Nowadays, Social Media is the best platform for you to reach your niche related audience. These social media channels allow you to drive traffic by your content to your business or your website. The main thing you need to consider is the way how you publish your content or share information online. Do you know 10% of traffic online comes from Facebook and Twitter and Google+ are on the same trail for driving traffic?

You just have to figure out the strategies to make content visible to your audience, so you can get the benefits of driving organic traffic to your website. Not only traffic, you can also get the social shares, mentions, likes on your Facebook page, new followers and more brand visibility in Search Results.

Have you ever wondered that why some of the posts are very popular than others and get all the user engagements? The reason behind this is they know what to post, how to post. In this article, here at Templatetoaster website builder, i will showcase the ways to optimize your posts and improve Facebook reach.

Track Your Organic Traffic

The very first thing you can do is to start analyzing your Facebook insights like your post’s reach, shares, and comments. If you do this regularly, you will start noticing that what kind of your posts attract users, so for the next time you post something on Facebook, your posts will no longer remain unnoticed. There are millions-billions Facebook users and every second they post, they share anything online, so what is the chance that your shared content will reach to your targeted audience? Due to the Facebook algorithm, the average time for a Facebook post to display in the news feed is decreasing, so you might lead to getting zero organic traffic. But don’t worry, for the businesses/Brands Facebook do recommend the paid advertisement, you can go for the paid ads as well to reach to your audience.

Here are few factors you didn’t know that Facebook algorithm consider for your post to get exposure:

  1. Have you completed your Facebook Page Profile?
  2. Had there any previous user engagements?
  3. How many likes, shares and comments have your post gotten from your friends and from the other persons?
  4. What type of post are you sharing, like a status update, link, picture, video and how many users have interacted in the past?

There are more than 1000 different factors on which Facebook algorithm works. You can read all these factors online.

Practices to improve Facebook reach

1. Share Engaging Content

As we have discussed earlier that the lifespan of your Facebook posts depends on upon many factors, it could be the efficiency and usefulness of your post. Post evergreen content so that it stay on the news feed for longer and get more exposure on Facebook.

2. Quality but not frequently

This is like our real lives, we need quality but we don’t ask for overloading. Same is the case with Facebook; people will ignore your post if you will post same content again and again. 2 posts per day is more than enough to drive user attraction. So post unique and be at the top of the news feed.

3. Follow organic post targeting

Facebook gives you the options so you can target your audience easily. By these options, you can easily share your information to your niche related audience. The options are:

  • Gender
  • Relationship status
  • Age
  • Location
  • Education Level
  • Interest
  • Language
  • Post end date

4. Understand your audience

Facebook insights will help you to know how to reach to your audience. You must need to track the following factors:

Day and time of the post

Start tracking the days and time when your post gets most of the traffic and has gotten the user interactions.

Post type

Also, start analyzing that what type of post is getting more engagements.

Tips for effective Facebook page posts

1. Video Content

Facebook is getting more interactions on video content since 2014. Facebook has Auto-play option; your video can get directly played and will lead to the more organic reach. So post more relevant video content on Facebook as it’s giving a big competition to YouTube too.

2. Relevant and topical Content

Before sharing anything just read your post like you are a user and do you really read that information? Have you written something interactive or would it be going to help your audience? Be relevant and use trending topics and even now you can also use the hashtags (#) in your post.

3. Ask Questions

You can add questions in your post. Ask questions that are easily answerable but be specific. In a research, it has found that posts with questions get more engagements than the posts without questions.

4. Make it short

Don’t make a paragraph of your information, keep it short and try to make your post simple. A post with more than 80 characters will not attract user because no one has the time to read your post fully. So cut down your post and give only a brief description.

5. Post quotes

Sharing quotes is a great way to get user attraction. If you share a quote with a picture of a famous personality, you will get more user interactions.

Optimization tips for content on Facebook

Before sharing your content on your Facebook page you need to optimize your page and content. Following are some basics of it:

1. Create and optimize your Facebook Page

You can create your Facebook page with your brand name, with the services you are offering and with the keywords you are targeting. Fill the complete information on your Facebook page, choose the relevant profile and cover picture for your page.

2. Facebook Page Promotion

After optimizing your page, promote your page on your own profile or you can share it on other social media channels as well. Ask your friends to like your page and to share it further. You can add Facebook like button on your website and link it to your Facebook page.

3. Publish shareable content

Share content according to your niche, funny content makes people laugh; people relate themselves to the emotional content. So try to be more genuine and share the information that your audience wants.

4. Catchy headlines and excerpts

Your headlines and excerpts play an important role for your posts on Facebook. So from now before sharing anything make your titles attractive and use the summary that is also related to your post.

5. Use image

On Facebook, people share the content if it has a very good image with the post. Your images must be relevant; they should not be offensive and blur images are badly ignored by the Facebook users. So, before sharing a post, search an image that will go with your post and will make sense.

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