WordPress is a well-known platform for starting any website development. You can find free as well as paid resources out there in WordPress to start with it. In this post, I’m going to share with you all WordPress websites and the theme development.

Let me tell you that, WordPress is not just software, but it has its own a large communities and groups with millions of loyal users. All these users are not experts but some of these are beginners also, but the only things that keep all the users connected with community is the support concept of its open source software development model. The best thing is this support models gives the same support to experts and beginners. This support model also provides platforms for users and developers to get social and create interest based communities for themselves.

Why to choose WordPress?

There are many reasons why you need to choose WordPress as there are plenty of platforms out there. WordPress is World’s most commonly used platform and best content management system. Codex (Wiki) mailing list many chat rooms and forums are there on the official WordPress website that will definitely going to help you in learning and to solve your queries about WordPress.

WordPress is world’s most commonly used content management system. Millions of people use it in many different ways. There is a forum, a Wiki (codex), IRC chatrooms and mailing lists on the official WordPress website and these are definitely the best resources for learning anything about WordPress.

Best features of WordPress Development?

  • No HTML Editing or FTP Software Required
  • Ease of Use
  • Search Engines Love WordPress Sites
  • You Have Control of Your Site
  • The Design of Your Website is 100% Customizable
  • A Blog is Built-in and Ready to Go
  • Qυісk аnd Simple Installation

If you are working on WordPress you will find it very easy to use this platform for your business. Even if you are having knowledge of PHP or have basic design skills can easily start working on WordPress. By this way you will see the results soon. But to do well in WordPress and if you want to succeed with WordPress you need to build strong business and gain some respect online to be an over-achiever of this platform. WHY? Because plenty other WordPress developers are also out there, these developers are also searching for clients and trying to earn some bucks to their pocket.

You will find developers, core engineers and lots of users on these platforms:

1. WordPress latest news & updates

For the latest WordPress latest news and updates you can go through all the mention websites:

WordPress News

This is the official site of the WordPress for any kind of latest news and updates. It comes under the blog section of WordPress website. You can get to know the latest security and maintenance release of WordPress as well as the versions ideas of WordPress on this. This website is also for latest WordPress security & maintenance releases. Did you ever know that WordPress once accidentally made a link to https://wordpress.org/example.org? Well you’re going to know all of such pre & post release news & feeds by simply following this website.


Follow this blog for latest news on WordPress.com & the WordPress community. You will get to know all sorts of news related to WordPress like introduction of new features, WordPress hosted events & developer conference keynotes. It is also a great help for beginners who wants to start from the basics.


The Torque News Core group is built by wordpress experts members that are also a part of the WordPress community. So, you will get to know all the latest tweaks & suggestions by this platform. It is highly recommended for WordPress developers.

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2) WordPress themes & plugin

Get all the information about latest WordPress themes and plugins by the following mentioned sites:


Themeforest is the #1 marketplace for wordpress templates & plugins. It is an ocean of wordpress related themes starting from $2 to lakhs. It has approximately 27,000 website templates for WordPress & many other popular platforms.


Template monster is another marketplace like themeforest which provides a range of wordpress templates at a genuine price. You can get the themes of your choice and the you can choose these themes according to your budget.


Codecanyon is one place where you can discover & buy more than 18000 plugins & scripts for WordPress also bootstrap & Javascript. It hosts some of the most popular WordPress plugins that have a higher trend in modern WordPress websites.


Some of the most basic & advanced themes are hosted on the wordpress.org itself. It is an imperative website for beginners in wordpress. It provides you with some of the most popular free themes that you can download & use it for your website.


Great themes for every niche are available for free download here. One can also sell his designed themes here.

3) WordPress forums & support sites

WordPress forums are the online discusional platforms where wordpress user asks questions and their questions are answered by WordPress experts.


This is the WordPress forum site. In this experts have answered a lot of questions about WordPress plugins, theme any other related query.


Stackoverflow is the best support site for wordpress where you can browse questions asked by existing users regarding wordpress & their answers given by experts. It is a huge network of independent collaborates & has a greater importance for developers who are willing to learn through R&D.


One of the best website for wordpress video tutorials. It provides a wide range of courses mainly for wordpress beginners with video tutorials to help them learn more efficiently & effectively.


wpmu dev provides services & solutions for wordpress users that includes wordpress themes, plugins, security &  performance solutions. They also provide 24/7 expert support to help you make the best out of your wordpress website. Start a free trial today to experience their services & make your life easier.


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