

  • Limited features as compared to other eccommerce platforms.
  • Less scalability.

21. 3dCart ($9.99 month)

3dcart best ecommerce platform and software

3dcart is a feature-rich ecommerce platform to build a visually attractive store and shopping cart. It is a hosted solution to build a feature-rich store from start to end. It is easy to use and customize when hundreds of designs are available. All the designs are optimized for mobiles. It provides unlimited products and product categories, waiting lists, tax handling, order management etc. It gives an SEO-friendly store with upsells and cross-sells. No transaction fee is involved. It provides 24X7 customer support.

  • Limited free templates with a bland look.
  • Inconsistent customer support.

22. Volusion ($15/month)

volusion best ecommerce platform and software

Volusion is an ecommerce platform which is great to promote your products online. Volusion has unlimited product options with easy to add product categories. It provides inbuilt SEO tools to show up your products with a detailed listing. It calculates the shipping and tax rates automatically. You can easily create and manage discounts and newsletters. It has a simple social management system that allows you to cross-list your products on eBay, Amazon, and a Facebook Store. You can post your reviews easily. No transaction fee is applied.

  • Only a few free themes are available.
  • All plans have bandwidth limits.
  • Volusion payments are not available to merchants outside the United States.

23. Gumroad

gumroad best ecommerce platform and software

Gumroad is an ecommerce platform to sell products especially the digital goods directly to the consumers. You will simply add more than one product and it will convert into a store. It puts a PDF stamping to protect digital products from piracy. It is really simple to share and sell products on social media, blogs, or email with custom product links. You can keep track of sales, audience growth, and referrals with clear graphs and dashboards. You can send email updates to customers from within the dashboard. It helps you to grow your audience through an impressive landing page. It mainly empowers artists, writers, musicians, and other creatives with the tools to sell products to their followers.

Useful E-commerce Platforms/Softwares

The growing e-commerce market demands elevated the number of emerging e-commerce platforms. A study shows that 78% of shoppers use the internet to buy or research future purchases every year. One e-commerce statistics reveals that online shopping is so popular among US people that there will be about 224 million digital shoppers in the United States by 2019. So, there are many e-commerce shareware to provide you solutions for managing and running your online store. We have compiled a list of useful existing e-commerce shareware to make you aware of the probable set of e-commerce solutions to cater your needs. Let’s have a look:

24. 1 Automation Wiz

It is an online shopping cart, email marketing, & e-commerce automation software solution that will do all from handling your online sales, marketing to customers, up-sells buyers, affiliate tracking, ad tracking, split testing analytics to managing the delivery of digital goods. It grants a four monthly plan. The cheapest one, Email Marketing costs $34/month.


This ecommerce platform quickly connects to your website to sell unlimited products, digital products, recurring/residual billing, etc. It handles memberships, subscriptions or recurring billing. It comes loaded with many e-commerce specifications like catalog management, email marketing, order management, SEO management, inventory Management, upsell express, shopping cart, multi-store management and a few more. It helped to empower over 3 million online businesses.

26. 24Seven Channel

It is a cloud-based platform that enables bidirectional data exchange between physical stores and ecommerce platforms. It aids retailers and wholesalers by integrating multiple websites into a single inventory master file. It improves the operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and reduces labor costs.

27. AbanteCart

It’s a free shopping cart software to sell on your existing website easily. This is a feature-rich, SEO-friendly, fully responsive, ecommerce platform suitable for every type of business.

28. Able-commerce

Able-commerce is a fully featured shopping cart ecommerce platform that is PA-DSS 3.1 certified by the Visa/MC payment industry. It is bootstrap responsive, highly customizable, SEO & developer friendly, integrated with payment gateways. It provides merchants the advanced security features and options to switch to any other 80 supported ecommerce platforms.

29. Acenda

Acenda is a cloud ecommerce platform which enables you to connect products to marketplaces, build a web store (both B2C and B2B), control and sync inventory, manage and fulfill orders, syndicate content, access detailed reporting etc. it helps to increase the sales and achieve a long-term success for all its clients.

30. Actinic

It’s a cloud-based solution to create an ecommerce website with minimal investment. Actinic delivers you an up-to-date stock levels, mobile management, built-in merchandising and marketing tools, eBay and Amazon integration, mobile-optimized storefront and a lot more.

31. AFCommerce

AFCommerce features a complete online store with marketing automation, SEO-optimization, and omni-channel shopping cart features . It can be easily installed, configured, and maintained over a web-based interface. It advocates one of the fastest growing online community.

32. Agora Cart

It is an open digital source e-commerce shopping cart software featuring complete customization including the store’s headers, footers, product pages, order forms, thank you pages, emails, CSS files, and even the Plug in and Play modules. A great option for small businesses and online retailers.

33. AirSquare

This is an all-in-one e-commerce solution to create a new website or move an existing site to your platform. There is a 4 month plan and a free trial is also available.

34. AisleLabs Flow

It provides cloud-based in-store analytics to understand the behavior of customers. It shows many features in particular live dashboard, conversion funnels, heatmap & walking paths, football calendar, revenue & POS, Email and Facebook campaign etc.

35. AmazingCart

AmazingCart is the best ecommerce solution with native mobile app that converts your Web Store to Native iOS and Android applications. You will simply choose the theme, name and the logo and install the plugin into your CMS (WooCommerce, Magento, Opencart, and PrestaShop).

36. Apptha MarketPlace Software

It is a Magento-based multi-vendor script to create a multi-selling website like eBay or Amazon. Apptha Marketplace is highly customizable and can be installed quickly to gives users instant cloud deployment. It provides exclusive profile pages with SEO-friendly URL, internal communication, easy commission calculations, portfolio manager, Mobile-ready apps, product comparison, and more.

37. Arastta

It is an open & free cloud-based e-commerce solution featuring the advanced shopping cart features. Including responsive design, one-click update, theme customizer, SEO boosted, FaceBook store as based on modern technologies such as Symfony, Doctrine, MVC, Bootstrap, jQuery etc.

38. Ariba Commerce Cloud

It is a is a unique web-based ecommerce platform to discover new business relationships and receive leads and opportunities. It provides everything you need to buy, sell and manage cash more efficiently and effectively.

39. Ashop Commerce

This is an ecommerce platform that helps to increase traffic to your e-commerce website and build your credibility among potential customers. Ashop Commerce has nice design features, unlimited bandwidth, over 70 payment options and marketing tools with excellent customer services.


This is specially designed for B2B and B2C Teleshopping and e-commerce Industries. It include many e-commerce particularities such as catalog management, product configuration, inventory management, loyalty program, channel management and much more.

41. Augment

Augmented reality ecommerce platform enables the customers to have a 3D view of your products. It has fast processing engine, great graphics, and fast 3d model. It is really easy to use and customize.

42. Avactis

This ecommerce solution lets you to choose a self-hosted or a cloud-hosted store. You can integrate your store with an existing site. It includes activity dashboard, credit card processing, electronic payments, customizing branding, order processing, and many other things.

43. Avangate

Avangate is a powerful ecommerce platform to sell your products online. It provides subscription billing, and global payments for Software, SaaS and Online Services companies. It yields all the advanced e-commerce specifications. It is now known as 2Checkout.

44. Avetti Commerce

It is an open source digital ecommerce platform to provide scalable, multi-vendor, b2c, b2b full- featured enterprise level e-commerce. It gives an excellent speed with full customer support.

45. Beeketing

Beeketing is a marketing app that gives emphasis on boosting conversions, revenue and customer engagement. It is best fit for all sizes of business.

46. BetaOut

This marketing solution gives you insight into customer journey analytics. It helps you to increase your revenue and reduce the marketing cost. The cart recovery, customer segmentation, promo code management, live chat, actionable insights etc are some of the enticing features of BetaOut.

47. Big Cartel

Big Cartel ecommerce solution is basically for makers, creative people who want to sell a unique product online. It gives a great visual appearance to your store. It provides Order management, Inventory tracking, Sell in person or on the Facebook facility, Google Analytics integration, Discount codes, & significantly more.

48. BigRaja

Bigraja is a unique & easy to use ecommerce platforms. You can establish your online store within 5 minutes. It is a cheap and fast medium to increase your customer base.

49. Bluepark

Bluepark is an intuitive and a feature-rich ecommerce platform. It is a reliable solution to host your online store over a fast and secure server network, using the domain name of your choice. It has the ability to manage your orders, from any location via your own secure online Administration Console.

50. BoostMySale

It is a flexible and scalable, end to end cloud-based business solution. It allows you to build a high-performance store or you can utilize a pre-built website like eBay,  Snapdeal, Google Shopping etc. It is a multichannel marketing tool where you can post the user reviews.

Ecommerce Platforms worth visit

51. Browser Push Notifications

It is a marketing channel to retarget your e-commerce website users even when they’ve dropped off your website. It sends hyper-personalized, highly relevant ads to your customers with zero ad expenses to get them back to your website and complete their purchase.

52. BuildaBazaar

It is a forceful DIY platform to build your own e-commerce brand. It integrates the store with your existing System. Many lineaments like Omni-channel Deployment, Analytics and reporting, Logistic Management make BuildaBazaar unique platform.

53. Cart2cart

It is an online service to transfer the data from one ecommerce platform to another with ease. It is a product of “magneticone”. You don’t need any technical skills for automating shopping cart migration to Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify and other ecommerce platforms. It supports more than 70 shopping carts.

54. CartRidge Website

An e-Commerce solution designed specifically for Ink and Toner industry. You can build a new store or can integrate with an existing website. It comes preloaded with important information like ink & toner cartridges from all brands. It displays the images and pricing for both OEM and Premium Compatible cartridges.

55. ChannelAdvisor Enterprise

It is a leading e-commerce cloud platform for retailers and manufacturers to optimize operations, connect with customers, grow sales operations. It helps them to improve their online performance by providing actionable analytics.

56. Clarity e-commerce

Clarity e-commerce is an extensible and modular platform to grow your business. It provides e-commerce functionality with business intelligence and analytics, search engine optimization, administrative tools, built-in platform independence and back-end integration of worldwide shipping and tax information. It is perfect for all size businesses.

57. Cloud Cart

It is an ecommerce platform that allows you creating a web store with a hosting from Google cloud. No need for technical skills and you can start selling online easily. It is an all-in-one solution that includes customers intelligence for e-commerce business.

58. Cloudcraze

It is an ecommerce solution for the enterprises that are already using Salesforce. It delivers solutions both for B2B and B2C and even B2B2C models by providing easy access to existing sales. It generates smart reports based on combined results. It supports multi-site, multi-language, and multi-currency features.

59. Competera Pricing Platform

It is a is a price optimization and competitive pricing analysis tool. It provides pricing data, assortment, and promotion monitoring to help support sales, customer engagement, pricing strategies and price positioning. You can also give permissions specific to each department or category manager to access only specific data sets. It is good for large and midsize e­-commerce retailers, brands and manufacturers.

60. ConVersio

It helps the online store owners by managing all of the marketing tools, channels, and strategies from one dashboard. It automates Follow-Up and Abandoned Cart Emails while finding all the needs of a shopper via tailored product recommendations and intelligent search. It gives the opportunity to Sell more and do less.

61. Cratejoy

Cratejoy is an all-in-one subscription-based SaaS marketplace to sell your products online. You will get a multitude of subscription boxes to fit your taste. It facilitates customizable subscriptions to avail your customers an option to select how often they would like to get a box.

62. Crazylister

It is a listing management software to Create professional, mobile-responsive and 100% compliant eBay listings in minutes to boost your sales. 200+ designer-made templates. It provides tons of features that can help you with your online business.

63. CS-Cart Enterprise

CS-Cart Enterprise is a cloud-based ecommerce platform built on Salesforce to avail highly secure cloud infrastructure. It gives you a  Ready-to-Ship, Easy to Use, & Easy to Modify solution best for small businesses. It tenders many options to set up promotions, product features, brands, etc. It is highly customizable, adaptable, and flexible.

64. Cube Cart

CubeCart is a powerful open source e-commerce solution to sell digital or physical products online. It can be used effectively by a retailer looking to build his online presence or a webmaster seeking an e-commerce solution for a client.

65. Demandware e-commerce

It is known as Salesforce Commerce Cloud now. Demandware amalgams the functionality, flexibility and customization capabilities of an in-house application with the operational benefits. It gives industry-leading merchandising capabilities and complete control over your site.

66. DPD

It is an all-in-one shopping cart and digital fulfillment service for downloadable products. It is specialized in the sales and delivery of intangible goods such as PDF ebooks, music and video, and other document and media types. It integrates the marketing, tracking, and sales tools.

67. Duplie

It is a free SAAS online ecommerce platform that is designed for the largest nonprofits to enable them to choose whatever features they need and scales with the growth. It creates events and manages your volunteers. Duplie connects you with a popular payment process to easily take donations, and build your Duplie user database. It is responsive and fully secure.

68. E-bee

It is a global omni-channel ecommerce platform that revolutionizes the customer experience. It gives the seamless Content and Data integration with tons of amazing features. It is apt choice for all B2B and B2C enterprises and retailers.

69. EasyeCom

It is an omni-channel ecommerce platform for centralized inventory management, order management & business reconciliation. It provides analytical reports, premium services to streamline and optimize your businesses across channels. It meets all business sizes.

70. Ebrandu

It is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that provides all to build an e-commerce site from payment gateway to shipping partners, from marketing services to the design and look of your website. It is full of e-commerce features namely email marketing, vendor management, hosting, order management, SSL, discount & coupons and massively more.

71. eComChain

It is a cloud-based ecommerce platform to build an online shop that enhances the customer experience. You got hundreds of templates and integrations to various 3rd party services. It is an easy to maintain, low cost, user-friendly ecommerce platforms.

72. E-junkie

E-Junkie is an incredible shopping cart service to sell digital downloads and tangible goods easily. No transaction fee is involved. It provides secure and smooth navigation. It features Digital Storage and Delivery, Affiliate Management, Payment Processors, Shipping and Packaging, Discount Management, Sales Tax and VAT Calculator etc. It works great with small business operators and individual entrepreneurs.

73. EKM

It is an effective ecommerce platform for establishing an online outlet quickly and easily. It allocates a dedicated account manager to every store. You receive a free domain name and over 200 templates to choose from. You don’t need manual setups for receiving payments.

74. Elastic

It is a perfect B2B platform for taking care of all your Sales Process needs and creating a brand differentiating experience. It gives Online Order Entry with live ATS and ERP integration, Order Visual Assortment Planning, and Whiteboarding tools etc. it is trusted by many brands like by The North Face, Oakley, Hurley.

75. Episerver Digital commerce

It is a comprehensive ecommerce platform. It combines digital content, commerce, and marketing. It is loaded with premium features and offerings for a successful business. It places all your products, discounts, and assets in a single, centralized location. It helps users to perform effective merchandising with ease.

76. EtailPro

It is an e-commerce lead generation software and pop-up solution. It helps to design, implement, and manage on-site pop-up campaigns to convert visitors into customers. It provides email marketing lists, cart abandonment campaigns, advanced reporting &  analytics and so on.

77. Etsy Marketing Tool

It is a marketing automation software for Etsy sellers for better sales, exposure and marketing. Amazing features for instance social media marketing, video marketing, automatic item renewal, sales event management, holiday banners, catalog generator takes Etsy Marketing Tool to next level.

78. Excellor

It is an enterprise e-commerce solution that integrates with your existing system to deliver an omni-channel experience. This robust solution has a scalable platform with an extendable architecture. It empowers the B2C, B2B and Marketplace e-commerce business models to meet the evolving business requirements with CTA features to drive engagement and conversion.

79. ExlCart

It is a mobile-optimized, SEO-optimized shopping cart solution for B2B & B2C businesses. The repository is filled with rich features like an easy admin panel, free theme, multilingual, multi-currency, and payment gateways. It works as all-in-one enterprise solution that avails  Digital downloads, CRM and inventory management integration for large businesses.

80. Expandly

Expandly is a multilingual inventory and order ecommerce platform. It facilitates sellers, manufacturers, and retailers to sell and manage products online through multiple sales channels. It extends the e-commerce functionality such as order and inventory management, shipping, reports, and accounting etc.

81. Fashmark

Fashmark is an advanced and responsive multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace script to start an effective online store. It is a standalone, multipurpose software that is marketing and SEO ready. You will get a flawless shopping cart, responsive design, an auction module, discount store, inbuilt marketing features etc.

82. FastSpring

It is an agile, transparent, and customizable e-commerce solution.  It is filled with all the functionality to sell digital products, apps, software. It provides subscription management and recurring billing, multi-currency support, refund management, and international tax management etc.

83. FineLink 2.0

It is an online, multi-channel marketing tool that streamlines document management, document editing, file sharing, team collaboration and print on demand services. It fulfill all the marketing needs such as WebPortal, Order Fulfillment, Quick-turn requests, Digital asset management, Brand assurance, Regulatory compliance, Document management and editing, Application Integration (social, ERP, CRM), Financial optimization etc.

84. Fortune3

It is an ecommerce solution and a Shopping cart software to sell your products online. It provides thousands of inbuilt features, hundreds of free, customizable premium templates, integration with all major shipping carriers and payment processors, credit card payments, order management etc.

85. Foxycart

Foxycart is a smart ecommerce platform allows you to sell your products online using your existing website. This fully customizable solution offers multi-store management, one-page checkout, payment gateways, custom pricing, unlimited products, downloads, subscriptions, coupons, bandwidth, store administrators, shipping options and more. It provides PCI compliant security.

86. FreKart

Frekart is an e-commerce productive software solution mainly for India to create your online retail/wholesale store or a multi-vendor marketplace. It presents several attributes like POS invoicing, Email marketing, DIY store, payment gateway integration, courier tracking, hosting, offer pop-up, SSL, quick checkout, store customization, hundreds of design templates etc.

87. GetMeAShop

It is entirely unified platform to build a unique store in minutes. It includes everything from designing, customizing to creating your business. It facilitates integration with payment gateways and logistics, generating traffic, marketing campaigns, track analytic, receive payments to the online store, driving conversion to actual orders & noticeably more.

88. Getsocio

It is a good solution developed by Anadea for building professional daily deal websites. It features various customization options, built-in email marketing tools, shopping cart, mobile apps, affiliate program, referral program, a variety of payment methods, integration with social networks etc.

89. Growcer

It serves the purpose to create, maintain, and manage your online grocery supermarket. There are multiple customization options present to boost your sales, encourage repeat transactions, and drive business growth. It gives a store that is easy to navigate and responsive. It makes product shipping and management convenient for customers and for you.

90. HandShake

Handshake is a mobile and B2B ecommerce platform fit for any manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers can ask for. It helps to increase sales by taking the orders from all the B2B channel, manage with a central hub and integrate to ERP. It eliminates the cost involved in manual ordering methods.

91. HomaVo

Homavo is an Order and package tracking solution for eBay and Amazon sellers. It sends the customized emails to your buyers with the latest shipment status. It also generates automated feedback for your buyers. It possesses all the e-commerce functionalities.

92. HotCakes Commerce

It is an e-commerce solution that comes with an extremely user-friendly Hotcakes dashboard. You can make a powerful and predictive analysis and share with your team. It works as a business consultant for you. It also offers the options of Managed Cloud Hosting & SLA Support.

93. Hybris

Hybris is an enterprise Omnichannel and product content management solution that integrates product content, commerce operations, and the extended channel. It helps the businesses to create a unified and seamless experience for their customers from online, to in-store, to mobile and beyond. It has a wide list of promotions, WCMS system, Call-centre module, assisted service module, scalability, and much more.

94. iAPPS Commerce

It has come to known as Bridgeline Outbound now. It is a full-featured -commerce platform to bridge the gaps between marketing, content, commerce, social & insights. It provides intuitive product catalog management, promotions and couponing engine, SEO management, web content management capabilities, flexible landing pages and content modules etc.

95. IBM Websphere Commerce

IBM WebSphere Commerce is the perfect solution that simplifies the creation of omnichannel experiences. It gives artificial intelligence capabilities to speed and enhances the decision making of professionals. It caters both business-to-business and business-to-consumer needs.

96. IceShop

Iceshop commerce solutions provide fully ERP integrated enterprise webshops to fulfill all the needs of the online store. It provides Magento, Batavi, PrestaShop, other IceShop services like Iceimport, iceorder, icepim, icecat for full connection to your suppliers.

97. IndieMade

It is an comprehensive e-commerce solution for creative people. It bundles everything an artist needs to make, market and manage a creative website. You will get a well-built website with a number of Marketing tools, International shipping options, Global editing features, Built-in shipping options to generate more business.

98. Infor CloudSuite Business

Infor CloudSuite Business is a cloud-based ERP solution that provides everything for your business growth. It grants many features like global financial management, enterprise performance management, human resources management, supply chain management and business intelligence etc. It’s a great fit for small and medium-sized businesses.

99. Infusionsoft

It is a cloud-based marketing automation tool to streamline your business process. It includes Customer Relationship Management and E-Commerce together in one centralized system etc. It is an easy platform where marketing, sales, and CRM systems go hand in hand to help the small businesses to grow at a faster rate.

100. Inksoft

It is a business solution for printing companies of all sizes to grab the selling opportunities. A Fully customizable theme, Integrated shopping cart, Integrated payment, Fundraising stores, Simple checkout process, Email integration and substantially more. It releases the new features on regular basis.

Bonus Ecommerce Platforms to check out

101. IntenseCart

IntenseCart e-commerce solution engages the buyers by showcasing key performance segments & trends of your business. It endows many e-commerce specs for instance design controls, analytics & reporting capabilities, customer & inventory management, payment & shipment processing, a full suite of multi-channel internet marketing tools.

102. InterShop

For successful digitalization in wholesale nothing can beat InterShop. It optimizes the cross-channel customer-centered interaction, designs the efficient business processes and creates new digital business models. It is perfect for B2B and B2C enterprises.

103. iSockist

It is a B2B ecommerce platform, any manufacturers and distributors can rely on. It gives the convenience to your customers to check their stock online, search products and order from their mobile device in real-time. It provides full security to increase loyalty.

104. JadaSite

It is an open & freely available feature-rich content management and e-commerce system. This Java-based platform includes many features such as Document Management, Rule-based Publishing, indexing & Search, SEO Management, Rich-Text Editor etc.

105. Jazva

Jazva is an e-commerce management solution with an array of functionalities for small to midsize B2B and B2C retailers. It gives them the freedom to operate in a variety of online marketplaces and ship their goods from multiple warehouses or fulfillment centers to earn high volume sales.  It delivers smart automation features, streamlining tasks and processes for the growth of businesses.

106. JumpSeller

It is an ecommerce platform to create an online market for a fast-growing business. Beautiful themes, payment methods, coupons & promotions, shipping rates, multi-language support, and social media integration can deliver a great e-commerce solution.

107. KalioCommerce

It is the best-suited cloud-based ecommerce platform for the mid-market for growing B2B & B2C enterprises. It is a multi-site, multi-device solution for better SEO performance.

108. KartRocket

Kartrocket is India’s ecommerce platform to create your online store by adding business details, payment gateways and customizing as per your needs. KartRocket has beautiful Store designs, Payment Gateway integration, automated engagement tools, digital advertisements, coupons, and so on.

109. Kentico CMS

It is an all-in-one CMS, E-commerce, and Online Marketing platform. It provides comprehensive tools and customer-centric solutions to create stunning websites. Kentico CMS serves you with out-of-the-box web parts, easy customizations, and open API to run a website that optimizes your digital customers’ experiences fully across multiple channels.

110. Konakart

KonaKart is a Java-based enterprise e-commerce shopping cart application that integrates e-commerce functionality into your existing systems with comprehensive easy to use Java, SOAP, RMI, JSON and JavaScript APIs. It includes B2B features, merchandising, shopping widgets, indexed search, payment and shipping modules, search engine optimization, analytical tools, ERP integration, and significantly more.

111. Koomo

Koomo is a well-known SaaS e-commerce platform to make a connection between technology and customers to empower your business. It has amazing e-commerce capabilities for example gives an omnichannel to connect to all the sales channels through a single platform, warehouse management, third-party integration, content management, multi-language and multi-currency capabilities etc.

112. Ktools

Ktools is a professional photo gallery and shopping cart software. It allows you to sell your digital work like photos, videos, prints, products and more on your hosting space. It is a feature-rich, fully -customizable e-commerce platform. Now, this really is huge, more than 70 video player skins, coupon & discount system, photo rating feature, mobile-upload capability, image zoom, built-in RSS feeds etc to give that extra efficient touch to your web store.

113. LemonStand

It is a customizable ecommerce platform permits you to create unique and beautiful online stores. It is easy to configure, manage ad maintain including sell retail, recurring subscriptions and digital products. A number of e-commerce characteristics suchlike Catalog Management, Channel Management, Customer Accounts, Email Marketing, Inventory Management, Loyalty Program, Multi-Store Management and very much more.

114. LightSpeed

Lightspeed is a cloud-based POS(Point-of-Sale) solution to avail you a complete inventory management including orders, reporting, omnichannel capabilities. It provides SEO-optimized back-end, mobile responsiveness, and beautiful designs. It has over 50,000 customers in 100+ countries.

115. LiveCart

It is a fully featured open source shopping cart software. It is a fully customizable storefront that comes with many e-commerce characteristics namely payment, order and inventory automation, product attribute based layered navigation, Powerful promotions engine, SEO-optimized, Downloadable Products, frequent updates etc.

116. Loaded Commerce

Loaded Commerce is such a e-commerce solution that works as a comprehensive catalog and a shopping cart. It provides data-driven inventory management, affiliate system, digital downloads, Responsive themes and stores, Mobile checkout and payments, Integration with Google Analytics, sales reports and so much more.

117. MadeFreshly

Madefreshly is a lightweight website builder to create your online store with a powerful shopping cart. It is easy to manage with simple adding and organizing product features.

118. MarketPlacer

Marketplacer is an online marketplace platform that gives the freedom to entrepreneurs and businesses to automate and scale their marketplace. It has the capability to create marketplaces for products, services, events, booking and digital downloads. It is easy to use and customize with a number of e-commerce capabilities

119. Mart2Web

Mart2web is an e-commerce software and comprehensive shopping cart solution to cater B2B and B2C enterprises. It is introduced by Sankalp to easily create and manage online stores. It propose e-commerce qualities in particular Inventory Management, POS invoicing, Security Feature, Content Delivery Network, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Catalog Management, Order Status, Tracking and History, Channel Management & way more.

120. MartJack

Martjack is an enterprise-class e-commerce platform to provide digital commerce solutions to retail businesses across India and other emerging markets. It avails Catalogue Creation and Management, Online Marketing, Marketplace alliances, Logistic Services, flexibility, scalability & a good deal more.

121. Metrilo

Metrilo provides e-commerce analytics, powerful CRM, and personalized email marketing to give you an overview of marketing performance. It integrates with your store to see the essential data on sales, traffic, products, clients, marketing campaigns, etc. and helps you to make decisions quickly.

122. Miva

Miva Merchant is an e-commerce platform primarily provides web-hosted SaaS solutions. It is useful for medium to large enterprises. It bundles the content and complex data into a sophisticated site UI. Miva give a state-of-the-art transaction and inventory management, and strong systems integration.

123. Moltin

Moltin is an e-commerce API-platform that enables developers and merchants to manage stores through a responsive dashboard. It gives powerful, scalable architecture, extensive features, and design freedom to create the brand-driven experiences.

124. Moxie

Moxie is a digital engagement suite that uses mobile access, live chat, and customer analytics to make a customer journey smooth. It anticipates what customers want, connecting and deliver them the right engagement offer via a right channel.

125. Mozu

Mozu is the modern cloud commerce platform to sell and manage all orders while driving more revenues. Mozo comes with a flexible multi site setup, optimizes the bottom-line and gives a microservice API-first architecture for a real-time and reliable connection to any fulfillment.

126. My Cloud Grocer

My Cloud Grocer is an e-commerce grocery solution for supermarket chains and single locations. It provides everything for the best customer experiences from stores selection of the items in their order through payment processing, logistics to delivery. It is fast, intuitive, reliable, highly secure, and fully-customized for each individual brand to meet their needs.

127. Nation Kart

It is one of the Cloud-Based e-commerce solution providers in India for start-ups. It helps you to create a mobile-friendly online store with awesome attributes like Multi Point Pickups, Domestic Logistics Support, Friendly SEO URLs Generator, Auto SEO Keyword Generator, Newsletter tool, Sell Digital Products, Tax Management and Invoicing, Visitors Count and Product Views, and more.

128. Neto

Neto is a cloud-based retail management solution to grow your business faster with complete e-commerce, POS, Inventory & Fulfilment.  It is best suited for small and midsize retailers and wholesalers. It enables retailers to sell their products via any channel be it in-store, online or through a marketplace.

129. Nomad erpCommerce

It is an e-commerce shopping cart application that integrates your ERP software with your website. It is a robust, easy-to-maintain, easy-to-scale, state-of-the-art e-commerce solution. It provides back-end analytics to measure site performance.

Some of the new Ecommerce platforms

130. Nopcommerce

NopCommerce is an open e-commerce solution to sell any physical and digital goods powering both corporate and small businesses. It is a transparent and well-structured solution based on It renders all the e-commerce features with a multi-vendor and multi-store support.

131. Nuorder

NuOrder is a B2B ecommerce platform designed especially for fashion, health, food & beverage and consumer goods industries. It has a 2-way ordering system for sellers and buyers. It provides Catalog Management, Channel Management, Customer Accounts, Email Marketing, Inventory Management and many other e-commerce attributes.

132. Odoo e-commerce

Odoo is a cloud-based management solution to create an impressive online store with custom designs for redefining the scalability. A simple drag & drop environment to make a stunning webstore to showcase your inventory. It includes e-commerce flovors to grow your market reach and boost your sales.

133. Online Print Shop

It provides web to print solutions to automate print process from online order to delivery. The SaaS and wide range of custom solutions with flexible investment options are also available. It avails high flexibility, extensive third-party integrations, consistent upgrades & lot more.

134. Oorjit

Oorjit is a leading ecommerce platform for customer and merchant engagement. It help you to create a digital marketplace for single or multiple vendors to sell products. It helps in managing products, inventory, and orders.

135. Orderwave

Orderwave is a cloud-based order management e-commerce solution to maximize your profits by better inventory and business management. It provides multiple warehouses, multiple payment gateways, PCI compliance, shipment tools, transaction logging and far more.

136. OroCommerce

OroCommerce is an open-source B2B ecommerce platform to cater the needs of any B2B, B2B2B, B2B2C, or B2B & B2C commerce. It gives a 360-degree view of all sales, marketing, customer support, and e-commerce teams on a single page.

137. OsCmax

OsCmax is a mighty e-commerce/shopping cart web application to run a successful online store. It goes with any kind of Apparel, Medical, Grocery, Electronics, Mobile Stores. There are several e-commerce attributes like Unlimited Products and Categories, Gift Vouchers/Coupons, Virtual Product support, Secure code base, Web-based Admin Panel, Supports PayPal, Real-time credit card processing, Full inventory control and tracking & many others.

138. PayPro Global

It is a premium e-commerce platform which increase the global sales growth featuring the Product Management, Marketing, Campaigns, Order Management, Advanced Sales Tactics, Business Reporting etc.

139. PaySimple Pro

It is a cloud-based commerce solution that offers a point of sale, payment processing, billing and invoicing and customer relationship management (CRM) tools. It enables users to configure recurring billing and automated notifications to alert clients that bills are due. It is basically meant for small to midsize businesses like construction, hospitality, nonprofit, retail and property management etc.

140. Pepperi

It is a mobile-tracking and B2B ecommerce platform that helps in building brands and wholesale market. The mobile catalog and order management features combined with sales automation and contact management feature make Pepperi a more reliable source. It also features full integration with ERP, configurable workflows and business rules, price levels, promotions, and discounts etc.

141. Pimcore

It is an open digital platform for content, community and commerce applications across all customer touchpoints. integrates product information management (PIM/MDM), digital asset management (DAM), web content management (CMS) and e-commerce functionalities in a single source.

142. Pinnacle Cart

It is an ecommerce platform there to promotes sales and increases traffic & conversions. It is a SaaS solution for all sizes of business from small to enterprise levels. The stunning storefronts, Unlimited Administrator Accounts, Product Merchandising, Marketing Promotions, Checkouts, Product & Category Management etc are big plus of Pinnacle Cart.

143. Price2Spy

Price2Spy is a price monitoring, comparison and repricing tool designed for e-commerce professionals. It provides high flexibility and the best price monitoring experience to the clients, offering both pricing data acquisition and numerous reporting mechanisms. It is suitable for all small businesses to corporate houses.

144. Primaseller

Primaseller is a POS and Online Multi-channel Inventory Management solution to scale up your business. It has integrated payment portal, print and scan barcodes and email invoices. It also connects with website and marketplaces for inventory sync.

145. Pulse Commerce

It is an order and inventory platform that offers integrated POS, inventory management, customer management, e-commerce capabilities and more. This POS system helps to increase the business performance of small and mid-size retailers. This cloud-based delivery model ensures the data access at any time.

146. QuickeSelling

Quick eSelling is an m-Commerce solution to connect manufacturers, wholesalers, & retailers with a single interface. It provides iOS and Android apps to convert your slow growth offline business into a high growth omni-channel. It is flexible enough to save your valuable time and money while increasing sales.

147. Reaction Commerce

Reaction Commerce is an open-source, fast and lightweight platform designed for small- and medium-size businesses. It helps to create personal experiences with real-time analytics. It is fully customizable and able to run on both iOS and Android.

148. RMS e-commerce Integration

RMS e-commerce Integration is an e-commerce solution that syncs inventory levels from your physical stores and warehouses with an online store. It has the capability to list products from your point of sale (POS) and ERP systems in online stores and marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon to increase revenues.


149. RQ Retail Management

It is designed for businesses selling wireless products with a focus on retail management and customer experience technology. It includes point of sale, inventory management, customer relationship management, reporting, and analytics, payment processing, vendor managed inventory, biometric security, marketing automation etc.

150. SamCart

SamCart  is a hosted cart checkout platform to sell digital products, physical goods, services, and more. It is integrated with the major payment processors and email service providers. It also provides the optimized checkout pages, custom branding, upsells etc.

151. Sana Commerce

Sana Commerce is an integrated B2B solution that uses SAP and ERP systems to improve your online presence as a business. It guarantees innovation and quality performance with your existing ERP systems. It provides many e-commerce features as an illustration Storefront Design, Metrics and Reporting, Web Shop, Multi-language and Multiple Currency support, Real Time Stock Checks, Shopping Cart Integration, Customer Assortments, SEO Management and list goes on.

152. Se-commerce

Silver Earth is a real-time inventory and a multi-channel business management tool for selling on multiple website(s), physical POS storefronts, and online marketplaces. It provides catalog management, fulfillment & shipping automation, promotions, consolidated reporting, return management, & so on.

153. SellBrite

Sellbrite is a cloud-based inventory management solution that enables users to list their catalog of products to various marketplaces. It gives the best order management, product management, channel analytics and inventory control functionalities to small and midsize companies.

154. SellerPrime

SellerPrime is a behavioral e-commerce analytics software that helps sellers and vendors to increase their Amazon sales. It has got attractive e-commerce qualities to attract visitors and increase conversions and sales. Including Product Watch, Track Products, Product Ideas, Seller Watch, Price & Seller Alerts, Promo Planner, Keyword Research, Reverse ASIN, Amazon MWS Connect, Portfolio Analytics, Inventory Alert and many other.

155. Selluseller

It is an online omni-channel selling software that enables e-commerce vendors to manage & sell their products online across multiple marketplaces in Asia. It offers many e-commerce features like reporting analytics data, invoicing from marketplaces, coupon management etc.

156. Sendowl

Sendowl is an e-commerce platform to help you sell your digital products online. You only have to upload your products & accept payments.  Rest of the things like integration with payment gateways, optimized checkouts, automated digital delivery, SendOwl does for you.

157. ShipStation

ShipStation is a multi-carrier, multi-channel, cloud-based shipping solution to import, manage & ship your orders. It integrates over 150 of the most popular marketplaces, shopping carts, & carriers plus to facilitate the shipping and fulfillment process for online retailers.

158. ShopFactory

It is an e-commerce solution to sell better online for individual sellers, micro- and small businesses. It is a shopping cart integrated with several payment processing providers and shipping solutions. There are features like product design, promotion, inventory management, and marketing.

159. Shopio

Shopio is a great e-commerce platform to aid you in promotion and selling the products online. It is designed for Small to Medium scale businesses. The beautiful Storefront Design, Product Management, Order & Shipping, Hosting & Security, Search Engine Optimization, Marketing, Reporting & Analytics grabs your attention.

160. Shopizer

Shopizer is an open-source Java e-commerce platform. Shopizer has the best e-commerce properties for instance product catalog, shopping cart, order fulfillment, order management, shipping and payment management etc. It also provides a highly well-defined graphical user interface for great user experiences.

161. ShopNix

Shopnix is an all-in-one e-commerce platform that lets you create an online workplace in a single step. It provides everything from the website, hosting, shopping cart software to the payment gateway to sell products online. It features Inventory Management Product Database, Store Customization, Content Management System, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Discounts & Coupons, Catalog Management, Design Template Gallery, SEO and Online Marketing, Quick Checkout, Storage & Number of Products, Shopping Cart etc.

162. Shopping Cart Elite

Shopping Cart Elite is a full e-commerce solution that can serve as a central data hub for all your products. You can sell on multiple channels such as eBay, Amazon or Google Shopping etc. It provides customized graphic design, and unlimited products, storage, and bandwidth, search engine optimization, marketing etc.

163. Shopware

Shopware is an open source e-commerce platform to create appealing online shops of any size. It includes Catalog Management, Channel Management, Customer Accounts, Email Marketing, Inventory Management, Loyalty Program and Multi-Store Management etc.

164. ShopWired

Shopwired is UK’s high quality ‘commerce-in-the-cloud’ solution for selling online successfully. This platform includes all the e-commerce features for example security & PCI compliance, hosting, sales & marketing tools, Multi-channel selling on eBay, Facebook & Amazon, search engine optimization with beautiful, mobile & tablet friendly websites.

165.  Smoolis

Smoolis is an e-commerce platform to build a multi-language website. It caters all the needs of small to medium businesses. Smoolis has all the e-commerce capabilities including Catalog Management, Multi-currency support, Inventory and order management, Shopping cart, SSL certificate etc.

166. SnipCart

It is a powerful shopping cart platform that can integrate with any site to add rich e-commerce functionalities. A responsive shopping cart to sell both the physical and digital goods.

167. Spree Commerce

Spree Commerce is an open-source shopping cart for building e-commerce websites. It is fast, flexible and fully customizable. It is featuring Modular architecture, Responsive Site Design, Product Configuration, Customer Subscriptions, Comprehensive API, Robust Open Source Community and many other e-Commerce capabilities.

168. STIVA Shopping Cart

STIVA is a multilingual online shopping cart to build an e-commerce website. It facilitates a number of e-commerce specifics suchlike responsive front-end design, SEO friendly URLs, multiple payment options, voucher system, automatic shipping and tax fulfillment, client address book etc.

169. StoreHippo

Storehippo is another flexible e-commerce platform which gives you a feature-rich, multi -marketplace for B2B or B2C business model. It provides multiple storefronts to bring higher traffic and conversions, Improve Google rank and marketing ROI, inventory and shipping from a common dashboard etc.

170. Storenvy

Storenvy permits you to create your own online store or to list your products in the Storenvy marketplace. You can build a fully customizable store of 500 products with social integration, inventory management, discounts, and promotions.

171. Subbly

Subbly is a cloud-based subscription e-commerce platform. It facilitate you to setup and run your own subscription business. It provides all the subscription tools from a hosted website, billing management, order management, marketing tools to email notifications.

172. SunShop

SunShop Shopping Cart Software offers both the web-based solution or a self-hosted solution to build your online storefront, market your products, take orders, accept customer payments, manage your inventory, track shipments, and more.

173. SureDone

SureDone is a Web-based inventory management solution to sell products on multi-channels. It serves for the strategic and operational needs of enterprises, brands, and growing businesses.

174. Sylius

Sylius is a free e-commerce platform integrates with existing systems and guarantees fast time to market. Exceptional flexibility, code quality, extendability makes it more enticing.

175. SymPhony Commerce

Symphony Commerce is one of the popular order fulfillment service providers in the market. It accelerates commerce by connecting orders and inventory, undertakes rapid fulfillment, and deliver fully branded packages. Features suchlike Order acknowledgment, Order allocation, Inventory storage, Order processing, Payment processing, Shipping, Product tracking, Returns processing, Dashboards and there’s a lot in the list.

176. Target Bay

Argetbay is a revenue generation-focused e-commerce platform on behavioral targeting, segmentation, and email personalization. It entitle you to implement data-driven targeted campaigns, divide your customer bases into smaller clusters, thus reducing your campaigns expenses while significantly improving your ROI.

177. The Vendio Platform

Vendio is an effectual e-commerce platform to reach buyers and sell products on multiple channels. It will do everything you need to manage your sales including Automate inventory distribution and tracking across sales channels, customer email communications, order tracking, fulfilment etc.

178. Tictail

Tictail is a free e-commerce platform with free hosting, and an unlimited supply of bandwidth and product uploads. Easily connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts, set country, currency and tax, manage orders and products. Creates discounts for customers and gains access to hundreds of apps to improve how your store works.

179. Tomatocart

TomatoCart is open source shopping cart software that provides a lot of super-high-quality widgets to build applications. It includes all the important e-commerce particularities for instance unlimited product categories, review management, catalog and product management etc.

180. UltraCart

Ultracart e-commerce platform manages your business with its robust back-office systems, auto orders, shipping, fraud review, payment processing, and marketing management. It is integrated with many payment gateways and fulfillment solutions.

181. Uni-eMerchant

Uni-eMerchant is a Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart and e-commerce solution. It provides stores, auction and group deals with real-time engagement of people with merchants. It is suitable for retails business and online business industry.

182. Unify

Unify is a multi-channel e-commerce solution to streamline order management and automate shipping for your store. It delivers Accounting, Order Management, Inventory, Shipping, Email Marketing, Tax Compliance, Analytics and other e-commerce specifics.

183. UpShot Commerce

Upshot Commerce is a customizable, e-commerce solution that has the ability to integrate with numerous sales channels and comparison engines. It is a multi-tenant solution for Direct-to-Consumer and/or Business-to-Business enterprises.

184. Vend

Vend is a cloud-based POS system for retailers. It enables them to receive payments, track customers, manage inventory and create business analytics for real-time insights into business performance. Its multi-outlet retail, and inventory management system is perfect for retail stores.

185. Vendevor

Vendevor is an online shopping cart that can be integrated into any website, payment gateway, blog, or Facebook fan page. It is acceptable for all size businesses from small to large.

186. VeraCart

Veracart is a safe & secure shopping cart software. It is fully customizable for listing products for sale, and easily process orders. It features many marketing tools, promotions/sales tools, and reporting, inventory control for B2B enterprises.

187. VirtoCommerce

Virto Commerce is a highly scalable product to create your own unique e-commerce solution while utilizing agile principles. It provides multiple store management, advanced promotion engines, dynamic content, price management tools to achieve your unique business needs and increase online revenue.

188. Vtex

VTEX is a Cloud Commerce Platform to manage multiple online stores with endless extensibility. Best higher conversion rates, more organic traffic, lower TCO, and an auto-scaling infrastructure for serving today’s multi-channel digital commerce needs.

189. Wazala

Wazala is an online service for customers to create online stores on remote servers. It is ideal for small to medium businesses to sell up to 250 products. Superbly amazing qualities like Integrated or stand-alone store, selling physical or downloadable products, receiving payments through most widely accepted methods, inventory management, multiple product images, discounts give Wazala a uniqueness to watch out for.

190. WebJaguar e-commerce

Webjaguar is a dedicated e-commerce solution provider for growing B2B and B2C companies. It is a highly scalable and customizable platform with extensive marketing, management, and revenue generating capabilities. Several features to maximize sales and reduce costs for its customers.

191. WebNexs Wcomm

Webnexs Wcomm is an advanced and flexible e-commerce solution to suit online retailers of all scales. It is an incredibly powerful product with carefully selected product and order management features. WebNexs Wcomm has multi-vendor support, mega menus with mobile-friendly views, and automated backup of all valuable corporate information.

192. WebStudio

WebStudio is a flexible, feature-rich e-commerce freeware that enables organizations to deploy a customized online store or product catalog solution. Characteristics like site navigation, page layouts, inventory, pricing, order management, enterprise resource planning systems etc lets you create a wonderful online presence.

193. Worldmart

WorldMart is a global e-commerce platform to run an online company. It manages multiple physical outlets with Android & iOS apps. It also offers easy POS, advanced customizations, marketing campaigns to grow business.

194. Yahoo Commerce

Robust features and functionalities to quickly add products to the store, accept all sorts of payments. It also provides many shipping integrations with a support of unlimited products and bandwidth for a smooth shopping experience.

195. Yo!Kart

YoKart is a multi-vendor e-commerce platform to start your own online marketplace. It provides rich integrations, such as MailChimp and PayPal; powerful reporting tools, SEO features for a successful online business.

196. Yotpo

Yotpo is a user-generated content marketing platform enables your store to increase sales, traffic, and customer retention. This ecommerce platform helps to increase your on-site conversion rate, improve your search rankings, get more traffic to your site.

197. Yusp

Yusp is a cloud-based recommendation engine that helps to personalize e-Shops for generating extra revenue from the visitors. It is ecommerce platform that incorporates adaptive learning analytics to enable large enterprises to engage consumers and anticipate their future behavior.

198. ZenStores Insights

Zenstores Insights is a potential sales dashboard to measure your business performance across various sales channels. This ecommerce platform helps to identify the channels, products, and customers that are valuable for your business growth.

199. ZEPO

Zepo is a SaaS ecommerce platforms to create your online store, Mobile Store or a Facebook Store easily. It helps to grow your e-commerce Business with its powerful features like payment gateways, shipments, multi-channel marketing, promotion management etc.

200. Zoey

Zoey is a robust ecommerce platform to enhance your online presence. Simple drag and drop design with amazing e-commerce features in particular reordering, order status, and account maintenance. Best for B2B and wholesale businesses.

Which Ecommerce platforms you use?

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There are a lot of e-commerce platforms available if you are thinking to build your online presence. Here, you got two lists of e-commerce platforms. One is for top e-commerce platforms adopted by many big brands. You can easily make a comparison and select the right one for you. But if you are looking for some specific features, you can go by the list of all the useful e-commerce software program. Basically, you got a rich database of existing e-commerce platforms here. The option you choose will depend on your requirements.

We have tried to cover all the useful ecommerce platforms available in the market. But if you think any other ecommerce platforms deserves to be enlisted here; please share with us in the comment section.