In this article, you’ll find ten of the hottest social media management tools recommended by the digital marketers.

Social Media plays a vital role in increasing brand values. They build a direct communication channel between companies and consumers. Nowadays every successful business must have some sort of social media presence on sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn etc.

Today, there is no small or large business owner who is not advertising their products and services on social media. These platforms are indeed an effective way to get more quality traffic and new leads.

As a social media manager, managing these networks for your business not only require inbound or outbound marketing skills but also an ideal social media management tool. Investing time and money in these tools helps in improving the workflow.

Features that an ideal Social Media Tool must have:

  • It should plan your social media content.
  • It should respond to all inquiries.
  • It should publish your social media posts.
  • It should manage your multiple accounts.
  • It should automatically schedule your social media posts.

Not matter if you are running Windows or Mac these social media management tools are available for both platforms.

Here at Templatetoaster website builder, let’s check out some social media management tools for your computer:

1. HootSuite

Without any doubt HootSuite is one of the widely used social media management tool for individuals and businesses to execute successful campaigns. Within a few years, HootSuite has become the darling for marketers.


  • Has All-in-one Interface.
  • Comes with built-in unique app directory.

2. Spredfast

Spredfast is a powerful tool for managing social media activities. It helps in managing, monitoring and measuring your social media campaigns. Spredfast provide solutions to marketers to easily manage their brands on all social media platforms.


  • Integrates with Google Analytics and customer care analytics system.
  • Can easily format the data in neat graphs for easy comparison.

3. Sprout Social

If you want to grow your social media presence then there is no better tool than Sprout Social. You can easily manage your social media accounts anywhere. It helps establishing communication between brands and customers. Its single stream box helps in monitoring and analyzing your social media activities.


  • Has a well-organized dashboard.
  • Comes with iPhone and Android apps.

4. HubSpot

It is an all in one inbound marketing, automation, Social media and Email marketing management tool that you need to succeed in implementing all your strategies. It is very useful tool for mastering inbound marketing techniques, it helps attracting new visitors and make it easy to turn your leads into conversions.


  • Comes with “Find Companies” feature that lets you research any employee’s information.
  • Its integration with Gmail, Google Drive, and Google’s calendar helps in better communications and coordination.

5. Pardot

Pardot is one of fastest growing social media management tool that helps in powering social media accounts and driving and converting leads. It helps in increasing revenues and driving better results from campaigns. Its cutting edge technology helps marketing and sales team to work together for easily managing online marketing campaigns.


  • It is highly customizable and has great customer support.
  • It integrates with Salesforce CRM and comes with a lead deck that provide real-time activity updates.


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6. Sendible

Manage your online presence with Sendible. It is a social media management tool that help companies analyze the data received from social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. This tool help marketers to have better customers engagement. Sendible is indeed a very helpful tool for managing multiple brands.


  • It helps in optimizing the time of the posts.
  • It helps in analyzing the result and has text messaging and email functionality.

7. Buffer

The buffer is one of the easiest social media tool available in the market that helps in managing all social media activities without any worry. It also provide systematic analytics data regarding engagement and post reach. With Buffer, you can easily schedule your social media posts.


  • Can help hiding users information.
  • Can help in optimizing twitter updates.

8. eClincher

Take your social media activity to the whole new level with this powerful social media management tool eClincher. It helps in publishing, scheduling, monitoring and increasing your web presence. It helps in simplifying social media activities of a small business owner.


  • Supports Auto Post, Unified social Inbox, and Post preview features.
  • Also supports Feedly for content creation.

9. Crowdbooster

This social media tool provide all the data and stats that help converting leads by getting the right customer at the right time.


  • It has a clean interface and you can easily export data into CSV format.
  • It has time frame option that helps in easily scheduling updates.

10. Tweetdeck

This free to use twitter social media management tool is specially designed for users who love to tweet and always keep themselves updated with latest national as well as global trends. You can easily connect multiple accounts for free and can easily schedule tweets in advance. It gives your twitter account special powers that help in implementing your social media marketing plans.


  • This user-friendly tool provides you with the ability to preview photo and video links.
  • Its column feature allow you to easily view all twitter tabs into one screen.


Looking for ways to enhance your social media marketing? use these social media management tools to simplify your job. These tools can help you manage your time effectively and get better results from your social media marketing.

Have social media marketing tools you love but I missed? Share your favorites in the comments below.

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