Are you looking to have your WordPress website in multiple languages? Are you wondering about the ways to start? Well, we just got you covered. Here at WordPress website builder check outs a comprehensive guide that will talk about various ways to make your multilingual WordPress website along with our best picks in translation plugins.

By default, WordPress is not actually multilingual. This implies that you must include the functionality of multi-linguistics via a plugin for translation, creating a multi-site installation of WordPress or even by making use of translation proxy. In the present post, we tell you about the best of the options you have got to create a website in WordPress in two or more than two languages by making use of automated machine translations or even human translations. You have the option of choosing either a premium plugin or a free plugin.

Ways to Make Your Website Multilingual

There are quite a few methods you could use to turn your WordPress site into a multilingual one. Some might be hard compared to others and some could be complex.

By the first approach, you could choose to manually translate the content of your website into the language of your choice.

Second, you can make use of Google Translate Service to add machine translations of your existing website.

Thirdly, you can make your multilingual website by using translation plugins which would help the users switch languages. Many of the plugins would require manual installation. A lot of plugins also make the process easy for you by giving you the choice of languages from a huge list and installing them. There are many plugins which are used to turn your WordPress site into a multilingual one. They work in various ways and a few may seem better for you, given your particular needs.

Things to Keep In Mind While Choosing Translation Plugins for WordPress

A lot of beginners wouldn’t even know that the WordPress can be installed in their own languages. You could use them to create your content in the native language or even a multilingual website. There are plenty of translation plugins that could be used for WordPress. They could be classified into two major categories.

First, there are plugins which will let you create content which is multilingual for your site. The major advantage of these plugins is the translation quality which is significantly better when compared to translation tools online that are machine generated.

Second kinds of translation plugins for WordPress are those which use online translation services for translating your content. Such plugins would not need you to write your content in different languages, but the quality would be hampered a tad bit.

Well, all this said and done, let us here at Templatetoaster WordPress website builder, now take a look at a few of the best WordPress translation plugins that are available.


This is one among the renowned multilingual plugins for WordPress. It is a premium plugin and has got premium support for one year. WPML lets you create websites with multi-linguistics. You can have all your pages, posts, menus and custom post types translated to any of the languages you would want. It also gets you connected with translation services that are professional, so that you will be able to hire anyone for translating your content.


Polylang is a translation plugin for WordPress that is free. It will let you generate multilingual content in any of the languages you would like to have the content in. Polylang lets the users select their language of preference from their own profiles and the language packs will be downloaded automatically. Polylang also completely supports RTL languages, also working with many of the themes on WordPress.

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qTranslate X

This one is yet another free powerful multilingual plugin for WordPress. It is similar when compared to WPML and Polylang. It provides easy ways for creating multilingual contents. Users could switch between languages simultaneously, edit posts and work on content in various languages. It has an increasing list of add-ons of third parties, and many of them are for free. They even let you integrate qTranslate with many other plugins and platforms.

Xili Language

This is a powerful and free WordPress site plugin for multi languages. It doesn’t just let you generate multilingual content, but will also change the language files of your theme based on the language of the content. This plugin comes along with many comprehensive tools which help you in building your multilingual website. It supports many compliant themes and has got add-ons to work with other renowned plugins.

Google Language Translator

It really takes a lot of time to translate the content you have got into various languages and will also require plenty of efforts. This is the reason many website owners opt to go with translation tools online such as Google Translate.
The Google Language Translator plugin offers easy ways for adding Google Translate for your WordPress website.


If you we’re searching for a better way to let your users translate the content on your site, then this plugin called Transposh is your best solution. It will let you blend user translations with automated machine translations. The visitors of your websites could just choose any of the text on a page that is translated, and include a translation of their own.


Just like Google, Bing also provides a translation tool that is automatic. The translator plugin makes use of translator tool of Bing to translate the content automatically on your pages.

That is about the WordPress site multilingual plugins. We hope this elaborate list was a great help for you in finding best of the translation plugins for that web site you on WordPress. If you are in search of a translator for your WordPress theme, now you know what to do! Also, make sure that your chosen WordPress theme works just fine with your plugin. One way to ensure this is by using TemplateToaster website builder software. This is a web design tool that designs themes compatible with all the plugins that we just talked about.

Good luck!


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