Do you know all  WordPress Forum Plugins for Community building ? Yes, I know and can help you find Best WordPress Forum Plugin

As we all are aware of the fact that bulletin board and forums are the most traditional way of connecting online, but still they are good reliable tools to set up an online connection. You will be glad to know there are some WordPress Forum Plugins that can help you out if you are running any site. But when you are setting up a WordPress Site for the first time, it becomes a bit difficult to know the best way of choosing a better platform for engagement. So Here at our WordPress theme generator blog post,  check out the Best WordPress Forum Plugins list!

WordPress Forum Plugins

Again In case, you may think of linking a social media profile and share buttons to encourage blog comments but let me tell you that the best way you can pursue regarding choosing a platform is to go for a forum. Yes! You got me right I am talking about adding a forum plugin for WordPress site. And this is pretty simple as you have to do nothing but just to install a plugin and configure the settings. Well in this article here at TemplateToaster offline website builder, I am going to give you a quick overview of the top forum plugins for WordPress Sites, and I am also going to discuss their pros and cons so that you can be pretty sure about choosing the best plugin for your WordPress site, so without wasting a single second let us get started!

List of the best WordPress Forum Plugins for Community building

  1. BbPress
  2. Buddypress
  3. Ultimate member
  4. Dw question & answer
  5. Wpforo -Forum
  6. Asgaros Forum
  7. Anspress-Question-Answer

WordPress Forum Plugins Compared (2023)

 WordPress Forum Plugins Active Installs Rating
(out of 5)
WordPress Compatibility upto Current version
BbPress 300,000+ 4.0 4.7 2.5.12
BuddyPress 200,000+ 4.3 4.7 2.7.4
Ultimate Member 40,000+ 4.6 4.7 1.3.78
DW Q and A 10,000+ 4.2 4.4.5 1.4.5
Wpforo 6,000+ 4.8 4.7 1.1.1
Asgaros 6,000+ 4.7 4.7 1.3.1
AnsPress 4,000+ 3.9 4.6.1 3.0.7

WordPress Forum Plugins (Review)

1. bbPress

WordPress Forum Plugin bbpress

So the first and the foremost one is bbPress. Well, talking about my favourite WordPress forum plugin let me tell you that it is one of the best WordPress forum software and it is easy to add a forum with this plugin in your WordPress. bbPress is very light weighed and runs very fast than any other popular forum software. So if you are looking for such software, you can go for it.


  • bbPress provide us with more than 110 plugins though which you can do whatever you want to and along with that bbPress integrates with any theme in the WordPress and for that, you don’t need to suffer from painful modifications and steps.
  • The user interface is really nice and it is simple and safe to use even for beginners.
  • It is very light-weight and fast as it has got no bloat, making this WordPress Forum plugin more reliable. Also, it is exclusively made for WordPress and follows the same coding as WordPress does.


  • WordPress forum plugin is slow and clunky.
  • It has limited features.

2. Buddypress – best WordPress Forum Plugin

WordPress Forum Plugin buddypress

Buddypress is one of crowed favourite WordPress Forum plugin, this is really good for those users who are new to this WordPress world and it provides good quality products with a lot of Support, and probably this could be the best plugin you are going to get.


  • Complete WordPress Forum plugin with tons of advanced and very nice features.
  • It is really fast and reliable to use.
  • This is a modern, sophisticated and robust social network software with great add on features.
  • Buddypress is available in many different languages, and that’s is why we can access this plugin with no difficulty.


  • It could be quite difficult for beginners to move a Buddypress site to some other platform.
  • The documentation thing of this plugin is not that good so sometimes it could become a bit challenging to find help.

3. Ultimate Member

WordPress Forum Plugin ultimate

So here is my next recommendation, this is a very popular and flexible WordPress Forum plugin that allows its users to add a profile to your respective site or I can say it helps you to create advanced sites. Ultimate member allows you to create a different kind of sites and users can also join you. This ultimate member is a very powerful and light-weight WordPress Forum plugin.


  • Ultimate member allows front-end user registration and login And supports different languages.
  • It is compatible with many various sites along with the mandrill compatibility.
  • It allows users to show their Instagram profile on the site also you can add user hashtag thing, you can add private message system in your site.


  • Expire memberships after a certain period of time.
  • It has lack of purchasing functionality.

4. Dw Question and Answer

WordPress Forum Plugin dw question answer

Dw question & answer is a very flexible WordPress forum plugin with very amazing features, it is one of the most advanced forum bulletin among a number of forum bulletin present around us. Dw question & answer enables you to create any kind of site in which users can become a member by joining it.


  • Dw question & answer allows you to vote and pick answer back providing your site with feedback process and let you know that what else you should change in your site to make it more attractive and advanced.
  • It is captcha supported site that creates it more flexible.


  • It is limited to question & answer format.


5. Wpforo – WordPress forum plugin

WordPress Forum Plugin wpforo

Wpforo is the best forum solution of WordPress, it has a ton of amazing and astonishing features that can make you go crazy, this WordPress Forum Plugin has a very good user interface and it is not expensive too, one can easily afford this.


  • Wpforo is compatible with all you can use it for small to huge communities no matter what.
  • It provides different and beautiful forum layouts, making it more attractive. Also allows drag and drop forum management system.
  • It allows you to add more themes and you can also customise themes.


  • Social networking buttons are not available, as they are still working on them.
  • Documentation is very essential; it needs to be improved.

6. Asgaros Forum

WordPress Forum Plugin asgaros

Asgaros Forum is one of the most powerful WordPress Forum plugin with beautiful bulletins and colour scheme and themes. If you are searching for a forum plugin that you can run in the efficient and professional community then I personally recommend you to go for this Asgaros Forum plugin, it almost has no cons and a lot of features.


  • It allows you to customise colours very quickly and also allows its guest or I can say visitors to post anything if they want to.
  • It also provides you with the multisite compatibility and it is also compatible with mobile devices.


  • It does not allow files to upload except for files of these formats like jpg, jpeg, gif, png, bmp, pdf.

7. Anspress – Question and Answer

WordPress Forum Plugin anspress question and answer

This amazing WordPress Forum plugin allows you to put questions and get their answers on your site or I can say that the strategy is almost similar to the quora. It is the best platform for questioning as it provides you with the complete questions and answers. It has got a very good user interface with high customization capability.


  • It has got friend and followers system that mean like Instagram you are going to have fans here too.
  • It allows users to edit profiles and also has got very attractive colour schemes that attract the user towards your site.


  • Only advanced user can access Anspress-question-answer
  • Anspress question answer only allows participants, moderator and editor to take part.

Which WordPress Forum Plugins you decide to use ?

Well, in this article we have discussed many forum plugins for WordPress with their pros and cons and now I hope you can easily compare these forum plugins and decide one of Best WordPress Forum Plugins that suits you. To add more awesomeness to your WordPress Site, you can download TemplateToaster WordPress theme builder and design cool themes. Moreover, It is fully compatible with all the above-mentioned best WordPress Forum plugins.