Are you looking for the best WordPress backup plugins in 2023? Do you ever wonder what would happen if the server crashes or your site gets hacked? What if all of the data on your website gets wiped off? Well, it is normal to come across such issues with your website. And that is why you must keep a backup of your website. That is why a good WordPress backup plugin is important for any website owner.

Keeping a website backup is the best thing you can do to maintain the security of your website. That is why using a WordPress backup plugin is the best and quickest solution to restore your website, protect it, and make it have the latest updates.

However, with so many plugins out there, it can be difficult to pick and choose the best WordPress backup plugin for your WordPress site. That is why, in this article, we have handpicked a complete list of top-performing backup plugins for WordPress in 2023. So you can pick and choose the best one from the list based on your website requirements. Here in this TemplateToaster WordPress theme builder blog post, I have both free and premium plugins for backup and recovery can be downloaded from You can even find WordPress backup plugins useful in both backup and recovery of the website.

Why are WordPress Backup Plugins important ?

What if the server on which you have deployed your website crashes due to any technical or non-technical issue? Even you might accidentally delete some important data or the entire website. What if your website falls victim of a cyber-attack. Imagine your client’s data saved in the database is erased.

Today, we have many advanced security systems to prevent websites from different types of technical threats. However, these security systems cannot protect the server from fire, earthquake, flood etc. If you regularly take the backup of your website, no worries. And, if you don’t, there is no way for you to recover the lost data. With a backup websites can be recovered from a stolen login caused by a Brute Force Attack. You can only remove Malware from a WordPress Website if you have its backup.

Breathe easy if you think that you have to invest time in taking backup of your website, especially if your website is created using WordPress. Just download, install and activate a reliable WordPress backup plugins and sit back. Even if things go wrong with your website, you can recover the data using WordPress backup plugins.

How to Choose the Best WordPress Backup Plugin for your Site?

There are many backup plugins for WordPress. However, not all are the same. While there are many that work pretty great, some are not that good. Although I have prepared a list of best backup plugins for WordPress in 2023, it is still important to know how to choose the best backup plugin for your website. Of course, there are different criteria to look for, and we have discussed them here.

  • First and foremost, it is very important to take note of the speed. Make sure the WordPress plugin you install, won’t slow down your website.
  • Next, it is also important the plugin is trustworthy. Make sure it has good reviews. Does it offer good community support? Do developers respond to the queries quickly?
  • Also, security is an important concern. Are there any additional security measures to ensure the backup is safe.
  • Any backup plugin would offer scheduled backup, but also look into additional features they offer.
  • Last but not the least, cost is also an important factor while looking into good backup plugin for your site. Make sure the plugin fits your budget and you do not even have to compromise on the features.

Here is list of the Best WordPress Backup Plugins

  1. UpDraftPlus
  2. BlogVault
  3. Boldgrid Backup
  4. Backup Buddy
  5. VaultPress
  6. WP-DB Backup
  7. BackupWordPres
  8. BackWPup
  9. XCloner
  10. WordPress Backup to Dropbox
  11. Duplicator
  12. Jetpack  Backup
  13. WPvivid
  14. WP Time Capsule
  15. Backup Migration

Best WordPress Backup Plugins in detail (Review)

1. UpDraftPlus – best WordPress Backup plugin

updraft plus plugin for wordpress backup

UpDraftPlus is a secure, fast and easy to use plugin which can be used for both backup and restoration of database and/or website files with one click. It also lets you to set the maximum number of backups you want to keep. You can also keep an eye on the memory occupied by the this plugin. It allows you to include or exclude plugins, themes, uploads and any directory in wp-content folder in the backup. Apart from allowing you to create backup manually, it also enables you to schedule backup. You can opt for Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox, Rackspace Cloud, or DreamObject for cloud storage. Moreover, you can also store backup in a server using FTP transfer. A good reason for counting on this plugin is the security. It uses its own SSL certificates for ensuring that the backup is being stored in the real Amazon S3, Google drive or other cloud storage. However, you can disable SSL certificates of this plugin.


  • It is a highly developer-friendly tool.
  • Backup WordPress files and database.
  • Basic email reporting feature.
  • Browse backup content in WordPress.


  • It’s responsive and mobile-ready.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Scheduled backups.


  • No multisite support.
  • No fixed backup time.
  • Missing advanced reporting feature.


blogvault wordpress backup plugin

BlogVault Features

  • is easy to install and setup.
  • Website management.
  • Integrated free staging.
  • Flawless migration.
  • Compatible with 5,000+ web hosts.
  • Auto- restore.
  • Incremental backups.
  • It offers you customized WooCommerce backups.


  • It lets you manage multiple sites with ease.
  • 24/7 data protection.
  • 365 days of backup history.
  • Daily malware scans.
  • It comes with an in-built firewall.


  • It has a little confusing pricing structure.
  • You might find it a little challenging to handle multiple sites at a time.

3. Boldgrid backup

Blodgrid backup wordpress backup plugin


  • It provides clean backups.
  • Simply automated backups.
  • It allows you to create manual backups at any time.
  • You can store the backups via Amazon S3, Google Drive.
  • Update history.


  • It works perfectly with an automatic backup feature.
  • You have the privilege to create manual backups.
  • It monitors your site for errors constantly.


  • You can build only one site.
  • It doesn’t have premium support in the free version.

4. BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy wordpress backup plugin


  • It provides you constant updates for better results.
  • A large amount of data be stored.
  • It offers you a remote access dashboard for data management.
  • It automatically creates backups.


  • It offers you support for multiple different Software as a Service application.
  • Amazing reporting abilities to access data quality.


  • No free trial.
  • Not compatible with all web hosts.

5. VaultPress

vaultpress wordpress backup plugin


  • It provides you daily scans for dangerous files.
  • Browsing history is really simple.
  • Simple restore and backup options.
  • 30-day backup archive.
  • Easy site-migration.


  • You will receive an email if there’s any dangerous file is detected.
  • Easy suspicious code detection.
  • Amazing real-time and daily backups.


  • You will have avail the Jetpack’s premium plan.
  • It costs an additional $3.50/yearly.


6. WP-DB-Backup

wp-db-backup for wordpress backup

WP-DB-BACKUP is one of the most downloaded plugins for WordPress database backup. As the name says, this plugin creates the backup of database only. However, it allows the user to include selected tables in the backup. Just check the checkbox next to the table name you want to include and take the backup just with one click. Backup of selected tables or the entire database can be created manually or it can be scheduled.

Ratings: 4.6

Active Installs: 500,000+

Compatible up to: 4.2.5

7. BackUpWordPress

backupwordpres plugin for wordpress backup

BackUpWordPress is another powerful plugin available for fast and automatic backup of a WordPress website. The WordPress administrator can take the backup of files only, database only or both files & database. It also allows WordPress user to set start day and time for backup. Backup created by this plugin occupies very less memory and you can also limit the number of backups you want to keep. Moreover, it also allows you to exclude files you do not want to keep in the backup. Once backup is completed, it sends the backup file via email if its size is less than 10MB.

Ratings: 4.7

Active Installs: 200,000+

Compatible up to: 4.4

8. BackWPup Free – WordPress Backup Plugin

backwpup plugin for wordpress backup

BackWPup plugin creates backup of the entire WordPress installation including content folder. You can create backup of database, files, WordPress XML export and installed plugins in Zip, Tar, Tar Gzip and Tar BZip2 formats. You can store backup file in your own computer, FTP server, Microsoft Azure, email, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Rackspace etc. Backup can be manual or scheduled. If you want some database tables or files not to be included in the backup, this can be done by checking the checkbox next to the table or file name.

Ratings: 3.9

Active Installs: 700,000+

Compatible up to: 3.9 or higher

9. XCloner – Backup and restore WordPress Plugin

XCloner plugin for wordpress backup

XCloner plugin is useful for backup and restoration of both database and website files. This plugin having user-friendly interface works with both WordPress and Joomla. It is specially designed for generating custom backups of LAMP websites using custom admin inputs. Moreover, it also comes with automatic restore script which enables the user to restore the data at any location. It makes use of open source TAR and MySQL formats. Therefore, the backup of your data can be restored in different ways. This powerful plugin can create custom backups and restore any PHP/MySQL application.

Ratings: 4.2

Active Installs: 70,000+

Compatible up to: 4.2.5

10. WordPress Backup to Dropbox

wordpress backup to dropbox wordpress backup plugin

WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin, one can easily create backup of website files and database, and store it in the Dropbox. All you need is this plugin installed and activated in your WordPress installation and a Dropbox account. In your Dropbox account, you can store up to 2GB free of cost. It allows you to set day and time for backup. You can leave everything on this plugin as it creates and stores backup automatically.

Ratings: 3.9

Active installs: 100,000+

Compatible up to : 4.3.1

11. Duplicator -Backup copy clone

duplicator plugin for wordpress backup

Duplicator is one of the top-rated plugins you can download free of cost for WordPress website backup. However, this is not the only purpose it serves. This powerful plugin is also useful in cloning a website in simple steps. Migrating a WordPress website manually is always a tough and time consuming job. With Duplicator, you can achieve this automatically. Here, it is important for you to know that there is a need of above average technical knowledge for using this plugin. Moreover, it does not provide you with the facility to restore the backup. It might have some issues with large websites. You have to create backup manually; it cannot be scheduled. That is the reason why it is placed at the seventh position in this post.

Ratings: 4.9

Active Installs: 1+ million

Compatible up to:4.0 or higher

12. Jetpack Backup

Jetpack backup is also a popular WordPress backup plugin that can get the job done in real-time. And the best part is it provide simple, on-click restore. Also the plugin is simple and beginner-friendly. The Jetpack backup plugin offers automated real-time cloud backup feature without slowing down your website. In just few clicks you can set up Jetpack backups and restore backup. However, there are a few disadvantages, like the recurring expense is not budget-friendly. Also the backups are only stored for 30-days. And if you want unlimited backup you need to go for the premium plan.

Ratings: 4

Active Installs: 5+ million

Compatible up to: 6.1 or higher


WPvivid is also a popular choice for backup plugins. The plugin lets you create backup, restore, and migrate quickly and easily. Also you can easily automate the backups, restore, and staging in just one-click, and also use the cloud storage. The plugin offers a great free trial for new users, and the paid version of WPvivid offers much more customization options. It also allows you to clone and migrate your website to a new domain easily, schedule backups, send backups to to popular remote storage and more. However, the only downside is the it does not offer real-time backups.

Ratings: 5

Active Installs: 300,000+

Compatible up to: 4.5 or higher

14. WP Time Capsule : Best Backup Plugin

WP Time Capsule is also a good WordPress backup plugin if you want to backup only the recent updates in files or changes, and not the complete website. As you make changes the plugin automatically backs up the data on the website. Also it makes sure the WordPress website is backed up every time an update is made on the site. So you can easily restore the older version in case the update crashes the site. One of the best features about WP Time Capsule is that you can test the changes or updates in the staging site before it goes live.

Ratings: 4.6

Active Install: 20,000+

Compatible up to: 3.9.14 or higher

15. Backup Migration

Last but not the least on list of best WordPress backup plugins we have Backup Migration. It is a free backup plugin that allows you schedule automated backups and also perform manual backups. You can also define the files that need to be there in the backup, and where the backup will be stored. The plugin also offers solution to migrate your website to another host or restore the local backup. Note that the free version is limited and can can make backup up to 2GB in size. So for unlimited size you will have to upgrade to a premium version.

Ratings: 4.1

Active install: 80,000+

Compatible up to: 4.6 or higher

Which WordPress plugin you use to backup your site ?

Using a trustworthy and reliable WordPress backup plugin is the best solution to keep you data safe. It also important to always keep a backup and prepare before hand. So make sure the plugin you choose offers automatic backups, could be daily or weekly. So, you do not have to risk losing the data on the current version of your site. Also it is a good to have a plugin that supports migration, cloning, and easy transfer between the server.

Selection of a plugin depends on the size of your website, frequency of the backup, location at which you want to keep the backup, size and format of the backup file, and a few other factors. UpDraftPlus should be your first choice for backup and restoration of WordPress website as it is not only easy to use and fast, it is also secured due to its own SSL certificates. Moreover, it also offers cloud storage. Those who possess technical knowledge also make use of Duplicator for backup, cloning and migration. In case you want backup of database only, opt for WP-DB-Backup.