Social media has a great visitor-generation potential and has good significance and value for the online businesses. Businesses can use the social media platform to generate more revenue and sales, by driving in more web traffic through the popular channels, if it uses social networking websites in an effective and consumer-oriented way.

While almost every large business has a social media presence today, a number of start-ups and entrepreneurs are still vying for that stable and business generating online presence, on the social media channels. Social media can be used in a very effective way so that your business website or blog gets more traffic diverted towards it. A large number of website visitors naturally leads to growth in sales and revenues apart from increasing the reach of your business manifold, both online and offline.

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Join All Social Networking Websites

You should join all the social networking sites if you want to get the most web traffic diverted to your blog. Add the “tweet” button on the blog posts that you post/share on Twitter. Your blog will reach more web surfers every day, this way. Also, add the Facebook “Like “button to your posts. Your posts will be quite popular and well-noticed when a number of people like the information and find it useful, interesting and relevant.

Your Website Should Have All The Social Media Sharing Tools And A Compatible Architecture

You can use the web tools on your website, so that all your interesting blogs, messages, and business promotion content can be easily shared with any of the social networking websites including Facebook and Twitter. The “ShareThis”, “AddThis” are some of the popular sharing buttons that can be used horizontally or vertically, in both static and floating ways. The architecture of your website should be social-media friendly and modern.

Create The Best Content

Remember that the internet audience has access to information from across the globe. Hence, your content should be the most informative, relevant, interesting and fresh, and should address the right audience. Use the right keywords (web tools like Google Adwords can offer you precise keywords), good images, informative videos and other relevant material in your web posts so that they become popular across nations and continents.

Videos are generally more preferred and liked by web audiences. Use of catchy headlines is also recommended. Revise the content a number of times or proofread it so that it is free of any kind grammatical errors and spelling mistakes and is structured in a flawless and easy-to-understand manner. Always use 1 or 2 “Hashtags” with every post. Hashtags increase your reach and help you to find more web visitors apart from your followers. See to it that your content has the highest quality, and is share-worthy.

Use The 70:30 Tool

If you have a business website, then 70 percent of the content that you post on other social networking websites should be informative, and 30 percent should be promotional. This approach has established the right kind of brand value and online reputation for a number of companies, and you can gain from their trusted formula as well.

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Keep Blogging

One thing to know about blog posting on social media websites is that not all contents posted by you will receive the same popularity. Some become more popular than the others. The best way to have better popularity on the internet and on social media websites is to keep blogging so that your business website and brand can receive proper recognition.

Interact With Your Followers

You should be in real-time interactions with your followers so that they find your website interactive and engaging. Reply to their comments, questions and queries and keep them in your circle by posting content that they find relevant and interesting. You can also go ahead with your promotions and reward chosen fans and followers with the awards and incentives on the web itself.

Content Magnification

Not all your posts would achieve similar popularity on the web. You can, therefore, magnify the popular and “liked” content through the social media networking websites. Google analytics will provide your right statistics that will help you to know which of the content has constantly been being consistent in its performance, and has brought you most of the conversions.

Infographics And Stats

The best and most reliable information has good amounts of facts and figures. Keep this in mind when you start to post your blogs and articles. Add stats and infographics that actually confirm your position and also provide a more interactive and attractive way of reader engagement, respectively.

Share Your Posts More Than Once

Social media posts are not like RSS posts, and so your blog’s fan on Facebook and follower on Twitter may or may not see it. It would be better if you share the same content a few times, for some days. You can add a few questions, can “cite” a few relevant facts, share some relevant quotes or add other interesting stuff your posts each time you share them. This will ensure that your community gets to know about the updates. When you share more than once, the blog or the message that you post on the social media sites gets more attention and more number of clicks as well.

While doing so, avoid being a spammer. Refrain from overdoing (A user installed a Plug-in that tweeted the same message every hour!). When you cross the limit, then people will start ignoring your tweets. Hence, be wise in your re-tweets and re-sharing ways and do what is optimal and desirous.

The investment that is required towards the creation of good, fresh, relevant and informative content is quite low. But the blogs, articles, and videos, add up to your online popularity. Your social media presence, blog, and business all grow together hand-in-hand when you use the social media channels effectively for promoting your business website or blog online.

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