If you are creating a website, the very first thing that holds the utmost importance is website hosting service. But choosing one out of tons of choices becomes a tough task. There are numerous paid plans available in the market to choose from as per your requirements. But having a free WordPress hosting isn’t a bad idea either. Isn’t it? Yes! You read that right. I’m talking about the free WordPress hosting that can lead to amazing results without even charging you a penny.

You can get the website hosting for free. However, you can choose the premium plans as well if you want to use some advanced features offered by the host providers. And the plans offered by these providers vary in price as well as in the type of features they offer.

But getting free website hosting service can help you start instantly without getting involved in the various other confusing choices. And to clear your confusion here is the list of free WordPress website hosting providers to choose from. I did not consider the hosting server location in this post.

Most of the website can demotivate you by giving you generalized information about the free Hosting providers. But, I will tell about some of the free website Host providers which are free and are pretty decent to use. Here at Templatetoaster WordPress website builder software, I have list of free Hosting for WordPress.

Here we go. But before we get into the details, here at Templatetoaster WordPress theme builder showcases brief introduction to each free WordPress hosting providers. Check out our free WordPress themes.

List of Free WordPress Hosting

  1. WordPress
  2. 000Webhost
  3. FreeHosting
  4. Accuweb Hosting
  5. Freehostia
  6. Awardspace
  7. Cloudaccess
  8. Hostawesome
  9. WordPlus

Free WordPress Hosting Compared (2019)

Free WordPress web Hosting Name Monthly BandwidthDisk SpaceDaily Backup Website/Domain
WordPressUnlimited3 GBNo1
000Webhost10 GB1 GBNo2
FreeHostingUnlimited10 GBNo1
AccuWeb Hosting30 GB2 GBNo1
Freehostia5 GB250 MBNo5
AwardSpaceUnlimited1 GBNo2
CloudAccess.netUnlimited500 MBNo1
HostAwesome2000 Pageviews/Month1 GBYes1
WordPlusUnlimited128 MBYes1

Free WordPress Hosting  (Review)

1. WordPress.com –  Free WordPress Hosting

Free WordPress Hosting

WordPress.com is one of the free website hosting available in the market. For your WordPress website, nothing else can work better except WordPress.com. With WordPress.com you don’t have to bother about plans, website management, and web server everything will be managed by the WordPress.com itself. And this makes it the best option for the startups.

Various important features such as owning a free account, WordPress.com subdomain, hundreds of themes to choose from, and plugins etc. you will get amazing powerful features to support your site. Though it is totally free to use, however, you can also choose a premium plan for much-advanced features.

2. 000Webhost – Free WordPress web hosting


000Webhost is seemingly the choice of millions of users. And this definitely makes it one of the most reliable free WordPress hosting option available today. The hosting service provided is unmatched. It fully support PHP and MySQL. It also gives full support for Zend, XML, Curl, GD2PHP Sockets, .htaccess, Ioncube Loader. You won’t see any ads or have to pay any hidden costs and enjoy 100 GB bandwidth with limitless Disk space. And installing scripts is super easy with the one-click installer.

Almost every popular script such as WordPress, Drupal, OSCommerce, Joomla, Photo Gallery etc. can be installed with one click installer system. Furthermore, you can anytime switch to paid services. It is certainly one of the best WordPress hosting companies with clear evidence of 99% uptime, which no one else has have provided till now. So, what are you waiting for? Get going with it!

3. FreeHosting – Free WordPress website hosting


Another free web hosting is Free hosting. With the range of resources and tools, you can create any kind of site you want. The main highlight of this hosting provider is the limitless file size upload and a number of pages. Free hosting does not offer you any subdomain but you can access it via cPanel to manage the page. 24*7 customer support. Free hosting is the best option for a lightweight site. You can have roughly 30000 daily visitors on your site. You will get 10 GB storage. However, if you want some extra features then you can purchase the additional plans.

4. AccuWeb Hosting – free WordPress web hosting

AccuWeb Hosting Free WordPress Hosting

AccuWeb Hosting is another one of the powerful names in the free WordPress hosting provider list. This WordPress hosting option is highly secure because it is covered with multiple layers of DDOS protection. The best thing about the it is that it does not show ads, publish banners, and no pop-ups in your free account. You will get 2 GB SSD storage and 30 GB monthly bandwidth. For opening a lifetime free account it doesn’t ask for any credit card details or something. Simply enjoy free services. You will get blazing fast sites in no time.

5. Freehostia


Another WordPress hosting option is Freehostia that offers ad-free WordPress hosting. Freehostia has the 1-click installer which sets you free from installing WordPress manually. The free hosting plan provided by Freehostia is called as Chocolate plan. Freehostia has 5 hosted domains, with 250 MB Disk Space, 6 GB monthly traffic and you will also get 3 email accounts to manage. Freehostia is an ideal option for any small business and personal site. If in case you want to upgrade to a better plan in future then you can do that with just a single click.

6. AwardSpace

AwardSpace Free WordPress Hosting

Awardspace is present in the industry for more than a decade now. It has auto WordPress installer which lets you install WordPress with few clicks. Awardspace include 1 domain and 3 sub-domains in the free plan. However, with the range of premium plans with Awardspace, you can anytime upgrade your free plan and enjoy the even better services. Awardspace is entirely ad-free and user-friendly platform to work with. Awardspace claims 99.9% uptime guarantee with 24*7 customer support with 5 GB monthly traffic. Awardspace is the best fit for any small business.

7. CloudAccess.net

CloudAccess.net Free WordPress Hosting

CloudAccess.net is a platform that offers the free WordPress hosting and anyone can create WordPress website for free. They have basic Cloud Control Panel (CCP) feature. And tools like one-click Site Replication and App Snapshot gives a more clear view of your site and more reliability. You will get 500 MB disk space, 1 GB RAM, and a free subdomain. Under free plan obviously, you will get some limited features and that’s why if any time in future you wish to access the advanced features then you can upgrade your plan and buy some premium plan. So, it’s worth a try.

8. HostAwesome


You will be amazed by the type of plans HostAwesome offers you. It provides you 1000 MB disk space along with SSL integration. The automatic installation makes it a better hosting option. It is a pretty good option for any personal blog or new small pages. You can start with the free plan and you can purchase any bigger plan in future when your audience grows. HostAwesome offer 99.9% uptime and free SSL protection with amazing support. The daily backups will help you rollback anything that has mistakenly gone wrong or something that you have deleted unintentionally. So, overall it is another super awesome WordPress hosting provider.

9. WordPlus


Last but certainly not the least, WordPlus has a lot more to offer you as a WordPress hosting. And this includes 99.9% guaranteed uptime, unlimited bandwidth, complete access to control panel, SSH & SFTP security along with daily and monthly backups. The icing on the cake is the one-click installation with an auto-update feature. Easy site migration is also there. And the only constraint is disk space. You will only get 128 MB disk space with the free plan. However, you can upgrade to better plans anytime.

And this brings us to the end of the list of hosting providers and all the options are worth a try.

Which free WordPress website hosting you use?

So, these were some of the best and free providers to choose from. However, it is highly recommended that if you’re creating some business or eCommerce website then go for paid web hosting plan. As the paid website hosting will give you top-notch services and support. And as your website grows with the time you will feel more secure with paid hosting. It may cost you some money but will be beneficial for you in the long run.

And if you know any other which you think need a mention, do share with me in the comments below.

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