WordPress Testimonial Plugins meets the purpose fair enough. You no longer need to worry about adding your client’s testimonials on your website. 

So which WordPress Testimonial Plugin would you like to go for? Let’s get going with the article at TemplateToaster WordPress website builder to find out best WordPress Testimonial Plugins.

List of the Best WordPress Testimonial Plugins

  1. Testimonials widget
  2. WP Customer Reviews
  3. Easy Testimonials
  4. Testimonial Rotator
  5. Testimonials basics
  6. Cherry Testimonials

Best WordPress Testimonial Plugins Comparison (2018)

Best WordPress Testimonial Plugins Feature-Rich SEO Friendly Ease of Use Ability to Add Author Details
Testimonial Widget Yes Yes Good Yes
WP Customer Reviews Yes Yes Good No
Easy Testimonials Yes Yes Average Yes
Testimonial Rotator Yes No Better No
Testimonial Basics Yes Yes Good Yes
Cherry Testimonials Yes Yes Average Yes

Best WordPress Testimonial Plugins (Review)

1. Testimonials Widget (Free)

testimonials widget WordPress testimonial Plugin

Are you interested in adding a social proof through testimonials on your website? Its version 3.3.4 is the best fit for you. You can show testimonials on your website through theme functions, short quotes or simply widgets. The testimonial widget helps you to randomly list or slide the portfolios that you want to include quotes and reviews or even add text with images. Further, you can add videos on your WordPress websites too. It helps to insert testimonial content with the help of shortcode, theme functions and widgets with category and selection of tags. You can also get the random or specific ordering of multiple display options. It along with all these features also provides review schema for an improved search engine result which is built-in in this WordPress Testimonial Plugin.

2. WP Customer Reviews (Free)

wp customer reviewsWordPress testimonial Plugin

This WordPress Testimonial Plugin helps to let people leave business reviews or product reviews on your website. The data is stored as Microdata or Microformat data which shows as star ratings on search results. If you go online, you will find that there are many sites that have too many user generated reviews now as it is extremely useful to build up credibility on the web today. Google Places is one such example along with Google local search. WP Customer Reviews allow you to build up a specific page on your own blog so that you can receive customer testimonials for the services that you provide or the product that you have launched. It also enables to write reviews on multiple different products on your blog page.

3. Easy Testimonials (Free & paid)

easy testimonials WordPress testimonial Plugin

As the name itself says, this WordPress testimonial plugin makes the addition of testimonials reviews to your blog or website simple through the use of shortcodes or theme functions. Easy Testimonials plugin is an easy to use that lets its users add testimonials to decide on simple input or even embed testimony into a page or post with the help of the shortcode. It allows a user to insert all testimonials as a list or simply get random output. It features image adding ability to each and every testimonial. This is extremely important as it lets the user add the photo of the testimonial author. The plugin uses Schema.org which is compliant with JSON-Markup and helps to let the appear in a correct manner when somebody searches for your website or blog.

4. Testimonial Rotator (Free)

testimonial rotator WordPress testimonial Plugin

Testimonial Rotator plugin lets you add business reviews easily to your website or your blog page. It provides a very simple to manage your testimonials on your website. This client plugin for WordPress helps you in adding a testimonial rotator custom post type which completes the WordPress admin fields. This helps in adding testimonials and assigning them a rotator for display. This WordPress Testimonial Plugin includes a widget and a shortcode to display your on the website. If you ever wanted to have a rotator plugin for your testimonials, then this plugin that you should consider as your next WordPress testimonial plugin.

5. Testimonial Basics (Free)

testimonial basics WordPress testimonial Plugin

This best WordPress testimonial plugin is one of the highest rated plugins on the WordPress market. If you wanted to have a blog which is highly rated, then this is the best WordPress testimonial plugin that you can own. Testimonial Basics plugin is a full-featured plugin which is basic in nature and extremely easy to use. Moreover, the icing on the cake is that you do not need to pay extra for any updates or up gradation it is exclusive of the price. Its login also provides you with a backup of your testimony is so that you can use them if in case you need to move your website or do any upgrades to your existing blog page.

6. Cherry Testimonials – Best WordPress Testimonial Plugin

cherry testimonials WordPress testimonial Plugin

This is another great offering in the WordPress arena for testimonial plugins. This particular WordPress testimonial plugin allows you to create testimonial post types and posts them on your website or blog. It lets you display, to the world what your customers have to say about your product or services and put the word out there. This WordPress testimonial plugin lets you unveil the customer feedback and bring more positive and reliable prospects to your services. It is easy to use plugin that lets you add testimonials to any post or page with the help of shortcodes. The Cherry Testimonials have proven to be the best which does not let fake testimonials appear on your websites and display them as been written by real people. The display not just the text or simply the content body it also helps to let out a lot of details about the author.

Which WordPress Testimonial Plugins you decide to use ?

The above-mentioned WordPress Testimonial plugins will help to put out the word to the audiences of your business. Moreover, all of them are fully compatible with TemplateToaster website builder software and WordPress theme builder so you can use them on the go! The list is not exudative however, it is more than what you need to have. These WordPress Testimonial plugins are the finest WordPress testimonial plugins in the market and you simply cannot go wrong with any of them.

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