Online marketers are very fond of knowing the easiest and simplest tricks to improve our online marketing campaign. It’s a question for all online marketers/ digital marketers that which tools do you use for your online marketing campaign work? Are all these free tools? The tools we use have different varieties of uses and needs, we use these tools for your social media marketing, for content, email marketing and there are much more things. We do use some paid tools for this, but there are many other free tools available online to boost up your marketing campaign. So, we don’t have to pay every time when we use these tools. Check out WordPress email marketing plugins and best email marketing software.

It’s really a huge task to search tools or you can say free alternatives of paid tools for your online marketing campaign by paying $0. Don’t worry; i have created a list of free tools that will surely be going to improve your marketing campaign.

Here at Templatetoaster offline website builder, i will present list of tools that are free of cost, easy to use and also available online. Have a look:

1. Google Analytics: Website’s Real-time Analytics

As we know that Google Analytics is the most important tool we need for our marketing campaign. It provides you a lot of information about your website like traffic, sessions and page views. It gives you the huge amount of information about your website, and it’s all for free.

  • Though it’s a free online tool, but it provides a lot of functionalities and information as compared to many other paid tools.
  • Google Analytics also shows the location of our visitors and active users and demography of our visitors.
  • It shows the keywords on which we are getting traffic and other search terms by which visitors come on our website.

2. Buffer: Social Media Post Scheduler

The Buffer is a tool for scheduling posts for social media profiles. It saves a lot of time and schedule posts for our social media marketing campaign. We can create the batches of the posts for social media, composing and curating the posts all in one go. Moreover, it spread your scheduled messages next day or week whenever we wanted them to get published.It helps us to manage multiple accounts at once place.

  • It helps us to manage multiple accounts at once place
  • One of the best things of the buffer is that it has Built-in Analytics so that we can analyze the information about visitors and post engagements.

3. Google AdWords: Keyword Planner Tool

Another critical problem is to examine which keyword should be used. With the help of Google keyword planner we can easily analyze the keywords; their search volume and competition for a particular keyword. We just have to click on the headings at the top to sort by keyword, the number of searches or competition.

  • It’s really helpful to find local keywords faster with Google AdWords keyword planner tool.
  • This is the perfect platform for people searching for niche markets.
  • It also helps to create an AdWord campaign.

4. SEO: Open Site Explorer

It’s a great free tool for analyzing the Page and domain authority of our website. It also provides us the information about the links we have created and their sources. It has the feature of checking competitors of any website. The free version of this site only provides you with 3 reports per day, for your online marketing campaign it’s more than enough.

  • Plug website’s URL into Open Site Explorer to see the high-level statistics like page incoming links and page authority.
  • To know the top pages and recent links we can also click on the Just-Discovered Tab.
  • We can also check the pages which have most of the created links.

5. Canva: For Image Designs

Canva has over 2 million users, which trust Canva for creating images for their blog posts, social media marketing posts and for everything you can think of.

  • It provides us some free samples on which you can create your images.
  • It has the functionality to create different posts for different social media channels like tall images for Pinterest, square pictures for Instagram and Twitter and rectangular images for Twitter.


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6. Hotjar: For website optimization

All marketers want to know that how our visitors actually visit your website and use the website. What pages they click on, how much time they spent on our page. A platform like Hotjar gives you information about what exactly your visitors do on your page, with the help of click maps, heatmaps, visitor’s recording and scroll maps.

  • It also has options to insert messages and surveys to our visitors and to check our website’s funnel.
  • Provides the information that what visitors do on our blog posts and how most of your content they really read.
  • Finding all this information gives the idea how what type of blog posts we need to add and what kind of content we can add to get more visitors.

7. Crowdfire: Tweet manager

Twitter gives an opportunity to every brand to share its business on Twitter. We can easily manage our Twitter accounts by using Twitter or we can also use tools like Unfollow which is very useful for sorting and filtering of our followers. It also provides us the analytics about the demographics of followers that are our audience too.

  • It gives us the information that who are following our account and who unfollowed us.
  • We need to review regularly who is following us and unfollowing, if we don’t do it properly, we can miss the opportunity to reach or connect with people who could be related to our niche and could have an interest in our brand.

8. Webmaster tool: Google

The Google webmaster tool has many features for evaluating and analyzing our site’s performance. People from around the globe trust Google webmaster tool to check the insights of their website. The webmaster tool has many features: the crawler access tool ensures that Robot.txt has configured properly so that Google will show only those pages you want to get indexed.

  • The webmaster tools help us to make an easy transition of out traffic and content of the website from one domain to another domain.
  • It tracks all the incoming links to our website, destroying malware, and also tracks the page loading speed of a website

9. Google Scholar

Most of the people don’t use Google Scholar but it has really very good features of science articles and going into the deep of emerging science. It only shows the searches to theses, books, articles, court opinion-sand abstracts, from professional societies, academic publishers, online repositories, universities.

  • It’s a free tool for educational literature with an easy to use interface.
  • It also provides the access to unique content as all the tools are not able to use unique content.
  • Google Scholar helps us to search relevant work of scholarly research across the world.

10. Google Trends

Google trends is the best platform to know that how our website stand in Search engines, where we need to improve and what are we doing right for our website. Google trends basically show the results about the people’s interest. By using Google Trends, we can select the best keywords and phrases for our website.

  • We can use Google Trends for trend discovery for a particular place. It also helps you to find latest content ideas that can help you to drive traffic to your website.
  • Google Trends shows the results according to the number of variables according to your search terms, time range, and locations.


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