Are you thinking about starting a drop shipping business? Don’t worry, it is quick and easy to start with great scope. All you need is a great WooCommerce store and great WooCommerce dropshipping plugins to support your WooCommerce store. Therefore, in this post, I’m going to curate a list of great plugins you can use to create a dropshipping store with WooCommerce.

Apparently, there is an abundance of drop shipping plugins available and for a beginner, it can be quite difficult to pick the right one on the first try. I don’t want you to waste your time and money on a bad experience. Moreover, here at TemplateToaster website maker, we believe in sharing knowledge and helping one another. Therefore, I am going to educate you about best WooCommerce dropshipping plugins so that you can pick the right one for your store.

What is Dropshipping?

Currently, Dropshipping is one of the most popular and profitable online businesses with a little bit of risk involved. However, good thing you don’t have to invest a lot of money in your inventory. You need to create an online store and display some products on your site and whenever a customer places an order you purchase it from a third-party vendor and the product is shipped directly to the customer’s address and you get the marginal profits. To start this business, all you need is a stable internet connection, a laptop, and an online store to display your products. Check out best Woocommerce CRMs and You can read how to add subcriptions to Woocommerce.

Why use a WooCommerce Dropshipping Plugin?

To start a dropshipping business, you need to create a WooCommece store, laced with the features you need to run your store. Having a great plugin can automate all the processes and make your business hassle-free. Imagine having a system that can automatically add all those amazing features you need for the site automatically. Some of the benefits of having a WooCommerce Dropshipping plugin are-

  • Automic import of the products with automatic order fulfilment
  • An intuitive dashboard to manage the imported products
  • Easy payment handling
  • Easy integration with WooCommerce themes,templates, and other plugins
  • Inventory management and updates

List of the best WooCommerce Dropshipping plugins

  1. AliDropship Woo
  2. Spocket
  3. Dropified
  4. WooDropship
  5. YouDroop
  6. DropshipMe
  7. WP Amazon Shop
  8. WooCommerce Dropshipping

Best WooCommerce Dropshipping plugins (Review)

1. AliDropship Woo

WooCommerce Dropshipping plugin AliDropship Woo

AliDropship Woo is a popular WooCommerce dropshipping plugin that is used for the easy import of products from AliExpress and complete processing of those orders. It offers the ability to import products from AliExpress using the Chrome extension, which makes the approach direct and easy. Moreover, its order process is automatic and quite easy. It automatically fills in all the details, requiring less user intervention and offers the ability to place an order within a click or two. This Plugin is available for $89, one-time payment.

Features of AliDropship Woo

  1. Automated order process: It offers a wide variety of filters to find desired AliExpress products and then import those items to your WooCommerce site.
  2. Auto update: It offers an auto-update feature that keeps the product details fresh by automatically extracting the latest data from AliExpress.
  3. Chrome extension: It can also be added as a chrome extension which makes the process direct and easy.
  4. Direct import: It offers direct import of the products from AliExpress along with the latest and fresh data.
  5. Image editor: Comes with an in-built image editor to change product images while importing products from AliExpress. It allows you to resize, apply stickers, filters, remove watermarks, etc.
  6. Free customizable themes: It offers a wide range of free themes which can easily be customized accordingly.
  7. Unlimited products: There is no restriction on the number of products you want to import or add to your site with this plugin.
  8. Cash-back system: Earn additional money with this plugin as it offers 8% commission on each purchase as an additional bonus to your main dropshipping source of income.

Pros of AliDropship Woo

  • Impeccable inventory management system
  • Robust functioning add-ons
  • Automated order tracking
  • Pricing automation

Cons of AliDropship Woo

  • Requires upfront payment

2. Spocket


Spocket plugin is used to source products from independent suppliers in Europe and the US. it allows you to import products from a wide list of categories including automotive, computing, electronics and tech, fashion and clothing, gaming, home and garden, toys, etc. It is a widely used plugin as it can avail you 30% to 60% discount to make your dropshipping store more profitable. Moreover, it is quite easy to use as it offers assorted filters like categories, locations, prices, etc, to search the products. It offers a free 14-day trial. If you still want to continue using this plugin, it offers 4 different plans-

  • Starter for $12 a month
  • Pro for $49 a month
  • Empire for $99 a month
  • Unicorn for $299 a month

Features of Spocket

  1. Unlimited Products: There is no restriction on the number of products you want to add to your site.
  2. Real-time inventory updates: Offer an impeccable inventory management system by offering real-time inventory updates.
  3. Flat rate shipping: No surprising shipping costs, gives the estimates before.
  4. Premium chat support: It offers a chat support with its premium plan.
  5. Searching filters: Search for your desired products easily with its assorted filters including product category, price, location, etc.
  6. Sell with ease: This plugin is synced with your store and all orders automatically appear in your app, which can fulfill your orders with just one click.
  7. 14-day free trial: No need to pay any up-front cost. It offers a 14-day trial period, pay only if it works right for you and meets your expectations.
  8. High quality products: It offers quality check and great packaging of the products for a great shopping experience.

Pros of Spocket

  • Branded invoicing
  • Great inventory management system
  • Offers relevant search filters
  • Offers best deals on the products

Cons of Spocket

  • More expensive than other average WooCommerce droshipping plugins

3. Dropified


Dropified is another effective drop shipping plugin that is used for importing products, managing them on your site, automatic order fulfillment, and so much more. It was formerly known as Shopified. This plugin is free of cost for the first 500 products and allows 50 products a month. If you think you need to increase the limit, you can buy the pro version. Overall, this plugin is laced with robust features and would serve the purpose effectively.

Features of Dropified

  1. Easy product search: It offers an adequate research tool to find profitable products to sell on your site and import directly with just 1-click.
  2. Product promotion: Promote your products and drive traffic to your site. It also offers step-by-step video training on selling your products.
  3. Automatic drop shipping process: Allows you to automate your entire drop shipping process from order fulfillment to delivery.
  4. 14-day free trial: No need to pay any up-front cost. It offers a 14-day trial period, pay only if it works right for you and meets your expectations.
  5. Brand building: With great product promotions and other features, build your band recognition instantly.
  6. Incredible margins and profits: Majority of products are shipped from the US made high quality products that come with incredible margins.
  7. Add products in seconds: With automatic order fulfillment, it will take merely seconds to place bulk orders from eBay or AliExpress.
  8. Import product reviews: Not only product descriptions, but you can also import product reviews from AliExpress.

Pros of Dropified

  • Automatic order placement
  • Great quality product and incredible margins
  • Advanced product research tools
  • Quick order placement and delivery

Cons of Dropified

  • Limit of products in the free trial version as compared to other average WooCommerce drropshipping plugins

4. WooDropship


This plugin is similar to any other drop shipping plugin that can be used for importing products from AliExpress. All you need to do is connect it with your WooCommerce store and it will start managing your store by automating everything from order fulfillment to delivery. However, you need to add the Google Chrome Extension to start importing products. It offers a free 7-day trial and you can get a monthly plan at $19.99 a month and the lifetime plan at $99. It offers a free 7-day trial, which means you can try the features it offers and if you wish to continue using it, there are two plans-

  • Monthly plan is available for $20 a month and it allows you to import 5,000 product variants a months and 100 orders a month
  • Lifetime plan is available for $97 one-time payment that allows unlimited product imports and orders.

Features of WooDropship

  1. Import products from AliExpress: Add the product you desire to drop ship on your store from AliExpress using the Google chrome extension.
  2. Edit AliExpress Products: Allows you to edit the product title, description, change picture, remove watermarks, and so much more,
  3. Automatic order fulfilment: Sync your account and order products within seconds with order fulfillment.
  4. Ease of sales: Automatically adds the products to your cart and your customer details and offers you ease of sale.
  5. Manage your dropshipping store: Great tools for managing your WooCommerce store with effective features like inventory management, order fulfilment, quick delivery, and so much more.
  6. Compatible with themes and plugins: Some plugins can create incompatibility issues. However, this is not the case with WooDropship as it is compatible with all WooCommerce themes and plugins.
  7. Rules settings: Let’s you set rules regarding profits for each product so that prices change automatically whenever the supplier makes any changes in the pricing.
  8. Stock alert: Automatically updates your store when a product price changes or a product goes out of stock.

Pros of WooDropship

  • One-click order placement
  • Set pricing rules
  • Keep track of stocks availability
  • Removes watermarks from product pictures

Cons of WooDropship

  • Can improve the user dashboard as it is not that interactive.

5. YouDroop


YouDroop is a fairly popular plugin amongst power drop shippers. You can import products from multiple manufacturers like AliExpress, eBay, etc, with this plugin. It is compatible with various platforms including WooCommerce, PrestaShop, etc. Similar to other plugins, it offers auto order fulfillment and other similar features as mentioned below-

Features of YouDroop

  1. Easy import: YouDroop offers an easy to use, one-click import button which can even make bulk importing easier.
  2. Overall drop shipping management: It is a great plugin for the overall management of your dropshipping store as it takes care of everything from order placing to delivery.
  3. Easy product search: With YouDroop, it is easy to search for the desired products with the adequate research tool to find profitable products to sell on your site and import directly with just 1-click.
  4. High quality products: It offers quality check and great packaging of the products for a great shopping experience.
  5. Searching filters: Search for your desired products easily with its assorted filters including product category, reviews, ratings, best-selling, price, etc.
  6. Product editing: You can alter the outlook of your products by editing product titles, descriptions and other details and give it a professional outlook.
  7. Auto update: It offers an auto update feature, which means you can just click and update your product price and stock.
  8. Fresh content: It keeps track of the information updated on the merchant site and keeps your content fresh accordingly.

Pros of YouDroop

  • Easy dropshipping management
  • Automatic process from order placement to delivery
  • Email customization
  • Easy product search

Cons of YouDroop

  • It is a little expensive than other average WooCommerce dropshipping plugins

6. DropshipMe


DropshipMe is a great and widely used plugin that offers the easiest option to run your dropshipping WooCommerce store. This plugin can help you import products from the collection of more than 50,000 best-selling products within a couple of minutes. Basically, it offers high quality products only which means you don’t have to do the guesswork and choose whichever product you want because they all are equally good. Moreover, it imports products with product title, description, images, etc. you can also display the genuine reviews from your customers to build trust. DropshipMe is available for free up to 50 products. After that, you need to pay for it to continue using it. You can have following plans-

  • 50 product imports for free
  • 110 product imports for $29
  • 700 product imports for $119
  • 1500 product imports for $199

Features of DropshipMe

  1. Easy setup: The installation and setting up this plugin is quite easy as compared to other plugins. Once you install the plugin, you can start importing products with the import button. The one-click import offered by this plugin makes it quite easy to use. All in all, it offers an intuitive and beginner-friendly user interface.
  2. Reduced research: You don’t have to research for products before adding them as it offers a curated list of best selling products.
  3. Handpicked high quality products: You have the options to choose from over 50,000+ hand-picked high quality products.
  4. Easy import: Choose, import and add those products to your drop ship store, within a couple of minutes with automatic order fulfillment.
  5. Product editing: it offers you edited product titles, descriptions and other details for a professional outlook.
  6. Import customer feedback: You can also import genuine product reviews to build trust with your customers.
  7. Reliable manufacturers: Import the products you desire to dropship from the most reliable manufacturers like eBay, AliExpress, etc.
  8. Initial help: If you are new to this and don’t know where to start, check out DropshipMe, it offers a complete solution for setting up a quick and easy eCommerce store. Moreover, it offers lifelong customer support with premium plans.

Pros of DropshipMe

  • Easy to install and setup an online store
  • Offers a comprehensive tutorial video
  • Offers automatic order import
  • Easy payment handling

Cons of DropshipMe

  • Could use some improvement in user interface

7. WP Amazon Shop

WP Amazon Shop

WP Amazon Shop is affiliated by Amazon and is the most reliable WooCommerce dropshipping plugin as compared to other plugins. As the name indicates, it lets you search from the millions of products offered by Amazon right from your WooCommerce dashboard. Just with a few clicks, you can select and import Amazon products into your WooCommerce store. Moreover, most of its features are automatic and adds your affiliate ID into the product URLs. Furthermore, the majority of Amazon’s suppliers are US based which means you can be assured about the high quality of the products you are dropshipping.

Start building your WooCommerce store now with WP Amazon Shop WooCommerce admin panel. Not only you can import products, but can also give them a professional outlook by editing their description and title. Therefore, you can also resize images or add high resolution pictures if you want. To build trust with your customers, you can also import reviews and ratings of the products. This plugin is available for $59, one-time payment, for a single site license.

Features of WP Amazon Shop

  1. Easy setup: This plugin offers a simple process of installation and product import. It requires zero configuration as all you need to do is plug and play the plugin. Moreover, it offers you complete control over your dropshipping store with easy to understand features and makes your store manageable.
  2. Search and buy: With this plugin, you get a powerful search option with filtering options. It allows you to search for your desired products from millions of products. Moreover, you don’t even have to worry about the product of your store as they come from Amazon without uploading to your store.
  3. Easy import: It offers amazing import features, you can import products by searching for keyword or ASIN number. It allows you to import category-specific products.
  4. Percentage based pricing for dropshipping: You can set the pricing rules without any complications. All you need to do is just set the percentage rate from your settings page.
  5. Ajax ‘Load More’ button: This plugin offers a powerful and efficient Ajax-based ‘Load More’ button that loads the Amazon products product within a second.
  6. Product Tooltip: Product tooltip feature is the highlight of this plugin as it allows you to display amazon products in your site as a tooltip based.
  7. Product comparison table: If you have shopped from Amazon, you must have seen a comparison table where 3-4 similar products are compared on the bases of pricing, ratings, specification and other features. You can also import this comparison table option to your store with this plugin.
  8. Auto-update: With this plugin, you’d never have to worry about product price and stock availability. It offers an auto update option that lets you click and update your product price and stock.

Pros of WP Amazon Shop

  • Managed product listing and content
  • Auto update option
  • Percentage based pricing for your dropshipping store
  • Allows you to crop and edit images

Cons of WP Amazon Shop

  • You need to buy a new license for every single site

8. WooCommerce Dropshipping

WooCommerce Dropshipping

WooCommerce Dropshipping is a quite popular plugin amongst dropshippers. You’d be surprised to know that it wasn’t originally designed for AliExpress and is recently upgraded by the plugin’s developers to include AliExpress support as well. Despite not being the standard AliExpress plugin, it’s features are great and efficient. Considering it’s compatibility and other automatic features, one can never guess that it wasn’t originally an AliExpress plugin.

WooCommerce Dropshipping plugin allows you to import products using a CSV file and lets you add suppliers to your WooCommerce store manually. Moreover, it can send order notifications to the suppliers for order fulfillment, automatically. Furthermore, it automatically generates a PDF shipment slip to place on the shipment for the vendors. However, it lacks some popular features like dynamic pricing or product availability sync. Unlike other popular WooCommerce dropshipping plugins, you can’t search for products and import them on the fly with WooCommerce Dropshipping plugins. Nevertheless, its compatibility and high performance is unmatched. WooCommerce Dropshipping Plugins is available for $49 for a single site license with 1 year of customer support and updates.

Features of WooCommerce Dropshipping

  1. Assign products to your dropshipping suppliers easily: It offers a drop-down menu that lets you assign a product toa supplier in a simple and intuitive manner. All you need to do is pick a saved supplier from the drop-down menu in the product editor.
  2. Takes just a few clicks to import products: You can import products from AliExpress just with a few clicks with its Google Chrome extension version.
  3. Add suppliers and import inventory easily: WooCommerce Dropshipping allows you to easily add, update, and manage dropshipping supplier information. You can easily view a supplier’s email details, product count, and so much more. Moreover, it also allows you to import from a CSV file provided by your supplier, which makes it easier to place bulk orders from the same supplier.
  4. Automatic order notification: You can set automatic order notification for your specific supplier and send them via emails. You can add some specific information like order details, shipping methods, addresses, and so on.
  5. Customised email notifications: you can customize the email notification by adding your store’s branding and contact details to every order notification. Not only does it build branding for your business but also makes it recognized easily.
  6. Order information access to suppliers: you can also assign access to your suppliers with login credentials to allow them to view order details, address, and shipping information. They can also check the status of order and mark them as ‘complete’ once they are delivered successfully.
  7. Impeccable SMTP support: With this plugin, you get an impeccable SMTP support which is certainly more reliable and secure than standard email.
  8. Easy and automated Dropshipping: It is designed to offer easy and automatic drop shipping. It offers a hassle-free dropshipping experience by letting you sell more and work less.

Pros of WooCommerce Dropshipping

  • Assigns products to your dropshipping suppliers easily
  • Generated a PDF shipping slip for vendors to put it on the shipment
  • Easy and customised email notifications
  • Quick importing inventory per supplier

Cons of WooCommerce Dropshipping

  • Lacks some popular features like dynamic pricing or product availability sync.

A side-by-side comparison of the best 5 dropshipping plugins are as given below-

Best Woocommerce dropshipping plugins Compared (2023)

Factors/pluginsAliDropship WooSpocketDropifiedWooDropshipYouDroop
DescriptionEasy, fast, and automatic drop shipping store supportLets you import products from a wide list of categoriesAllows importing products, managing them on your site, automatic order fulfillmentAutomates every process from order fulfillment to deliverycompatible with various platforms like WooCommerce, PrestaShop, etc
  1. Impeccable inventory management system
  2. Robust functioning add-ons
  3. Automated order tracking
  4. Pricing automation
  1. Branded invoicing
  2. Great inventory management system
  3. Offers relevant search filters
  4. Offers best deals on the products
  1. Automatic order placement
  2. Great quality product and incredible margins
  3. Advanced product research tools
  4. Quick order placement and delivery
  1. One-click order placement
  2. Set pricing rules
  3. Keeps track of stocks availability
  4. Removes watermarks from product pictures
  1. Easy dropshipping management
  2. Automatic process from order placement to delivery
  3. Email customization
  4. Easy product search
ConsRequires upfront paymentMore expensive than other average WooCommerce pluginsLimit of products in the free trial versionCan improve the user dashboard as it is not that interactive.Comes with a hefty price tag as compared to other WooCommerce dropshipping plugins
HighlightCash-back systemPremium chat supportAdd products from AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etcImpeccable compatibility with WooCommerce themes and pluginsAllows import from multiple manufacturers
Price$89Starts from $12Free first 500 products$97€59 a month


If you are a dropshipping business beginner, you are prone to face many barriers. However, we will suggest you to keep up the hard word and it will pay you off eventually. Please know that success is inevitable, you just have to keep thriving. If you made it this far, you are now familiar with the popular and reliable WooCommerce dropshipping plugins. I have laid out the pricing, features, pros, and cons of each plugin. Now, it is your decision to pick one out of them. I hope this article was helpful to you while picking the right WooCommerce dropshipping plugin out of other available plugins. You can check out our WordPress theme builder to create WordPress theme from free WordPress themes. Please comment below your experiences, recommendations, and queries.