WordPress (WP) has always been a favorite blogging platform. In recent years, it has emerged to possess all the CMS (Content Management System) functionalities that are required by a business website. Because of the popularity, many of WordPress themes are now pirated. If you are looking for a WordPress theme for your individual blog or business website, you must either use the authentic sources or take into consideration the following points. There are a number of security risks involved, and there are other complexities and disadvantages that the free themes cause and create.


Here at Tempaltetoaster WordPress theme builder, i will list 9 reasons for avoiding a free WordPress theme:

Poor First Impression

The lackluster free WP themes cannot engage a web visitor. As the adage goes “you get what you pay”, the free themes fail to provide any of the modern features that can incubate better navigation and improve the presentation of content.

Hidden Costs

The free themes can lower your SEO rankings. You may also find that there is an inclusion of a number of outbound links to different websites. You would not be able to uninstall these links, and will have to uninstall the pirated version eventually and go for the original theme.

Plugin Incompatibility

All kinds of plug-ins support the upgraded themes, and these include the e-commerce shopping cart plug-ins of WP as well. Hence, you will be unable to install any kind of advanced Plug-in to your website, if you are using a free or pirated theme. This will cause business losses, poor retention of web visitors and bad SEO as well.

No Updates

If you are using a free theme, then it would not get the upgrades provided by the developer. This will cause poor website functionality, and will make it dated sooner than you anticipate.

Abysmally Less Number Of Features

The free theme will not have any of the modern features like Parallax Scrolling, CSS3 scripting, and multiple browser compatibilities among others. It will also load slowly and will be annoying in its navigational aspects.

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No Customer Support

A free theme has no customer support feature. You cannot reach to anybody when some part of your website and theme fails to function. If you have a business website, then website failure would cause loss of revenues and sales. Many bloggers have to uninstall their cheap and free theme and opt for a good one for having all-time and better web presence. As not all users are aware of the deeper aspects of PHP, HTML, CSS or JavaScript. Hence, the assistance of experts is quite crucial in running the website successfully. Only a professional and original theme provider can offer you 24/7 support to solve all your queries and website related problems.

May Not Be Responsive

A business requires a website to be responsive, which means that it should be easily viewed on mobile devices as well. As more customers now make their purchases on smartphones, a user-friendly website theme must also be responsive. The free themes cause a poor web-surfing and shopping experience and do not re-size according to the mobile devices, among other drawbacks.

Professional Themes Cost Low

The professional and original themes do not cost high, and you can easily get one under $50. They have the best of modern technological features to offer the best business-friendliness. These themes can engage the customers better. A premium theme can keep customers on the website through a clear presentation of content, seamless navigation and best-in-class graphics and animation.


The free themes are heavy and hence require lots of loading time. They do not have clean, written codes, have multiple of CSS and JS codes and also do not have advanced plug-in compatibility. All these drawbacks result in poor SEO, and your website may fail miserably in search engine rankings if you have a free theme installed on it.

Hence, it is always advised to opt for a professional, original and premium theme. The theme will offer you latest technological features, will have support and will provide for best presentation of business content or blogs.

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