Growth, growth, growth. Any kind of business, mostly the ones in their early phases, strive to further grow, to broaden their brand visibility as well as to gain brand new followers (possibly customers). Growth Hacking is a rock-solid strategy that encompasses Social Media Marketing, Inbound, Content Writing and Influencer Marketing in order to make the most out of these possibilities and to further develop your business. The bottom line is to widen the target audience by diminishing the CPA (Cost per Acquisition) of each client.

The whole process relies upon the usage of Digital tools such as blogs, online platforms, social media or marketing campaign. If you are already pretty familiar with such terminology, you’d probably be aware that each of them has its own specific professional behind the curtains. Luckily, you can now count on a wide array of Marketing tools to pave the way. All of these tools, whose I am going to talk about, will be an invaluable asset to facilitate the daily routine when it comes to take care of Growth Hacking.

1- Qualaroo

Qualaroo is a survey software that will enable you to better and deeper understand your customer’s behavior. Specifically, it will outline what they really want and what is preventing them from closing their purchasing, once and for all. On Qualaroo, you are going to be finding helpful stats and numbers about your target’s needs and patterns along their “buyer’s journey” . You can check the pricing out but it is definitely worthy!

2- CrazyEgg

When it comes to better figure out with high and spotless granularity every single move of your visitors, CrazyEgg is the most dependable tool you can bank upon! No more tedious split tests will be needed, since this awesome tool will let you have a clear overview on how your users interact and engage with your website: eye-tracking systems such as Heat Map, Overlay and Scroll Map will uncover any details about your visitors. The pricing scales up in accordance with your traffic amount but still highly advisable!

3- BuzzSumo

Does your Marketing Strategy leverage extensively Content Marketing? BuzzSumo is a tailored tool to suit your needs. This handy platform will provide you with up-to-the-minute data and statistics about the catchiest content and the most popular influencers around the Web. You are going to be allowed to segment data among different channels and social media. This way it is going to be easier to better tweak and craft the very right content for the right audience!

4- Hubspot

If you are hanging around this sector since a long time, any kind of introduction of Hubspot is quite pointless. This company basically forged the Inbound Marketing strategy and revolutionized the modern-age marketing approach. In a nutshell, this application merge together multiple Web Marketing tools such blogs, social media, CTAs, landing pages and so on, in order to entice the right visitors towards the Brand and then turn them into “Hot Leads”. If you want to delve further, let’s double-check the whole Inbound Marketing process.

5 – Buffer

If you have to juggle between countless Social Media profiles and pages, this is the right tool for you. Buffer will let you conglomerate all of your channels on a single platform. Then, you will be managing all of your activities from the same dashboard and you won’t be frantically logging in and out different pages any longer! Buffer enables you to quickly and comfortably share content across different (or same) Social Media, to scheduling your content for later and to minutely analyze the outcomes. Buffer is a Freemium platform, it means that you will be given free access up to one social profile per each of the main 5 Social Media. The price lifts if you have to deal with more accounts but still very affordable!


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6- Optimizely

Optimizely is the most suitable tool when it comes to maximizing your user’s experience by improving the overall engagement, interaction, and activity resulting in a remarkable conversion rate for your website. This tool will allow you to run effortlessly A/B testing and, as a result, to take meaningful data-driven decisions. As a consequence, you will be gaining loyal and long-lasting customers by developing stable and trusted relationships. At the same time, the whole platform is equipped with a very effective monitoring system to keep up with changes and the most significant KPIs. Let’s choose between different plans!


Are you striving to improve the SEO for your website? SeoQuake is an incredibly foxy tool to taking stock of your current Seo’s status. Through SeoQuake you will cast a broader light on your link-building strategy (both internal and external links), you will be able to perform a well-crafted On page Seo audit as well as comparing domains and URLs.


If Email Marketing is the backbone of your Web Strategy you should give Aweber a try. This Email Marketing platform comprises a wide plethora of functionalities to make your daily tasks lighter: autoresponder, list management, drag and drop editor, subscribers management and segmentation, email tracking tools and applications to automatically integrate your newest blog posts in a newsletter. Aweber is not a freemium-based service (namely you have to pay a little fee even for the lowest plan) : the bright-side is that you will be given the chance to get a free 30-days trial with all the features included!

9- TribeBoost

Are you stuck on Twitter? Would you like to be following the closest and most interesting people for your Brand and market niche? This extraordinary tool will be backing you up into choosing the right people for you. TribeBoost continually monitors Twitter for keywords and hashtags related to your sector. In the end, you will be enabled to further split your audience according to their demographics, the number of followers and tweets or engagement rate. Check out WordPress email marketing plugins and best email marketing software.

And now, what about you? Are you already using all or some of these tools? I would be pleased to know what is your opinion about it and, maybe, you can suggest even more!

A drag and drop tool to make stunning websites in minutes