WordPress revolves around the content posting. But, do you know you can create a private post in WordPress? A WordPress private page is not visible to the public and it’s totally worth the hype. This WordPress private page is only available for the users who log in to the dashboard.

There are times when you don’t want to keep the content visible to all. For instance, you want to keep some private pages simply because you want them for internal communication. Different writers and contributors get access to use those pages. Still, confused? Well, here at TemplateToaster WordPress theme builder blog, I will guide you all about creating private posts in WordPress.

How Does Private Post Work In WordPress?

As the name suggests, the private page or private post on WordPress is restricted to only one or a couple of users assigned! Even if you have the URL, you can not access the page until the page the ‘Private.’

So, who can post the private post? Well, only the user who has the permission to publish the post can do so. Let’s take a look at the WordPress user roles.

  • Administrator: They can add, edit, delete, and publish the private post. Not just that, they can also install WordPress Plugins, add or remove the users, and change the Dashboard settings.
  • Editor: The admin allow them to modify every post on the dashboard. However, other dashboard settings may be restricted.
  • Author: Can edit only their own posts and don’t have any access to make changes in other posts.
  • Contributor: Only edit their own posts. They can add content for review but cannot publish the posts.
  • Subscriber: The need to login to their account and view the site. They can only manage their profile!

The major role lies in the Admin and Editor, rest everyone is off-limits.

What Are The Steps To Create Private post In WordPress

Step – 1: Login To The Dashboard

Login to your WordPress account and click → the Pages option on the left sidebar. Here, you will get two options- All Page and Add New.

In all Pages, you can choose any post want to make private.

In Add New, you can add a new post and start adding content there.

add new page

Step – 2: Set The Visibility Option

On the right-hand side of the dashboard, you will see a Publish module. Select the Visibility option from the section and click →Edit.

set visibility options

Step – 3: Choose Private

When you click on the Edit option, you will get three options – Public, Password Protected, and Private. Select →Private →Ok. And, you are done!

make post or page private in WordPress

In the case of an Old post, you will click the Update button. If it’s a new post, then select the Publish button. And, you are done!

Step – 4: Check the Post

Once you have published or updated the content to Private, you can test your post. When you visit the website and see your post is marked Private, then only the Admin and Editor can see.

Create Private Posts in WordPress check the post

However, if you want some people to view the post, then you can add them.

Can You Use Private Pages or Posts To Store Sensitive Information?

Although you can make WordPress post private, you should not post any sensitive or personal information. Wondering, why? Well, these private pages or posts are visible to anyone who has access to Admin or Editor credentials. This clearly means that you must avoid posting anything of that sort!

Hope, I have cleared your doubts on private pages on WordPress. If you still have questions, drop your queries in the comment below.