What are the best WordPress social media plugins? If this sounds familiar, I suggest reading this article can be a great help to you.

Communication is vital for growth, knowledge, and survival. Apparently, all the social platforms have dramatically changed the way we share information. Social media sharing is a great way to stimulate web traffic. Your efforts will go squandered if you are not providing your users the ease to share the content across social networks. Likewise, if the social sharing buttons on your website are not properly placed and configured, I’m afraid you might miss your potential traffic.

Don’t worry, because this is where WordPress social media plugins come to the rescue. These plugins allow you to add social icons to your site. Here at TemplateToaster WordPress website builder, I have compiled a list of best WordPress social media plugins for you. You may pick whatever you think can serve your purpose better.

Hold on! Before we jump on to the list, let’s first quickly understand the importance of having a social media plugin on your site.

Why WordPress Social Media Plugins are important?

Once you are ready to engage your audience with content and you have successfully published it online – you just need visitors to grow your business now. And having a social presence is always beneficial. You are more likely to get heavy traffic from social platforms rather than visitors coming to your website organically. Certainly, social media gives voice to your content and recognition for your work and services.

Billions of people are using social networks today. So, you can use your SEO optimized content to attract a massive audience for your site at once. And social media plugins allow your readers to instantly share your site content with many others on social platforms.

List of the Best WordPress Social Media Plugins (2019)

  1. AddToAny Share Buttons
  2. Social Media Widget
  3. Social Media Feather
  4. Simple Social icons
  5. Sassy Social Share
  6. Shareaholic
  7. Social Share Icons & Social Share Buttons

In a hurry? Check this quick rundown

Best WordPress Social Media Plugins compared (2019)

WordPress Social Media Plugins comparision
WordPress Social Media Plugins Active Installs Tested up to (WordPress version) Cost Ratings
AddToAny Share Buttons 500,000+ 5.3 Free 4.7/5
Simple Social Icons 200,000+ 5.2.3 Free 4.3/5
Social Media Widget 100,000+ 5.1.2 Free 3.9/5
Sassy Social Share 90,000+ 5.2.3 Free/Premium 4.9/5
Social Media Feather 80,000+ 5.2.3 Free 4.5/5
Shareaholic 70,000+ 5.2.3 Free/Premium 4.2/5
Social Share Icons & Social Share Buttons 60,000+ 5.2.3 Free/Premium 4.9/5

WordPress Social Media Plugins (Review)

1. AddToAny Share Buttons

addtoany share buttons WordPress Social Media Plugin

AddToAny Share Button is a claimed ‘universal sharing platform’ because it provides the convenience to share content on multiple platforms with a simple click. Perhaps the best thing about this WordPress social media plugin is that it doesn’t slow down the loading of content. However, this plugin also offers floating share buttons that can be customized for mobile and desktop accordingly.

Features at a glance:

  • It provides standard share buttons.
  • Responsive design for floating share buttons as well.
  • Automatic AMP (Accelerate Mobile Pages) support.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Google Analytics integration.
  • Shared links tracking.
  • It’s 100 % free to use.

How to install the AddToAny Share Buttons Plugin to your site?

You can install AddToAny Share Buttons at zero cost from the WordPress directory. After activation, you can find the plugin in the settings menu of your WordPress dashboard. It’s an awesome plugin that allows visitors to share, save, and email your posts using nearly every social platform. Moreover, they can bookmark a site.

Social media icons WordPress Social Media Plugin

You can choose as many icons to display from the list as you wish. However, you can select to show the count of social share with each icon as well. There is a universal button offered by this plugin. This universal button has the menu for all the icons of all the supported social media websites. However, you can hide this button too. It totally depends on you whether or not to display this button. Furthermore, you can customize the menu of a universal button with the help of a Menu Styler.

Menu styler WordPress Social Media Plugin

However, you can choose the placement of the icons as per your preferences i.e.

  • Top of the post
  • Bottom of the post
  • Front Page
  • Archive Page
  • In the Feed
  • Excerpts

Social media buttons placement options WordPress Social Media Plugin

While if you have a custom icon to upload, you may use advanced options.

Option for uploading custom icon WordPress Social Media Plugin

2. Simple Social Icons

Simple Social Icons banner WordPress Social Media Plugin

Simple Social Icons plugin is as simple to use as its name. ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’, and this plugin is the true example of that. It allows to include sixteen most popular social media icons to your site. Although there are limited icon options available yet you get the most popular ones as options. You can display the social media icon at any widget area of your website.

Features in brief:

  • You can customize the color and size of the icon.
  • Icon alignment however you like
    • left
    • center
    • right
  • Icons use vector graphics for better accessibility and legibility.
  • Background and hover color options.
  • It is free to use.

How to install Simple Social Icons plugin to your site?

Download and activate this WordPress social media plugin. And then configure it simply by navigating to Appearance → Widgets as shown below.

Simple Social Icons widget

There are some pretty simple settings to make. You are given the option to set the icon size, icon border-radius, width, and alignment of the icon. Font, background, and hover color options for the icons is also there. You also need to describe your social media profiles in the given fields. Hence, displaying social media buttons on your website is a cakewalk.

3. Social Media Widget

Social Media Widget banner WordPress Social Media Plugin

Social Media Widget plugin lets you display the social media icons on the sidebar. It allows you to show your social profile links in the widget areas. However, you are not restricted to show the icons in the sidebars only. Having said that, you can display them anywhere on your website by creating a custom widget area in your theme. This WordPress plugin supports over 50 social networking sites along with the option to add your own custom and email sharing links.

Features at a glance:

  • Support for 50+ social networking sites.
  • Several icon sizes are available to choose from.
  • Multiple animations are inclusive.
    • scale
    • bounce
    • fade
    • combo
  • 4 Icon packages.
  • Align your widgets however you like
    • right
    • left
    • center

How to add Social Media Widget Plugin to your site?

After downloading and successful activation, it will create a widget. You just need to drag the widget to the preferred widget area, drop it and then set the options. It supports more than fifty social media websites of different categories such as social networking, images, video, gaming, chatting, social news and feeds, blogging, business reviewing, music and audio, scheduling (PlanCast), and portfolio (Clippings.me). Also, you can easily upload six custom icons and profile URLs.

Social Media Widget WordPress Social Media Plugin

This WordPress social media plugin offers three interesting icon packs besides default icons pack- cutout icons, sketch icons & heart icons. For the icons, you have four animation style options- Fade, Scale, Bounce, and Combo. Overall this WordPress social media plugin can increase your fan following with ease.

4. Sassy Social Share

Sassy Social Share WordPress Social Media Plugin

Sassy Social Share is one of the lightweight and free WordPress social media plugins we have. It allows you to share your content over several platforms like Twitter, Google, Whatsapp, Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. However, it provides bookmarking services as well. This social media plugin does not require any third party registration or any API keys. It is surely the easiest WordPress social sharing plugin that offers around 100 social sharing services.

Features to look at:

  • It is GDPR compliant.
  • 100% free to use.
  • Approx 100 social sharing/bookmarking services.
  • Background color and logo color choices.
  • URL shortening service integrated.
  • Fully responsive.
  • Widgets and shortcodes are available.
  • Compatibility for multiple sites.

How to add Sassy Social Share to your site?

Download the plugin and navigate to Plugins → Add New → Upload Plugin page in your WordPress admin panel. Now click on Upload → Choose file, upload the plugin zip and finally click the Install Now button to complete the process. If you are using a cache plugin, you can clear the cache. 

Certainly, Sassy Social Share has dead simple options to configure it. In fact, they offer 24/7 customer support for their users.

5. Social Media Feather

Social Media Feather banner WordPress Social Media Plugins

Social Media Feather is another one of the famous WordPress social media plugins that offer social sharing and follow button. Your readers can comfortably share your content. And also they can become your followers with one click. However, it is the only social media sharing and following plugin that comes with icon resolution options. You can use the options to select the position of share and follow button, the size of icons, spacing between the icons, and last but certainly not least, the alignment of buttons.

Features in brief:

  • Support for retina and high-resolution displays.
  • Ability to choose between services for every provider.
  • You can include custom URLs and titles.
  • Default modern icons.
  • Fading and Graying effects for social icons.
  • Support for all major platforms.

How to add Social Media Feather plugin to your site?

When you activate this WordPress plugin, two types of widgets get created in the widget list. First the ‘Social Media Feather: Follow Us’ and second the ‘Social Media Feather: Sharing’. You can place these widgets in the widget area of the website. However, the right sidebar is considered most suitable for these widgets. Thus, this plugin works really well for both sharing and following social media buttons on your website.

Social media feather widgets

6. Shareaholic

best WordPress Social Login Plugin

Shareaholic WordPress social media plugin is a leading engagement tool. It helps you engage your audience, improve traffic to your site, and elevate the conversion rate with ease. It is certainly much more than a social share plugin. You can easily add in-content as well as floating share buttons. Every placement of buttons has its own set of detailed settings.

Features to look at:

  • Shareaholic comes with over 100 free social integrations including Skype and Whatsapp share buttons.
  • Admin UI supports multiple languages.
  • Shareaholic is entirely mobile-optimized.
  • Retina-display friendly.
  • Google Analytics integration.
  • It supports lazy load WordPress.
  • Free to use.

How to add Shareaholic on your site?

Download the plugin and activate it. Now configure it and do the settings as per your likings from your WordPress dashboard. However, you can install this WordPress social media plugin manually too. It is pretty straightforward to personalize Shareaholic according to your site layout. And it really does help to grow your audience online effortlessly.

7. Social Share Icons & Social Share Buttons

ultimate social share wordpress plugin
Social Share Icons & Social Share Buttons Plugin is quite simple to use with over 60,000 active installs. It doesn’t have any complex configurations. It has a broad array of social share platforms. You can stylize your icons with 19 unique and beautiful styles. Interestingly, you can have a pop-up to appear on your site to encourage your visitors to share, like, and follow your website.

Features at a glance:

  • GDPR compliant.
  • Display a pop-up asking for like.
  • Support for over 200 social media sites.
  • 16 social share designs to choose from.
  • Icon mouse-over effects
    • fade
    • scale
    • combo
  • Mobile-optimized
  • Choose the place to show up your icons
    • widget area
    • manually
    • float on the page
    • before or after posts
  • You can have different actions corresponds to click on the icon.

How to install Share Social Icons & Share Social Buttons to your site?

Simply download and extract the zip file and place the content default directory of your WordPress installation. Activate it. Answer three simple questions to get started. Undoubtedly, the simplest installation among all.

Happy Social Sharing!!

Which WordPress Social Media Plugin would you select?

So, no matter which plugin you choose from the aforementioned list, it will give you a rise in traffic for sure. One social media plugin is enough to grab the required attention of your potential audiences. Because having unnecessary plugins installed is a complete waste. Therefore, you should know how many WordPress plugins a website should have in order to get the desired results. However, considering a few parameters like Asynchronous loading, floating share buttons, display share count, social following buttons, and which WordPress social media plugins supports more social media platforms, etc. may be of some help to you.

While you are looking for the best WordPress social media plugins, how about getting a bonus WordPress Theme Builder and an amazingly working website builder for future use. You can easily create your stunning website without having to write a single line of code. Drag-drop, design, and publish. That’s all!

Sharing is Caring. So, don’t forget to share your thoughts with me in the comments below.

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