Do you want to improve the appearance and performance of your Joomla Site? Adding a menu to the website allows the visitors to understand what the site is all about. In like manner, this is where the best Joomla menu extensions come into play.

Not to mention, once you install Joomla and create a website with it, the next important thing you need to focus on is adding the menu. 88% of visitors won’t return to a site if they have a bad experience. Of course, the menu of a website plays an important role in how the visitors are utilizing time on the site and what pages or posts they will navigate. Likewise, the menu on a site is where the visitors find important links, pages and more information about your site. It directly affects the traffic, conversion rate and user experience.

Visitors do spend maximum time navigating the menus and the buttons that is why it is important to set off the menu in the best possible way. However, choosing the best Joomla menu extension to enhance menu functionality is not a cinch. So, in this article, I have included top Joomla menu extensions that have the best features and usability. Now, let’s begin with the drill.

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List for Best Joomla Menu Extensions

As the adage goes ‘Your first impression is the last impression – it is the same for a website. To put it differently, the chances of a visitor revisiting a site after a bad experience are very low, so why not provide user with the best user experience. Here is the list of some of the most powerful and feature-rich Joomla menu extensions to choose from.

  1. Maxi Menu CK
  2. Accordeon Menu CK
  3. JUX CSS3 Mega Menu
  4. Jelly Side Menu
  5. Simple Responsive Menu
  6. JUX Mega Menu
  7. Ari Ext Menu
  8. Vertical Menu
  9. Skyline Menu Pro
  10. Responsive Menu

Best Joomla Menu Extentions (Review)

1. Maxi Menu CK (Free)

Joomla Menu Extensions

Maxi Menu CK is a mega menu extension with which you can create a drop-down menu, multiple menus and vertical menu and also add beautiful effects to it. Moreover, you can also organize the menu by using different options and graphic themes as well. Besides, you can add modules inside. And, you can also integrate more than one picture (with or without text). Indeed, this best Joomla menu extension is a must provided it is free to download.

Core Features:

  • MVC structure makes it very easy to override in the template
  • Ability to add multiple rows and columns
  • Can load module in the menu
  • Add a description to every link in the menu
  • Compatible with mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android
  • SEO optimized
  • Compatible with AdsManager like Hikashop, VirtueMart and Joomshopping
  • Add logo in the menu
  • Dropdown with fancy effects

Main Highlights:

  • Fast menu manager
  • Support Joomla 4
  • Dedicated interface to style with the menu along with various colour, borders, instant preview and more options
  • Multiple layouts – native Joomla, dropdown, pushdown, full width, select list
  • Easily accessible

2. Accordeon Menu CK (Free)

accordeon menu

Accordeon Menu CK is again one of the best Joomla menu extensions out there. By the same token what makes this extension one of the best on the list is its features. Indeed, you can easily add descriptions for every menu link and also load any module in the menu frame. Moreover, you can also display text with or without images. Besides, it also includes some amazing effects that can be added to open the sub-menu.

Core Features:

  • MVC design structure
  • The menu can be edited directly into the interface from the module (add title, description of every menu and load any module into the main menu
  • Fade transitions option
  • Multiple usages on the same page
  • Responsive design
  • Graphic themes
  • Compatible with Hikashop, K2, Joomla menu, Joomshopping, VirtueMart
  • Manage and create a design using an instant preview interface.

Main Highlights:

  • Performs seamlessly well
  • Simple to use
  • Compatible with Joomla 4
  • Show article by date and category
  • Fast styling interface
  • SEO Optimization and CSS Compliance

3. JUX CSS3 Mega Menu (Paid)

jux Css3 mega menu

If you want to enhance the navigation on your website and also improve the user experience then JUX CSS3 Mega Menu is a great option as well. Certainly, you can use the extension to showcase content like text, articles, modules and images. Besides, there are tons of other features and backend options that you can use to make your menu section look more aesthetic.

Features like drop-down CSS mega menu can be added horizontally and vertically. Additionally, you can choose from 30+ animation effects and add them to the drop-down menu.

Core Features:

  • Menus can be displayed in different orientations(vertically and horizontally)
  • Customizable
  • 10 pre-styled menu options
  • Fully responsive
  • Select the start level and end level menu
  • Sticky menu option
  • Can change the background colour
  • Top menu background with the flat and gradient option

Main Highlights:

  • Custom CSS available
  • Supports Joomla 4
  • Excellent customer support
  • Easy and quick installation and configuration
  • Well documented

4. Jelly Side Menu (Paid)

jelly slider menu


Jelly Side Menu is a great Joomla menu extension that you just cannot miss. One of the most interesting features of the extension is that it allows you to link internal pages and external pages to your site as per the requirement.

Core Features:

  • Easily navigate left to right on your site
  • Hover it to display the icons and click on it to go to the link
  • Display 1 to 7 menu and control it from the admin interface
  • Ability to extend up to 10 menus
  • Change the colour for the border and background using the admin panel
  • Integrate social media icons like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and others
  • Smooth Jquery effect with impressive style

Main Highlights:

  • Responsive behaviour
  • Supports Joomla 4
  • Link internal and external pages
  • Highly professional support

5. Simple Responsive Menu (Free)

simple responsive menu

A Simple Responsive Menu is a replacement for a vertical menu. On a larger screen, you simply cannot differentiate from the basic Joomla menu. While. On a smaller screen, the vertical menu is not visible, while the select list menu is shown. Moreover, you can configure the screen and see where the switch takes place, and where to position the select list menu.

For a fact, vertical menus do not function well on mobile. Therefore, Simple Responsive Menu is a great way to make your vertical menu function on mobile and improve the responsiveness of the Joomla site on mobile.

Core Features:

  • Easily configure the width of the screen
  • Option for select list menu
  • Add drop list replacement
  • Enhance responsiveness of the vertical menu

Main Highlights

  • Fast and simple to use
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Compatible with Joomla 4
  • Excellent performance

6. JUX Mega Menu (Paid)

Joomla Menu Extension jux mega menu

JUX Mega Menu for VirtueMart is the most used in eCommerce websites or extensive sites, mega menus are becoming quite popular. Not to mention, mega menus do make a website look cleaner and provides a better user experience. With this in mind, JUX mega menu is perfectly designed for the Joomla website. In fact, it is one of the best Joomla menu extensions for large scale websites.

With this menu extension, you can add text, images and even modules to the main or sub-menu. It works perfectly well with Joomla 3.x.

Core Features:

  • Multiple layouts along with colour options that best suit your templates
  • Flexibility to showcase the menu and its performance
  • Fully controllable in the backend
  • Compatible with mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android
  • Supports all of the major web browsers
  • Create and customize the layout
  • Supports multiple types of content
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Modern sticky menu option

Main Highlights:

  • Supports Joomla 4
  • Multiple types of content can be added
  • Best user experience
  • Professional source codes – XHTML 1.0 transitional, CSS validates, Valid 508 accessibility

7. Ari Ext Menu (Free)

Joomla Menu Extensions ari ext menu

The Ari Ext Menu is again one of the best Joomla menu extensions on our list that one just cannot ignore. Indeed, the menu extension is highly customizable and you can use it to add horizontal and vertical menu directions, and also 2 transitional effects. Additionally, the Ari Ext also has so many other features that enhance the responsiveness of the menu on a Joomla site. Moreover, it also supports Joomla 3.0.

Core Features:

  • Add horizontal and vertical menu direction
  • Use a multi-level menu on your Joomla site
  • Define the start and end of a menu
  • Compatible with all the browsers
  • Can be translated into three languages that are English, Spanish, and Slovak

Main Highlights:

  • Highly customizable and easy to install
  • Open source under GNU GPL license
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Fully responsive

8. Vertical Menu (Paid)

vertical menu

Vertical Menu is again one of the best paid Joomla menu extensions that can be easily customized according to your requirements. Notably, it offers an impressive and easy to use admin interface. Besides, it is completely responsive and as a result, looks amazing on every device. Coupled with, valid HTML code allows search engines to index the website in the best way.

Besides, features like customizable themes, SEO friendly, predefined colour options, Google fonts and transition builder are few features that you just can’t ignore. Along with these features, this Joomla extension supports touch gestures and multiple layouts, which further improves the responsiveness of the site.

Core Features:

  • Supports Joomla 2.5, 3.x
  • Add vertical menu with different navigation – slide menu, drop-down, expanded menu, accordion menu, tree menu
  • Customizable logo and module position
  • Beautiful in-built filters
  • Supports all of the major browsers
  • 100% responsive
  • JavaScript and CSS can be added in the backend of the vertical menu
  • Resizable menu (change the size/crop the menu)
  • Add a description for each category the vertical menu
  • SEO Optimized
  • Change font size, style and you can also use Google fonts

Main Highlights:

  • Powerful API functions
  • GPU accelerated and 3D animations
  • Supports other components like Hikashop, Joomshopping, EasyBlog, Mijoshop, redSHOP

9. Skyline Menu Pro (Paid)

skyline menu

Skyline Menu Pro is again one of the best Joomla menu extensions that allow you to create highly functional and clean menus. The extension has a powerful interface and provides a seamless navigation menu through the drop-down menu. Likewise, the extension is user-friendly and provides a beautiful design and structure that matches the site.

Core Features:

  • Compatible with Joomla 2.5, Joomla 3 and higher versions
  • You can set the start and end level of the menu using the module. Besides, you can also select whether or not to show the submenu
  • Supports other plugins like CSS3 Mega, Mega Menu, JQuery Slide, JQuery Accordion, Mootools Accordion
  • Add multi-level sub-menus
  • Add suffix to the CSS class of menu items
  • Mootools dropdown menu – 5 animation effects, 9 beautiful themes, 31 animation transition, add custom CSS code
  • CSS3 dropdown menu – custom 21 preset colours, add custom CSS code

Key Highlights:

  • Highly responsive
  • Good documentation
  • Multi-level submenu

Must-Have Features in the Best Joomla Menu Extensions

The aforementioned list of best Joomla menu extensions is highly responsive and great to use. However, how do you know which one to pick from the list? Here are some of the features that you need to look for while selecting the menu extensions to enhance the menu functionality of the Joomla website.

  • Menu Styles

The Joomla mega module tries to add diversification to the mega menu style of a Joomla website. The extension you choose must fit perfectly with the style and theme of your site.

  • Responsive Design

The responsiveness of a website is one of the crucial aspects. Therefore, the extension must be able to add menus in a way that fits best on different screen sizes.

  • Horizontal and Vertical Orientation

The best Joomla menu extensions should provide horizontal and vertical orientation option. Later, you can choose what fits perfectly in the layout.

  • Compatibility

Just like responsiveness, compatibility is a crucial factor in Joomla menu extensions. Make

  • Easy Configuration

The configuration is one of the major factors that Joomla users need to look at. The easier the configuration of the Joomla module, the more the users are interested. Choose an extension that can be easily customized.

  • Creative Effects

Effects are again a great attribute that you need in the best Joomla menu extension. It not only improves the visual effect but also keeps the user hooked.


Final Words – Best Joomla Menu Extensions

Adding Joomla extensions is a great way to improve the functionality as well as the responsiveness of a site. With so many menu extensions out there it can be quite overwhelming to pick the right one for your website. However, not when you know the best ones in the field. Although selecting the best Joomla menu extensions depends on different factors, you can surely get a clear idea from the aforementioned list. You may also read about Joomla membership extensions , Joomla download manager extensions and Joomla rating and review extensions. Also, check out our free Joomla templates to make your site Joomla website look even more stunning.

Were you able to find the best Joomla menu extension for your website? Did I miss out on any? Then let me know in the comment section below.