There is a lot that goes into creating a website, and of course, it takes time and effort. And if you already own a Joomla site, then you would know the importance of having Joomla content editor extensions. Many people think that all content editors are the same, or at least somewhat the same. If this is you, then chances are you are missing out on the best Joomla content editors.

The content editors allow you to add content to your Joomla site without any hassle. Content editors are vital and play an integral part in a website. Therefore, Joomla has given a whole new possibility by giving free space to extension developers to build text content editors.

However, you also need to know that not all Joomla content editors are not created equally. And, the right content editor can take your experience to a whole new level. Therefore, with the optimal tools, you can also improve the user experience on your site. 

In like manner, I have noted and explained some of the best Joomla content editors that improve the functionality of your site. Besides, you can also install multiple Joomla content editors on your site and switch any time. Here, I have discussed in detail the list of best content editors for your Joomla site. So, without any further ado let’s get started.

List of Best Joomla Content Editors

  1. Joomla Content Editor (JCE)
  2. ARK Editor
  3. ReReplacer
  4. Search and Replace
  5. Drop Editor
  6. Easy Output Replacer (EOR)

1. JCE ( Joomla Content Editor ) – Free Download

JEC Content Editor

JCE is one of the oldest content editors for Joomla and has been around since Joomla 1.0. In fact, it is one of the best Joomla content editors that you can come across. Thanks to the seamless integration of the user interface, and classic features. Besides, it is simple to use.

You can download this extension for free which again makes it a great option to consider.

Moreover, with advanced features like file and Link handling, plugin support, advanced images and more, it surely deserves to be on the top of our list. Additionally, you also get to access the admin interface for editors configuration, while using this extension.

With seamless formatting and easy options to upload and edit, the interface becomes super-easy to use. You can also use the extension to create links, articles, categories, weblinks and more. Besides, you can also tab between WYSIWYG, preview modes and various codes.

Features Included:

  • Office-like features and similar functions make it very easy to format
  • Advanced features like upload, delete, cut/copy/paste images, rename, and easily add it into your articles by using an intuitive interface
  • Easily create and add links to categories, articles, contacts, web links to your site by using the link browser
  • Syntax highlighting in HTML edition
  • A quick and simple way to tab between WYSIWYG, Preview modes, and codes
  • Easily create tables, edit styles, format text and other features
  • Lightbox tool for images
  • Integrate browser Spellchecker in the extension and check spellings of the content
  • Fine-grain control over editor layout with editor profile features and more

Main Highlights:

  • Easy control over features
  • Extensive customization
  • Straightforward control panel and helpful features.
  • Comprehensive documentation makes it easier for people to manage content editors

2. ARK Editor – Free Download

ARK Editor

ARK Editor is again one of the best Joomla content editors out there and allows you to opt for inline editing of the content. As a result, you do not have to open the content on a dedicated page to edit the content, simply click on it and go ahead. Besides, the extension is available for free, so what else do you even need?

The extension uses WYSIWYG editor so it makes it very easy to edit the content for you. Moreover, the responsive design of the editor is something that you just cannot miss out on. It is pretty easy to use the extension and you can configure it in just a few simple steps.

Features Included:

  • Inline editing allows you to edit content without needing a special editing screen
  • Image uploader and manager
  • Content versioning
  • Word copy/paste tool
  • Link manager to easily create links to articles, categories and other components
  • Typography package

Main Highlights:

The extension is licensed under General Public License and community resource projects that embody various Joomla projects. Besides, you get a complete out-of-the-box media managing experience. As a result, you can manage media files in an improved way. Also, you can manage the menus on the frontend easily. Overall, it comes with tons of tools that will make working on the frontend easy for you.

3. ReReplacer – Free Download


ReReplacer is a free extension for Joomla that allows you to replace your website output. So, what the extension does is, searches for the text of your pages for a particular search request and replaces it with the given text (for replacement). The entire process of replacement of text on site hardly takes a few seconds. However, the replacement of text is not permanent which means they are done when you request a web page on the Joomla site.

Therefore, it gives you a better hold on your website and the ability to control the output of your site.

Features Included:

  • Use regular expressions to search and replace.
  • Create and customize tags
  • Manipulate the out of your site without having to alter the extension files or core Joomla
  • Filter specific words on your site
  • Ability to hide text temporarily from a site, without removing or replacing it
  • Edit unnecessary whitespaces from the coding section to improve the loading speed of the website and boost the ranking of the Joomla site as well
  • Quickly remove the entire blocks of text simply by typing one word
  • Replace abbreviations on your site with full text
  • Use stats and replace it with a piece of Google Statistic Code
  • Add a footer to a fixed of text under content

Main Highlights:

  • Create your custom-plugin style tags
  • Replacement of text is done in the blink of an eye. The original textor HTML is not altered.
  • Use regular expressions to search and replace.

4. Search & Replace – Paid Download

Search And Replacer

Search and Replace is again one of the best Joomla content editors on the list that comes with a price. The latest update for the extensions works with K2. Moreover, you can easily change external links on every page of the site. Simply search for it and replace it with the new link.

It is a highly responsive extension that allows you to replace the content in the articles in just a flash. In like manner, you can search for any content, HTML, or word and change it with anything you like. The changes are stored directly in the database and as a result, it speeds up the page, by decreasing the loading speed. Using the extension you can easily make searches, add links, replace text, change the spelling, update the bulk content, and do so much more.

Features Included:

  • Search, replace and change the content in the title, introduction, body of text, and more all at the same time.
  • Search for a particular list of pages, and links to view the pages in the browser
  • Replacement of the content does not affect the HTML stored in the template files
  • Directly edit template files to search and replace content in HTML

Main Highlights:

  • Very easy to use and function
  • Extremely powerful extension so make sure to create a backup of your Joomla site
  • Perform multiple searches and replaces at the same time
  • Exceptionally fast
  • Filters can be written in JScript

5. DropEditor – Free Download

Drop Editor

DropEditor brings an amazing content editing experience like never before. Plus, it is available for free. The extension will save you a lot of time as it comes with some of the most amazing in-built features. For example, it comes with a column edition tool that you can use to create your layout which you can also reuse with the help of template tools.

Overall, it provides a unique and powerful experience. Therefore, you can easily create highly responsive and user-friendly web pages. The content editor is designed to provide you with a smooth editing experience and also save you time. With features like column creation tools, lets you easily design the layout. And with the template editor tool, you can easily save and use the layouts in future.

Besides, it is very easy to use the image and file manager, summary and button edition. Moreover, the visual styles, titles and profile edition make it very easy to customize and use the interface. The

Features Included:

  • Dropics image manager allows uploading multiple images, image preview, image thumbnail generation
  • Create image custom size using lightbox in just two clicks
  • Dropfiles file manager upload multiple files and also add downloadable files in the content
  • Easily manage and embed remote videos from YouTube and Vimeo
  • Also, easily manage local videos files and embed videos in the content with a responsive player
  • Manage local sound files and embed them in content with the sound player
  • Create and customize your layout or use a pre-defined template
  • Add summary based on the title of the content
  • Add links to articles, menu, categories, K2 categories and items
  • Choose and add Google fonts to editors
  • JCE editor extension to link the file manager files
  • One-click link edition

Main Highlights:

  • Visual style manager- create your style and load it in the editor
  • It is open-source, so you can download it for free
  • HTML Code coloured
  • Override tool for title style manager
  • Search and replace text code
  • Control editor load by Joomla component

6.Easy Output Replacer – Free Download

EOR-Easy Output Replacer

The Easy Output Replacer allows you to completely remove or replace parts of HTML Output on your site. It allows you to define as many replacement rules as required. Although, the specifications can be restricted to certain pages using the parameters that can be acquired in Debug Mode. As a result, you can apply specific rules once or can apply them to all the searches. Moreover, the search can also be executed in case-sensitive.

The plugin is very easy to use and smoothly replaces the content or edits the unnecessary output. For instance, you can replace or edit CSS files, set links to keywords, update copyright information, CSS files and more.

Features Included:

  • Replace, edit, remove part of the given HTML output
  • No additional plugin needed- it works pretty well and does the job
  • More than enough replacement rules
  • Restrict execution by integrating specific page parameters
  • Obtain parameters easily by using the Debug Mode
  • Apply one or all occurrences

Additional Features:

  • Smooth execution from the backend
  • Case-sensitive search
  • Supports two languages – English and German
  • The extension is free but for support, you do need a subscription

Conclusions – The Best Joomla Content Editors

Content editors do make it easy to run a Joomla site and of course, speed up your workflow. From developers to publishers, content editors strongly connect the entire progress of a site. While some of the content editors are great for experienced professionals, some are specifically designed for beginners.

In this article, I have covered a comprehensive discussion on the best Joomla Content Editors for collaboration, real-time code sharing, and more. Each content editor comes with a unique set of features, price and potential. Therefore, it all comes down to what you want in a content editor and your budget. So, it’s your call now to go through the guide and choose an extension that is the best fit for your Joomla website.

Also, if you have more suggestions or questions, feel free to comment below and I will surely get back to you.