Joomla is one of the most popular content management systems of the World. Many big companies and the governments of the world employ Joomla for their websites including UK Ministry of Defence and High Court of Australia. We have started to help enthusiast beginner of Joomla in learning Joomla and getting free Joomla templates. Our previous posts are drafted around installation of Joomla on localhost and then making a basic website. Through this post, we want you to better familiarize with the interface of Joomla Menu Manager. Joomla offers Menu Manager for creating and managing the menus.

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Menu Manager Screen of Joomla 3.4

To open the Menu Manager screen, navigate to Menus–> Menu Manager from the menu across the top of the Joomla administration screen. The Menu Manager contains a list of all the menus of your website and the options that allow to create, edit, delete, and rebuild the menus.


Menu Manager of Joomla 3


  1. New– This option is used for creating new menu.
  2. Edit– You can edit an existing menu using this option. Select the menu to be edited and click “Edit” to modify the selected menu.
  3. Delete– You can delete a menu using this option. Select the menu to be deleted and click “Delete” to permanently erase the selected menu from the list.
  4. Rebuild– This option refreshes the menu table.
  5. Help– You may need it any time.
  6. Options– You can set some options pertain to page display and permissions, like Browser Page Title, Page Heading, Page class, and permissions of accessing options by various users of the site.

The right sidebar contains two items namely, “Menu” and “Menu Items”. The sidebar is collapsible. You can hide it by clicking the arrow sign.

In the central area, you see all the menus of your website. The information related to each menu is organized in columnar form. There are four columns as following-

Title– title and type of the menus are organized in this column.

Published– this column has the count of published “Menu Items” of related menu.

Unpublished– this column has the count of unpublished “Menu Items” of related menu.

Trash– You can view the count of the Menu Items that you’ve sent to the trash.

Linked Modules– You can see the name and position of the modules to which the menu is linked.

ID– Joomla itself creates a new id number for a new menu. It can’t be changed by the user.

Creating a New Menu

Click “New” to get started on creating a new menu. Provide the following information to Joomla-

Title– write the name of your menu in this field.

Menu Type– write the type of the menu. This field might create a question in your mind that what is the significance of Menu Type. Actually, Joomla considers the Menu Type as system name and uses this name to uniquely identify a menu. You can create two menus with same title in Joomla, but not with same type.

Description– You may write the motive of the menu in this field. It is an optional field. If you want, then you may leave it blank.


Creating a new menu in Joomla


After filling up the fields, you may take four actions. Let us know what will be the consequences of every action.

Save– Your menu will be saved and you will stay on the page.

Save & Close– Your menu will be saved and current page will close.

Save & New– Your menu will be saved and you will be ready to create another menu.

Cancel– Your menu will not be saved and you will be brought back to the previous page.

Adding Items into Menu

Return to Menu Manager by clicking “Save & Close”. You can see that there are no published items in your menu, so you need to add some items to your menu.

Go to “Menu Items” from the sidebar. Click “New”, and provide the following information of the menu item.


Adding a menu item into the menu


Menu Title– the name of your menu item.

Alias– you may leave filling up this field as Joomla can auto generate this. The alias is used by Joomla in URLs.

Menu item Type– you can select the type of menu item. You can see the list of items by clicking “Select” button. For demonstration, we’ve selected the “Single Article” type.

Link– the link to the menu item is automatically generated by Joomla.

Target window– you can choose whether the link of the menu will open in parent window, in new window with navigation, or in new window without navigation.

Template Style– you may select specific template style for the menu item from the dropdown.

From the dropdown of “Menu Location” option given in the right sidebar, select the menu into which this menu item is to be added. Once you finish everything on this screen, click “Save & Close”. Repeat this process to add more items into your menu.

Creating a Module for New Menu

Return to the Menu Manger, after getting done with adding menu items. Here, you can see a message saying “Add a module for this menu type”, under the Linked Modules column for newly created menu.


Message saying to add a module for the menu


Joomla needs you to create a module and set its position in template to show your menu on site. So, your step is to create a module for your menu.

To get it started, click the message under Linked Modules columns. You will land in Module Manager for creating a new module. Fill in the following information.

Title– give the name of your module in this field.

Select Menu– select your menu for which you are making this module.

Position– this option stays on your right side. Your menu will be displayed on the position that you select from this option.

Let the other fields be default. We’ll let you know about more options in further tutorials. Anyways, click “Save & Close” by the end.


Adding a menu module Joomla


At this juncture, you’ve created a new module for your menu. You can see your menu displaying on your site.

Quick Recap

The Menu Manager superintends the navigation menus of the website. It provides various tools for creating and editing menus. Broadly, the process of creating a new menu and displaying it on the site is as follows-

Create a menu—> Add menu items–>Create a module for the menu—>Select module position–> that’s it!

For creating new menus, you go following way-

Open Menu Manager and click New–> enter Title of the menu–>enter Menu Type–> write a short Description of menu–> click Save & Close.

For adding a Menu Item, select the “Menu Items” option from Menu Manager. And, do as follow-

New–> Menu Title–> Menu Item Type–>Target Window (optional) –>Template Style (optional) –> Menu Location–> Save & Close.

By the end, here is the process of creating a module for a menu and assigning it a position to display it on your site. When you make a new menu, you will be prompted to add a module for that menu. Click that message and do as follow-

 Title–>Select Menu–>Select Position–> Save & Close.

And, this is it. Hope you get knowledge from blog of this website design software. You may give us your feedback or queries in the form of comments. Do share this tutorial in your social circles if you like it. You can create your own website with TemplateToaster.