Knowing the best Joomla sitemap extensions can be really helpful for your Joomla website development. And if you are also struggling to find the one best suitable for your Joomla website, you are at the right place. In this guide, I will show you the top-notch Joomla sitemap extensions. That empowers you to streamline your Joomla website for search engines. So, with no further delay, let’s get straight to the point.

You are reading this guide, so I assume you already know what Joomla is capable of, how to install Joomla, best Joomla hosting, etc. However, all these are significant aspects to consider but when you are already working with Joomla, it shows that you are well-aware of them. When you create a Joomla website, with Joomla Templates you choose the best options to build a website. So, how can you miss on Joomla SEO? Because around the globe, all CMSs are used to build faster websites. And this in turn poses a great burden on the SEO performance of the site. And Joomla is no different.

It is no hidden fact that search engines index the content of your website more quickly with sitemaps. But unfortunately, Joomla does not come with the default sitemap feature. Therefore, you need to search in the Joomla Extensions Directory (JED) for a compatible solution for your website. But picking up the one can be a daunting task. And that’s where this guide will help you. I understand the need to include a sitemap extension to your Joomla website and the value of your time. So, this well-curated list of the best Joomla sitemap extensions can save you a lot of time.

All these Joomla sitemap extensions are fully-functional and feature-rich add-ons that can give you great results. So, here we go!

How to Create a Sitemap in Joomla?

Generally, there are always at least three ways to add new functionality to your website. First, you can use an efficient plugin for that.

Second, you can code it yourself. Of course, you need to be really good at coding for that. Because dealing with your website code is a big thing. Even a minor mistake in a single line of code can lead to totally different results. So, if you are about to make changes to your code, make sure to take a Joomla backup before that. So, if in case anything goes wrong, you will have a backup to restore.

And last but not least, you can out-source it or take help from any online software for that.

So, for creating a sitemap in Joomla you can one of the following;

  • Utilize Joomla Sitemap Extensions
  • Hand code your sitemap
  • Take help from online sitemap generators

I will show you the most convenient way to do it. And that is with the help of Joomla sitemap extensions. So, here are the hand-picked Joomla sitemap extensions for you.

Top Best Joomla Sitemap Extensions

1. OSMap


OSMap is another Joomla sitemap generator. Using this plugin/extension/add-on/module will give you an SEO-friendly XML sitemap. And this will ultimately help with Google and other search engines. In fact, your visitors can take advantage of the HTML sitemap. While using this extension you will not have to worry about other Joomla extensions. Because it supports all core Joomla extensions. So, you can use this plugin and save a lot of time for yourself. It covers both a free and a paid plan to use. And you can easily switch from a free version to the pro version as and when required.


  • OSMap automatically builds an SEO-friendly XML sitemap.
  • All the Joomla sitemap features in this plugin are well-documented.
  • It also has a robust caching system for large sitemaps.
  • It is very easy to install this Joomla extension on your Joomla site.
  • OSMap automatically builds an image sitemap for all the search engines.


  • It is quite easy to use this Joomla extension.
  • It saves you a significant amount of time and energy.
  • You can find it in the Joomla Extensions Directory (JED) for free.


  • You need to have Joomla 3 and PHP 5.6+ in order to use this extension.

2. JL Sitemap

JL Sitemap

JL Sitemap is a free Joomla extension that generates a real sitemap.xml as well as html sitemap. A free component for Joomla developed by Joomline. You can create a thorough map of your Joomla website with the help of this Joomla extension. In the base delivery, it offers full support for Joomla articles. This package includes several things such as the K2 support plugin, sitemap components, Joomla tag support plugin, VirtueMart support plugin, Joomla article support plugin, Joomla tag support plugin, Kunena support plugin, plugin launch sitemap generation by cron, and Joomla contact support plugin.


  • JL Sitemap provides full compatibility with Joomla 3.9 and above.
  • It provides you with an HTML sitemap.
  • You can easily build a sitemap as per the Joomla router.
  • It lets you run sitemap.xml generation by cron.
  • It also has a debug more activated.


  • JL Sitemap does not overload your hosting server unnecessarily.
  • It provides support for the English and Russian languages only.
  • It can effortlessly handle a large number of links with ease.


  • JL Sitemap works with Joomla 3.9 version and above.

3. Aimy Sitemap

Aimy sitemap

Aimy Sitemap is another superb choice that helps you create an XML sitemap for your website. With Aimy Sitemap generator you can conveniently produce an XML and HTML sitemap of your Joomla website. In order to strengthen your SEO, you can use the powerful functionality of this incredible Joomla extension. You may also create an HTML sitemap for your visitors as well. It also provides you support for many other third-party plugins as well. So using this plugin will give you many more advantages.


  • Aimy Sitemap comes with a broken link checker for checking on-page links and images.
  • It lets you set different options such as change frequency, per URL priority, etc.
  • It comes with an integrated robots.txt editor.
  • You can easily disable any single URL/s from your sitemap.
  • The facility to exclude patterns helps you prevent crawlers from indexing content.


  • Aimy Sitemap is an easy-to-use Joomla extension.
  • All the features and offerings are highly simple to understand.
  • This Joomla extension is extremely intuitive.


  • Some of the advanced features are included in the pro version.

Bonus Joomla Sitemap Extensions

4. EKS – Easy Keyword Sitemap

EKS-Easy Keyword Sitemap

EKS – Easy Keyword Sitemap is one of the powerful Joomla sitemap extensions out there. It creates semantic sitemaps with the help of either meta keywords or tags. It beautifully categorized all your articles on the basis of matching keywords. However, you can easily and quickly limit this Joomla plugin to some particular categories. The best part of this Joomla extension is that you can have a teaser-text for every article. And this teaser-text will consist of the existing meta descriptions. EKS – Easy Keyword Sitemap adhere to the real article restrictions. All-in-all, it is a well-thought and highly workable Joomla extension for your Joomla sitemap.


  • EKS – Easy Keyword Sitemap allows you to build semantic sitemaps for all your articles.
  • It is available in two languages i.e. English and German.
  • You are free to include or exclude keywords.
  • This extension can be easily triggered by a simple syntax.
  • It is the syntax that controls the whole plugin.


  • It is pretty simple to install and configure this Joomla extension on your website.
  • You can restrict the sitemap to any category of your choice.
  • Even in one single article, you can easily create as many sitemaps as you want.


  • You would need a subscription in order to use the support for this Joomla plugin.

5. JLSitemap – SWJProjects

JLSitemap - SWJProjects

JLSitemap – SWJProjects is a Joomla extension that helps you integrate JLSitemap and SWJProjects with ease. However, there are certain parameters on the basis of which this plugin will exclude display from the sitemap. They are View “Joomla Update Server”, Item is not published or trashed, View “Download”, and Set to noindex in the metadata. These parameters need to meet in order to leave them out to display. Once you will use this plugin, you will realize how simple and convenient this Joomla sitemap plugin is.


  • JLSitemap – SWJProjects add links to several links to many views such as Project, Project List, Version, Version List.
  • For every view, you can have various settings.
  • You can have Change Frequency settings, Priority settings, and Include in Sitemap settings.
  • Available sitemap exceptions make it pretty simple to use.
  • The variety of settings options are there to give you control over your sitemap.


  • JLSitemap – SWJProjects is freely accessible from the Joomla Extensions Directory.
  • It does not have a steep learning curve.
  • It offers you many useful features to enjoy.


  • Joomla professionals may find the features a little basic.

So, there you have it! All these Joomla sitemap extensions are fully-operational and are loaded with useful features and functionalities. Since all of them are free to use and available in the Joomla Extensions Directory (JED), you can easily find them there.

So, Which Joomla Sitemap Extension is Best For Your Website?

Well, the answer to this question is not as simple as it may seem. Because there are multiple factors that can affect your decision. And most importantly, not every website has the same requirements and goals. So, we can not say that an extension that’s working fine for one website will work the same way for another website as well. Thus, before making any final choice, it is critical to go through every extension’s pros and cons and weigh them against the functionalities that they are offering.

In fact, all these Joomla extensions have some limitations when it comes to the Joomla version. They don’t work with some specified Joomla versions or with they only work with Joomla version x and above. So, you need to be sure of your Joomla website version as well.

OS Map and JL Sitemap are two of the most commonly used Joomla sitemap extensions. However, the rest others are equally strong competitors in the field. All you need is to keep your website requirements and goals in mind while choosing any Joomla extension for your website.

Happy Joomla Sitemap!

Joomla Sitemap Extensions – In Conclusion

So, now you have a list of some of the best Joomla sitemap extensions available in the Joomla Extensions Directory (JED). I believe these aforementioned Joomla extensions are somehow able to help you enhance your Joomla site ranking on almost all search engines. However, it is advisable to keep a Joomla SEO hacks cheat sheet handy. So, if you need any help you can refer to them and create better marketing plans to drive traffic to your website. Whereas, on the other hand, keeping sitemaps in mind, all the above-discussed Joomla extensions are capable of providing you the best results.

However, you already must be aware of the benefits of Joomla for creating a website but knowing about some of the essential Joomla extensions to boost up your site will give you double benefits. Especially adding a sitemap is highly significant for a number of reasons. It assists visually with your audience. Moreover, it provides Google and other search engines a quick way to index and crawls your content. So, which sitemap extension do you prefer? What are your thoughts about the overall SEO ever since you have added a sitemap extension to your Joomla website? I hope you find this post helpful. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave me a message below in the comments section.