At first, it seems that creating a logo may be an easy task. But this is only until you begin to split it into points, and the logo itself by its components. Then the laws of graphic design demonstrate all their exactingness and inability to compromise. We know how sometimes it is difficult and tedious to understand large volumes of new and not always necessary information. Therefore, we chose only the most important, regarding fonts, colors, and logo forms, so that you can easily understand the features of their influence on a person and correctly choose the elements of your corporate sign.

What is Logo and Why is It needed?

We see logos all the time. But what is their function in marketing? If you clearly understand the importance and capabilities of this marketing element, then its development from the list of secondary matters is rapidly moving to the list of priority tasks of the company. And all this is because the logo is created not only to save aesthetics. In some cases even despite being successful, you may even seem a frivolous and not solvent organization without the presence of a corporate sign. What does the logo give the company?

  1. A unique image that demonstrates the level of the company
  2. Repeated sales because of easy recognition.
  3. Attracting new customers due to an interesting and fresh design.
  4. Legal guarantee for property protection
  5. Advertising on any platforms and content where there is only one logo

Why Choosing the Right Fonts for the Logo is Important?

So, let’s start by choosing the right font. This is very important, because it depends on your choice of how the name and slogan of the company will look and be memorized. It is necessary that the font you choose evokes the emotions of the target audience that you need for the fruitful cooperation with it. Therefore, let’s deal with font groups and their visual features.


They are distinguished by the presence of decorative strokes (serifs) perpendicular to the main lines of letters. They look good on the printed products. Moreover, they look traditional, reliable and comfortable. Global brands, such as Honda, Sony, and Giorgio Armani, chose the fonts of the Serif group.

giorgio armani logo

Examples: Times New Roman, Trajan, Baskerville, Georgia Italic.

Sans serif

They look more modern due to the lack of additional elements (serifs). They can be scaled well, therefore they are more adapted to screens. They look stylish, neat and modern. Sans serifs decorate the brand names of Microsoft, Airbnb, and Spotify.

airbnb logo

Examples: Helvetica Bold, Franklin Gothic, Calibri, Myriad Italics


They also are called handwritten, as the text looks as if written by hand. Decorative elements reduce the readability of letters. But moderate use of fonts demonstrates luxury, elegance and creativity. This is proved by the logos of Cadillac, Ray Ban, and Unilever.

ray-ban logo

Examples: Bickham Script, Edwardian Script, Lavanderia


This is a modern typographic style characterized by wide, simple letters and straight lines. It gained popularity due to its aesthetics and readability. It conveys progressiveness, novelty, and confidence. Fonts of the Modern group were chosen by Zara, Topshop, and L`Oreal.

loreal paris logo

Examples: Futura, ITC Avant Carde Extra Light.


They are also called accidents – this is the largest category of fonts. Due to the special decorative effect, this design is not suitable for typing the main text. It shows   expressiveness and spontaneity. See the examples of Disney, Asus, and Esprit logos.

walt disney logo

Examples: Cooper, Spaceage Round, Valencia, Giddyup.

How to Choose the Color of a Logo

Color is also a pretty powerful tool for influencing a person. You can create a logo that can make the client relaxed and that will make him / her do the spontaneous, but necessary action. Or it can be vice versa – logo will make him/ her want serious and intensive cooperation. Determine what mood you need from the client to start working with him, and then try to achieve this with the right color.


Let’s start from the most beloved shade in the world. It causes calm and concentration and can slow down the feeling of hunger. Blue is good for demonstrating reliability and experience, but not recommended for food industries. Samsung, Facebook and Visa also attract customers with their blue logo.

facebook logo


Due to the wavelength, red is attracting attention well. It affects a person, learning rhythm and exciting the nervous system. However, it can even cause aggression, if there is too much red. A moderate amount of red will help highlight brand confidence. This is proved by the corporate signs of YouTube, Netflix and Pinterest.

you tube logo


Yellow is an excellent motivator for action. It evokes positive emotions, demonstrates friendliness and is associated with the holiday. A high-quality solar logo can rise excitement and  feeling of hunger. But an overabundance of yellow can be a little tiring. McDonald’s, IKEA and Nikon are companies that have chosen yellow color.

mcdonalds logo


By mixing warm and cold shades, green causes calm and vigor. This is great for sports, religion, natural or eco products. Associations with a switch make green popular on a computer-themed logo. Animal Planet, Android and Xbox chose green for their logo.

xbox one logo


In the ancient world, purple was a rarity, therefore it was the prerogative of the solvent nobility. Now paint is associated with luxury, night, magic, mystery and art. It can decorate jewelry logos or creative projects, etc. Logos Hallmark, Viber and Yahoo! bet on purple.

viber logo


It is able to push towards spontaneous decision and arouse desire. It evokes a feeling of comfort, friendly or homely atmosphere, gives energy and strength. But, as well as yellow, if you use too much orange, it may seem a little annoying. Bright logos are the main detail of the corporate identity of Fanta, FireFox and Nickelodeon.

Nickelodeon logo


Noble gray has a huge range of shades, which makes it ambiguous. Basically, the light part of the palette symbolizes readiness for new acquaintances and lightness, and dark shades form a kind of barrier and call for prudence. Thanks to the gray color, marks of Wikipedia, Apple and Mercedes-Benz look solid.

mercedes benz

Logo Shapes: Tips on Choosing

If you plan to create something more than just a text linear logo, then let’s look at the ability of the shape to convey the desired message to the target audience and how the best world brands have used it.

Square, rectangle

The usual quadrangle looks neat, uniform, orderly. This is credible. Take for example the Microsoft icon, which consists of four squares that make up a large quadrangle – the logo looks reliably squared.

microsoft logo

Circle, oval, ellipse

Rounded shapes give the impression of a team and look soft and friendly. It is not strange that LG, with the positive slogan “Life is Good,” and the monogram that forms a cheerful face, chose the round shape of the logo.

lg logo


Triangles are associated with peaks, success and overcoming difficulties. It is a masculine symbol that emphasizes determination, accuracy and self-confidence. Adidas’ corporate sign makes full use of this geometry.

adidas logo


Vertical lines look active and energetic. In combination with orange paint, this shape makes the Soundcloud logo cool. Horizontal lines, on the contrary, look calm and focus. IBM has also enhanced this visual effect with a cool blue tint.

soundcloud logo


Curved lines can be curled as you like. The smooth wave on the Coca Cola logo looks measured and calm, but the sharp rise in the Nike line on its icon looks quite expressive. But both companies are showing success by lifting up the tip of the curve.

coca-cola logo


Choose logo elements not randomly, but according to your requirements and their capabilities. Try to combine them correctly and interestingly so that each component complements and emphasizes another. And when it comes to the realization of the acquired skills, use Adobe Photoshop for this. The editor offers a wide range of artistic possibilities, but requires experience and skills in graphic design. Things are much simpler with the Logaster online service. Here the logo can be created in a few minutes according to the finished layouts. If the budget of the company allows, you may not be engaged in brand development at all, giving this task to experienced designers. Both in theory and in practice, creating a logo is a task even easier than it might seem.