This ultimate tutorial for beginners covers everything you need to know about What is Drupal?All of you who are just starting out with it and those who are still struggling to understand its functionality to the core must read this tutorial for beginners. But before we jump onto the detailed tutorial for beginners start from the very basic question “what is Drupal?” How does Drupal work?

What is Drupal?

Simply put Drupal is an open source content management system (CMS) which is freely accessible to use. Drupal lets you build and manage a website or web applications without having to code. With a range of CMSs available in the market, finding the best CMS to run a successful business or personal website is always challenging.

Although it depends on what your needs are, financial opportunities, website aim, products, and the final result you wish to reach to decide which CMS can serve you the best. A CMS makes it a lot easier for people with minimal to no web experience to make alterations to the website. Since it has always been compared with other two popular contenders of the digital industry WordPress and Joomla, it is required to understand what benefits and services Drupal offers you in detail before taking any final decision. Here at Templatetoaster Drupal website builder, Let’s dig a little deeper step by step.

How does Drupal Work?

What is Drupal? – Drupal is an open source CMS written in PHP programming language and distributed under General Public License. Now if you are thinking about what is a CMS, then keep reading to find more about it. Coming back to Drupal, it has a large supportive community contributing to making it more easily accessible. Apparently, millions of people and organizations around the globe use it to create their websites. Because it has various unmatchable robust features like security, flexibility, and accountability and much more.

In fact, if you’re thinking to have a website that is a little more personalized integrated with advanced features with enhanced user experience, then Drupal is an ideal choice for you. It is one such innovative technology that manages to organize your path of digital transformation. With reference to What is Drupal, I feel a concise about What is CMS will also be helpful.

CMS stands for a content management system. A modern CMS is SEO friendly, adheres to the latest web accessibility and international standards. Flexible to cater to your needs and provide exceptional end results. A standard CMS have a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor and gives you the same results as you see on the screen. If you’re using a CMS, then there is no need to code from the scratch for your website. The drag-and-drop feature of it stimulates setting things up like a breeze. A content management system controls everything from creating web pages, storing images, and executing other functions, etc. It lets you focus on the front end of your website more than the back end. And if compared with other CMSs, it’s way easier to create a Drupal theme from scratch and get free Drupal themes at Templatetoaster

What are features of Drupal?

Drupal has evolved a lot since its inception. And often compared with the other two powerful solutions WordPress and Joomla. Drupal is the best-suited solution to build medium to enterprise level websites. But that doesn’t mean Drupal is not fit for small scale websites, in fact, it does great for that too. It’s just that Drupal take care of large projects pretty easily. All the complex projects, high-traffic sites, dynamic sites choose Drupal as their framework. Because Drupal is:

  • Highly Scalable

    Drupal has various modules that help to handle any size traffic to your website. Drupal has the power to enhance the extensibility to a required level. Since Drupal is an open-source platform so you may easily find any desired module to extend functionality. However, if you wish to edit any existing module you can do that too.

  • Reliable

    Drupal is there since a long time now and the reliability is no more an issue. With the introduction of new elements in Drupal 8 has made it even more interesting. But it still supports its previous versions. So, if anybody who hasn’t updated its version of their site, do not have to bother about the support.

  • Security

    Drupal experts always test Drupal for strict security measures so that there should be no room for vulnerability. It has strong in-built security that prevents your site from any critical security breaches and keeps your data safe and secure.

  • A large Drupal Community

    Drupal has a large number of followers which contributes to the larger scale and make everything easily available for all entrants. is a place where anybody would find a solution to their problems. Also, you would easily find information about upcoming updations, news, and availability of any learning material. All the experts and specialists provide full support.

  • Responsive Design

    Every design you prepare with Drupal can easily be made responsive and will give you a perfectly working website regardless of the device it is viewed on. You know what is a responsive design, right? Well, it is like no matter which size device your website will be viewed on it won’t show any error or any discomfort to your users. So all its designs can be mobile-first. Your users will get seamless content experience every time they visit your website via mobile device.

  • Drupal Plugins

    The massive range of plugins and add-ons aid you to add various attributes and tools to your Drupal site. To extend the functionality of your site you can take advantage of any plugin that suits your needs and serve your purpose. Since Drupal 8 is an open-source platform so you may like to develop your own plugin.

What is Drupal Serving You For?

Due to its scalability and extensibility, it has become one of the widely used CMSs. It is very simple to install and use it for various purpose. Ranging from a small scale business to a large enterprise, everyone relies on it. There are numerous things that Drupal manages to deliver and some of them are as follows:

  • Personal website
  • Corporate website
  • Social networking sites
  • Community portals
  • eCommerce sites
  • Forums
  • Multilingual websites

Drupal vs other CMSs

Despite the fact that you’re a freelancer developer, blogger, or professional developer you always need a perfect CMS to start your business. Drupal is a powerful CMS present in the market. And WordPress and Joomla are constantly competing with Drupal. And this may interest you to go through a comprehensive battle between Drupal vs WordPress and Drupal vs Joomla. However, it is more suitable for users who are fluent with coding and other web technologies.

Drupal is the most SEO-friendly CMS which gives amazing results in Google search. One should keep the Drupal SEO guide for tips, modules, and checklist handy to get the organic and natural traffic to one’s site. Moreover, the Drupal theme frameworks

What is Drupal – In nutshell

So, this was all about what is Drupal and its extensive facets that let you design a beautiful customizable website in no time. It has a lot of out of the box features that boost your website’s performance. Nonetheless, it’s not very beginner-friendly as it requires medium level technical knowledge to run and maintain your Drupal site. As they say, it always takes some time investment to learn about something. So, if you are ready to invest your time in it then jump right in and start creating your store right away. However, you can use TemplateToaster as Website Builder and get a remarkable website in minutes. And don’t forget to share your experience with me in the comments below.