As Digital Marketers we do oftentimes regard Content Marketing as a pretty new industry to deal with. Though it still has to do with content creation and there’s no need to point out that we have been generating content since the dawn of times! Needless to say that the concept of the Editorial Calendar was already born with the rise of the publishing industry. Press agencies and publishing houses help in planning content with noticeable advances. The fast-moving Web Marketing’s environment does not allow us to be so far-sighted. However, editorial calendars are an amazingly helpful tool to rely upon and to flawlessly organise our workflow.

The Most Paramount Reasons are Summarised as Follows:

  • Stay Updated:

    The Editorial calendar gives us the chance to carefully plan content creation beforehand. This way it may be possible to efficiently promote events, company’s projects or milestones.

  • Post Scheduling:

    A content calendar allows us to better split our content through different time slots. There’s no absolutely need to jot down a post right away and then “hit the publish button”. If we harness a more forward-looking mentality, we can stock up content and distribute it according to a detailed schedule.

  • Social Media Strategy:

    A well-organized editorial calendar allows us to keep our Social Media as tidy as possible by keeping track of every single post in order to better figure out which ones perform at the very best and resonate with our audience.

  • Overcome Writer’s Block:

    By planning your writing schedule in advance, you will avoid ending up worried and mumbling over the subject to write about. Once you have planned the topic you are going to tackle, you won’t squeeze on your temples any longer to produce fresh and engaging content right away. Keep consistency. An editorial calendar is an invaluable and useful tool to keep up with your duties. Especially when it comes to blogging. As an instance, if your regular blogging schedule features two articles every week, you should not overlook your commitment otherwise, you will be likely losing some of the followers that expect you to publish your posts on that specific day.

  • Keep consistency:

    An editorial calendar is an invaluable and useful tool to keep up with your duties. Especially when it comes to blogging. As an instance, if your regular blogging schedule features two articles every week, you should not overlook your commitment otherwise, you will be likely losing some of the followers that expect you to publish your posts on that specific day.

The bright sides of harnessing an editorial calendar go even farther than these. As a matter of fact, it can even be an irreplaceable stress-reducer if you are going to use it properly and it will be likely that you won’t fall into the routine “fatigue”. Nevertheless, I will be listing some of the most renowned tools to arrange your workload. Most of them may fit any kind of business and enterprise, regardless of their size or nature. Here they come along! WordPress Editorial Calendar. You may read Constant Contact vs Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign vs HubSpot, ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp, Sendinblue vs Sendgrid, Sendinblue vs Mailchimp.

WordPress Editorial Calendar

If you are already running your blog or website (or both) on this Content Management System, you will be enabled to get free access to the editorial calendar extension: this way you won’t be compelled anymore to continuously check your WordPress drafts to take stock of what has to be done and what is already completed. Your blog post’s ideas are going to be shaped as sticky notes alongside the board and they can be effortlessly dragged and dropped in order to change your schedule whenever is needed.

You do not even step into the CMS any longer when it comes to modifying your drafts: you can click on the calendar note and you will be transitioned straight to the editing platform. If you work within a pretty much small team this may be definitely a tailored solution to suit your needs. On the other hand, the downside is the quite reduced capacity to track analytics and social media posts.


SocialCast is a cutting-edge Online collaboration tool. It features a broader array of tools other than a simple editorial calendar. It may bring a remarkable value to the effectiveness of your working team since you will be able to benefit from the following services:

  • Stay easily connected to each member of your Team: SocialCast allows us to bring people, ideas and information on the very same safe platform in order to smooth and ease the intra-communication.
  • Strengthen Collaboration: Each member can share, contribute and participate from anywhere using any kind of device.
  • Streamline Workflow: The integrated and well-rounded platform will facilitate and boost productivity on a daily basis.

Pricing is quite affordable since it takes less than $3 per user a month. A pretty much worthwhile investment that may pay handsomely off!

Hubspot Editorial Calendar

I am pretty confident that all of you are already familiar with Hubspot, at least to a very large extent. However, if you are just planning to rely upon an editorial calendar to better devise your Content Marketing’s strategy, Hubspot provides a free template that may be a suitable starting place. If you are working with a small and close-knit team, this tool may definitely help you to streamline the workflow. It is going to be easier to:

  • Balance your blog with a well-combined variety of subjects and formats
  • Keep your authors updated and a spotless blog post’s schedule
  • Be sure that the content is going to be timely produced, delivered or published
  • Track the most effective keywords down

This tool is a custom-fitted option if you are on your own or you have to manage a small-based team. Since it is an Excel Spreadsheet, it may be uneasy to rely on it if your working team escalate.


If you something more reliable and solid than the basic WordPress free editorial calendar, you could be switching to CoSchedule. This outstanding tool features an overarching approach to Inbound marketing. You should be paying a $49 monthly membership but it is definitely worth a shot if you have to deal with a big office team. CoSchedule is going to make your life easier by delivering these gorgeous benefits:

  • Schedule all of your content in one place (blog posts, podcasts, ebooks, email marketing campaigns and much more)
  • Improved Social Media scheduling: You will be enabled to create your Social Media posts right on the calendar by adding text messages, links and images and setting the publishing time on your own Social Networks.
  • Best Time Scheduling: CoSchedule will take care of the deliverability of your messages by ensuring that they are going to be published at the best time possible with a view to optimising engagement, traffic and followers.
  • Bulk messages scheduling: You can draft a long-term social sharing plan in order to reuse it all over in order. This way you will be better focused on your content creation rather than squandering time in social posting.


DivvyHQ is highly indicated for sizable working teams. This is one of the most well-integrated platforms on the market with a broad array of functionalities. This editorial calendar allows users to schedule, track and distribute tasks and projects at their utmost ease. The most notable perks of this tool are the following:

  • Tidy and spot-on organisation: You can count on DivvyHQ to seamlessly managing your content schedule, initiatives and campaigns.Better overview of the Content-pipe. You won’t be able to see what is going on within your organisation at any given time. The Real-time dashboard of DivvyHQ will help you to better figure out what has to be done yet, what your team is working on and what has been executed.
  • Better overview of the Content-pipe: You won’t be able to see what is going on within your organisation at any given time. The Real-time dashboard of DivvyHQ will help you to better figure out what has to be done yet, what your team is working on and what has been executed.
  • Streamlined communication with other team members: It is very unlikely for any Content Manager to keep up with the content process within the company. DivvyHQ is an irreplaceable aid to stay in touch with the other members of the crew as well as to keep your eyes wide open on the workflow. You will be given access to the shared-ideas repository, content asset search and one-click duplication to repurpose content.
  • Improved Content Creation Your content strategy’s efficiency will benefit from features such as reporting tools, content strategy audit, drag and drop scheduling and deadline reminders.

Sprout Social

Sprout is a very friendly Social Media Management’s tools. It reveals to be very handy when it comes to deal with Social Media on a daily basis since you can leverage the plan, creation and post all on the spot. As a matter of fact, this is just one of the various features of these multi-faceted tools including also:

  • Social Media Customer Relationship Management
  • Advanced scheduling tools
  • Fully-fledged analytics reports
  • Customer support functionalities (such as help-desk service)
  • Team collaboration tools (live activity updates)


Curata claims to deliver a flawless solution for curating, planning and measuring content’s impact. And it nails it! Curata features an excel-based editorial calendar whose interface is delightfully clean, simple and navigable. This remarkable Content Marketing Platform will give you the possibility to:

  • Analyse your marketing’s efforts with the strong support of metadata collection
  • Make your content production straight and seamless
  • Build up a consistent and well-planned content supply chain
  • Publish and spread your content anytime and across any platform
  • Keep tabs on the most engaging content with the internal search engine
  • Effortlessly plan and organise your content schedule with just a few clicks

What’s More with the Editorial Calendar Tool?

I assume this bunch of tools should be more than enough (and you are always free to scavenge for more resources on the web). Nevertheless, before you are going to throw your hat into the Content Marketing’s ring, you should be trying to answer the following four questions in order to better figure out what you have to track in your calendar as well as to stay laser-focused on your prominent marketing’s goals as your content creation’s plan move forward. Check out Constant Contact vs Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp, Sendinblue vs Sendgrid, Sendinblue vs Mailchimp.

  • Who are you Creating your Content for?

    As usual, you are going to write to fully please your target audience’s needs, curiosity and expectations. Therefore keep your readership into account whenever it comes to planning and producing brand new content. The same way you are used to devising a Buyer persona that may fit your sales objectives, you can build up a “Content Marketing Persona” with a view to finely align your content to your readers as well.

  • What Goals are you going to Pursue?

    Before putting your mind and focus on content creation, you should preferably define what your main objectives are. Do you want to gain more visibility? Or do you want to establish yourself as a thought-leader? Is it because you want to drive massive traffic to your website? The number of goals to chase are countless and they are going to largely affect your writing style, the nature of your content, how often and when you are going to publish it. The SMART technique is still a compelling strategy to rely upon to set up well-defined goals for your Content Marketing’s strategy.

  • What Kind of Resources can you Rely on?

    Your whole overall Content Marketing Strategy will depend on the available assets you may bank upon. Whether you have a well-established and flourishing team of Content Creators or, conversely, you are on your own, your Content Plan should be aligned accordingly. If you are striving to broaden your writing’s capacity, you can once more leverage some reliable Freelancing platforms as Upwork or Fiverr.

  • How to Stand Out from the Crowd?

    You should ask yourself which way you to adopt to shape your content as much gorgeous as possible. Which industry’s niche or issue can be tackled? What do your most strenuous competitors write about? To which kind of industry events can you hook your content up in order to gain more exposure? Getting an in-depth panorama of what is going on around your niche market is critical if you want to give your content the prominence and outreach that deserves. Check out WordPress email marketing plugins digital marketing tools and the best email marketing software.

Wrapping up – Editorial Calendar Tools to Improve Content Marketing

Supposedly, you are now already on your way to planning a wondrous Content Marketing Plan. The aforementioned tools are going to back you up on this task. However, the very foundation of any successful Brand & Business is a rock-solid CMS: Template Toaster offline website builder is going to be your guardian angel by providing you plenty of fully responsive and cross-browser templates. It may certainly suit your needs! So, what are you waiting for yet? It’s about time to hit the ground running 😉

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