In software company where I work, my boss always uses to motivate us by saying “bring something unique to the table” in terms of marketing. Here at Templatetoaster website builder, I’m working as a digital marketing executive like others marketing executive. It takes only a few seconds to turn this motivational one line speech into the challenge because doors are always open to us for a position of senior digital marketing executive.

Now I’m sitting on my desk thinking and searching through the web pages about latest marketing techniques looking for one spark of hope, the moment I see I can say this is what my company needs in the term to increase traffic and conversions. Check out WordPress email marketing plugins and best email marketing software.

Dedicated Marketing always pays. There is neither a shortcut in marketing world nor the shortage of marketing techniques. All you need is to implement it the right time. Company’s future is heavily dependent on marketing. These days if someone asks me which marketing technique I will give a try then I will proudly say “Inbound marketing” and “Outbound marketing”.

Both “Inbound marketing” and Outbound marketing” are not just another marketing technique. Both marketing techniques can provide you with incredible returns on your investment and even helps in generating high-quality traffic. For better result I highly recommend companies implement both marketing techniques together. But before you implement these techniques you must have complete knowledge what are these techniques about, how they work, how they differ from each other.

What is Outbound Marketing?

Outbound Marketing is an old marketing technique where marketer only tries to push product and service on buyers. It is also called traditional marketing or. Here marketers don’t follow any rule, they only advertise their products even though customers were looking for that product. Because of this behavior, some experts considered this marketing technique as interruptive marketing. Most common method to promote this outbound technique is by advertising on radio, email newsletter, television ads and print ads. One thing must keep in mind before implementing outbound technique is, the cost of implementing will be much higher than inbound marketing. In the end, it totally depends on your budget, if you are a big business owner you can easily afford outbound marketing, but for small owners, it will be like going on a mission without knowing what their goals are. But larger business owners can surely gain awareness of potential buyers.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is one the newest marketing technique where marketer’s main tactic is to earn people trust on their product and service. Here you don’t just get to know what people want but also you get a chance to grab big market automatically even without spending whole sum money on advertisement. Their main focus is producing quality products that automatically attract people interest towards their services. By implementing inbound marketing you can easily attract quality traffic that you can further convert into customers. In this marketing technique, all you need is to target only those who are actually searching for the products that related to yours.

Inbound marketing is far better considered than outbound marketing. Still, don’t believe? Let’s find out more about how to easily implement this inbound marketing technique.

1. Content Matters: There are so many social media platforms we have that you can easily use to spread your content. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, LinkeIn all these platforms can be very helpful in boosting your inbound marketing success. You can easily post useful articles that are directly connected to your products. Facebook groups, Gplus communities, Reddit subreddits all are here for you to implement inbound marketing. Your main purpose is to spread viral content not company profile on these social media platforms. Your content should be useful and should be unique in terms of SEO. With viral content, your can easily entice potential buyers toward your products. If your content gets good shares on social media chances are you have successfully implement inbound marketing technique.

2. Offers: Sometimes people buy your product because of price, this way by providing discounts or special deals or freebies you can easily convert those followers into customers. For implementing this all you need is to create one catchy landing page with newsletter signing up option, where you can easily offer special deals, discounts on your products directly on their provided email ids.

3. Direct Communication: With direct communication with your customer you can get feedback on your services. You can ask your customers for their expectations, organize survey, and ask input on your products and services. It shouldn’t bother you if they give negative feedback, this makes you more trustful towards them you care for them and this technique can be useful in improving your business.

Inbound marketing is where customer automatically comes to you, but in outbound marketing, marketer searches customer and target them without any surety of success. Inbound is easier to implement than outbound and outbound is far expensive than inbound. It wouldn’t be wrong to say inbound is two ways communication process and outbound is an only one-way communication method to targeting buyers. Loyalty, transparency, and engagement is key to success in implement Inbound marketing.

According to me, Inbound marketing is more superior to outbound. By implementing content-based strategy your get 3 times more leads and your marketing campaigns can easily achieve higher ROI than outbound. This doesn’t mean that outbound marketing is no longer valuable; it is a way more traditional technique which takes time and money to provide you with desired results.

Additionally, here is an in-depth guide to implementing an Inbound Marketing plan for your business. I hope you find this useful. Share your views in the comments below!