Are you thinking about which are the best Joomla membership extensions and which one would fit best for your site? Well, then you are here at the right place. If you want to add membership plans on your site for different products then picking the right membership extension is crucial. The membership extension help you supervise the subscription, payment, and possibly everything related to the membership plans and subscriptions. The membership extension allows you to create, expand the members while also giving access to fresh content to these members. But, how does having a membership on your website boost the traffic on your Joomla?

  • Helps create an email list as it is an effective email marketing trick to boost click rate.
  • Share information, latest updates, and free content to build loyal followers.
  • Charge for access to members-only content.

However, when it comes to the best quality Joomla membership extensions you need to be very selective and careful. There are tons of membership plugins out there but each is designed differently. So, in this post, I am going to take you through the list of best Joomla Membership extensions, so that you get the best of both worlds.

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List of Best Joomla Membership Extensions to Build a Strong Community

  1. Membership Pro
  2. OS Simple Membership
  3. Emerald
  4. RS Membership
  5. Subscription Manager
  6. Gym Membership
  7. PayPlans
  8. PayPal Subscription Pro
  9. Smart Subscription

Best Joomla Membership Extensions (Review)

1. Membership Pro

Joomla Membership Extensions Pro
Membership Pro
is one of the best Joomla membership extensions on the list which comes with some of the most powerful and amazing set of features. But the best part about the extension is that it is very easy and flexible to use. In like manner, it has some amazing features like easy add subscription plans, handles subscription, and also allows subscribers to view restricted resources or paid content. Moreover. Membership Pro has a very clean and intuitive layout, with 100% responsiveness, and is compatible with all browsers.

Standout Features:

  • Create/add free and paid subscription plans
  • Customize the subscription plan that is you can decide the time for which plan or subscription expires (based on days, time, weeks, months, or lifetime subscription)
  • Add categories to the subscription plan
  • Clean, intuitive, and responsive layout
  • Customize the subscription form
  • Flexible renewal options for subscription plans
  • Flexible upgrade option so that subscribers can upgrade to different membership plans at any time
  • Supports 50+ payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Eway, and others
  • Get powerful email notifications. Also, customize the email messages as required
  • Add group/family membership plans
  • Easily add subscribers to Joomla groups. Also, configure these groups for various subscription plans
  • Restrict access to restricted resources on the site for different subscribers
  • Supports third-party extensions like JomSocial, Easy Social, Community Builder. Mailchimp and others

Why should you choose Membership Pro?

The extensions come with quite a lot of features and addons so it is definitely worth the money and the hype. Moreover, the detailed comprehensive documentation makes it easier for beginners and well non-techie to use the extension. All in all, this extension is simply stunning. But, you do need to pay for it, i.e. $39.99, but the extension is definitely a complete value for money.

2. OS Simple Membership

Joomla Membership Extensions Os

As its name suggests, the OS Simple membership extension is very easy to use and flexible on handling subscriptions and membership plans on the Joomla site. Additionally, it also allows you to restrict access to the subscribers, send email notifications, and much more. By using a Os simple membership extension you can create rules to access any Joomla content,  user profiles, synchronize Joomla users and Simple membership users, and much more. You can also customize HTML to show the layout for subscription plans.

Standout Features:

  • Very easy to install
  • Handy backend dashboard
  • Easily synchronize Joomla users and Simple Membership users
  • Edit membership listing
  • Create/edit/approve.disapprove subscribers
  • Display subscription plans by customizing HTML layouts just the way you like
  • Handle and edit email notification system
  • Enable Vehicle Manager Plugin

Why Choose OS Simple Membership Extension?

If you are looking for an extremely simple and responsive Joomla membership extension, then this plugin does the job. Besides, it allows you to synchronize Joomla data with the membership users along with so many additional features. You can install joomla extension for free but for additional features, you may have to upgrade to a premium plan. There are two plans- the Pro Plan starts at $29 while the Developer Membership Plan starts at $259.

3. Emerald

Joomla Membership Extensions Emerald

Emerald is again a powerful and easy-to-use Joomla membership extension that makes it convenient for you to handle the members and subscribers. One of the most peculiar highlights about this extension is that it allows you to restrict any section or action without having to integrate any additional component. Besides, Emerald has some of the most flexible plans to offer. Moreover, you can also create coupons, percentage discounts, and also customize the coupon in different ways. Therefore, you can create different types of promotions specific to particular members, which ultimately boosts sales.

Standout Features:

  • Edit/customize the subscription period for example you can set up the start and end date of the subscription, limit the time users can purchase the subscription, and more
  • Create discounts for first plan purchase
  • Supports payments gateways like PayPal, RBK, Webmoney, Google checkout, and more
  • Upgrade from one plan to another
  • Create and customize coupon discounts
  • Allow Multi-User Access with a limited number of users
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Extensive dashboard

Why Choose Emerald?

First of all, Emerald is one of the most advanced Joomla membership extensions. Along, with the features mentioned above, it also offers analytics that is HTML/CSS/Javascript-based reporting system that allows you to check important data along with Google e-Commerce analytics which is great for search engine optimization. So if you are looking for an extension with an advanced set of features then Emerald is surely worth considering.

4. RS Membership

Rs Membership

RS Membership is again one of the best Joomla membership extensions on the list that gives you complete control over the subscribers. As a result, the extension allows you to easily control different kinds of memberships, customer transactions, and share files, folders, Joomla articles and more based on the membership. Besides, it also has features to share K2 items, FlexiContent, ZOO, and iDevAffiliate. The extension provides easy access to the admin section area which makes it easy to permit and restrict users to a particular type of content or category. It is compatible with the Joomla 3.x version, so in case you need to install the extension make sure to check the version and if needed update Joomla.

Standout Features:

  • Powered by Bootstrap
  • Different membership options
  • Add categories for a different group of members under various membership plans
  • Global custom fields
  • Replace Joomla registration form with RS Membership subscription form
  • Customize and edit multiple emails for each membership plan
  • Set up discounts and coupons through percentage or fixed price
  • Supports major payment gateways like PayPal, 2Checkout and more

Why Choose RS Membership?

One of the main highlights that make RS Membership one of the best Joomla Membership Extensions is that it is powered by bootstrap. Besides, features like custom fields per membership, anti-spam, one-page checkout are worth every penny. The RS Membership extension has three plans to offer:

  • Single Website Plan – $58.66
  • Multiple Website Plan – $140.83 – for 6 months
  • Multiple Website Plan – $199.50 – 1 year

5. Subscription Manager

Subscription extention

Subscription is again an easy way of providing paid subscription membership feature on your Joomla site. As a result, you can restrict and permit access to various subscription plans and memberships. For example, you can add a link on your website, thus you can create a subscription plan so users who subscribe to the plan can only access the link. Subscription extension is compatible with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x. Additionally, you also get a payment log system and a PayPal transaction tracking system.

Standout Features:

  • Easily handles subscription plans, with the extension create new subscription plans, edit old subscriptions, delete plans and customize it according to the need
  • Also, set the price and duration for each subscription plan
  • Recurring subscription
  • Set trial duration and pricing for each subscription
  • Handles subscription members
  • Easily renew and upgrade plans
  • Permit and restrict website resources access to various articles, links, categories, images, and more for different subscription plans
  • Automate the process of selling subscriptions and creating an account

Why Choose this?

It is a great membership extension for Joomla websites. Since it is user-friendly and easy to use it is a perfect option for someone with no coding experience and offers a trial subscription. Moreover, the extension has a complete manual so in case of any issue or doubt you can refer to it any time.

Bonus Joomla Membership Extensions

6. Gym Membership

Gym Membership

If you own a gym then you would know how difficult it is to supervise the list of members and their subscriptions. That is where the Gym Membership extension comes in handy. The extension allows you to control gym classes, trainers, members, and much more in a convenient way. The Gym Membership extension allows you to embed a simple floating widget that allows you to supervise the class calendar, schedule of classes, login, membership checkouts, and more.

Standout Features:

  • Integrate monthly class calendar and also add the class details
  • Add login area with member’s dashboard to the site to update payment details
  • Add the schedule of classes to your website
  • As soon as, a member signs up a QR-barcode it is automatically generated as a member
  • Add your cascading style sheet
  • Automatically charge members so the chosen time frame and with number of recurring payments
  • Keep a track of the payments and pending payments.

Why Choose Gym Membership?

This is a perfect extension for someone who owns a gym center website. The extension is designed to ease up things for you especially when it comes to supervising the membership plans of the gym members and also keeping a track of the payments. This extension is perfect for supervising gym members and different categories and is available for free.

7. PayPlans


Are you looking for the best Joomla membership extension for an eCommerce site? Well, then PayPlans is the best-suited option to help you sell the business and run an online store. The extension is an open-source membership software that allows you to effectively handle everything – from subscribers to the personal details of every user. With this extension, you get to know important numbers and data that you would need about your subscribers and users for betterment. Besides, you can also create a different range of subscriptions and membership plans with this extension.

Standout Features:

  • Important data and statistics to analyze the subscribers is generated through the extension
  • A user-friendly dashboard allows users to the subscriptions and access their personal information
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Flexible subscriptions to create and analyze subscription plans
  • Powerful and highly customizable subscription plans
  • Supports major payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Bitpay, Alipay, and more
  • Supports third-party integrations like Mailchimp, JomSocial, EasyBlog, and more
  • Effectively handle users using powerful tools that enable easy supervision of the custom details, download requests, and more
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly designs

Why Choose PayPlans?

Without any doubt, PayPlans is the best Joomla membership extension for eCommerce sites. Moreover, it offers additional features like a micro subscription, one-click updater, email notifications, and more. Besides, it offers a smooth interface along with account registration integration. Notably, PayPlans is not free and offers two plans- The PayPlans Pro Starts at $99 while PayPlans Developers starts at $299.

8. PayPal Subscription Pro

Paypal Subscription Pro

PayPal subscription is another good Joomla membership extension that we just cannot miss out on this list. You can use the extension for the membership packages and plans, with customization options like delete, edit or block expired subscriptions. The extension gives you complete control over the subscription plan of the users.

Standout Features:

  • Quick and easy to setup
  • Create multiple subscription packages
  • Automatically create a user account upon subscription. On the other hand, on the expiration of the subscription the user account deletes automatically
  • The user information is directly accessed from PayPal, so no registration is required
  • Robust security
  • Use multiple subscription levels
  • The subscribers can upgrade their subscription plan at any time
  • Define your email template
  • Easily head user subscription
  • Define the images for the subscription button

Why Choose PayPal Subscription Pro?

PayPal Subscription Pro is a great extension that allows you to automate PayPal subscriptions on your Joomla site. It is simple to use, simply install the Joomla extension (it hardly takes 5 minutes to complete the setup) and you are good to go.

9. Smart Subscription

Smart Subscription

Last on our best Joomla membership extensions like is Smart Subscription which is available for free. It is a great extension to permit and restrict articles, resources, modules, and more for various users based on the subscription. The extension is very easy to install and needs minimum setup. The extension can be easily integrated with an on-button click.

Standout Features:

  • Offers free and paid subscriptions
  • Add subscription expiration time and change settings for each subscription account
  • Easily assign the subscription to Joomla users through the administrator
  • Flexible discounts for individual subscriptions
  • Send email notification to users upon subscription changes or for offline payments
  • Supports third party registration for K2 and Community Builder
  • Overridable email templates
  • 2 in-built layout options that can be overridden in templates

Why Choose Smart Subscriptions?

The Smart Subscription is a free Joomla membership extension that is super easy to install. It is very easy to control membership plans and subscriptions using the Smart Subscription extension. Additionally, users can add smart subscription scope in just one click. The extension possibly includes everything you need to start a membership plan on a website, with more payment methods and add-ons.

Which Joomla Membership Extension to Choose?

Are you overwhelmed with the list of best Joomla membership extensions mentioned above? But, do not worry, there are a few nitty-gritty points that you need to note while choosing the best Joomla membership extensions.

  • Ease of Use

Well, if you do not have much knowledge about coding and are not a techie then ease of use should be the first criteria on your list. Every extension is designed differently so it functions differently as well. Many extensions come with a handful of features. But many times the user interface may be full of features that you will probably never even need. However, there are many extensions out there that only have necessary features and won’t affect the user interface. Moreover, if you need additional features you can easily install the add ons.

  • Designs and Features

Joomla membership extensions come with various customizable prizing page templates and additional features to make your site look simply out-of-the-box. Note the important features that you require in the membership extension and make sure the extension you pick fulfills the criteria.

  • Compatibility

Before installing any membership extensions make sure of their compatibility with the Joomla site. Check the requirements and make sure to check the Joomla version requirements for the particular extension.

Best Joomla Membership Extensions Compared (2022)

Key Difference Membership Pro OS Simple Membership Emerald RS Membership Subscription 
Current Version 2.25.1 7.0.0 9.408 1.22.24 3.1.2
Comprises Component, Module, Plugin Component, Module, Plugin Plugin, Component Component, Module, Plugin Plugin, Component
Compatibility J3, J4 J3, J4 Yes, J3 J3 J3
Type Paid Free Paid Yes, Paid Paid
Ease of Use Very Easy Very Easy Moderate Moderate Easy

Final Words – Best Joomla Membership Extensions

Well, that is it. This is the final list of the 9 best Joomla membership extensions that you can find out there. All these extensions are powerful and feature-rich to help you create a membership plan on your Joomla website. The extensions are easy to set up, flexible, and highly responsive. Integrated with major payment gateways and third-party plugins, every extension had unique features and functions to offer. So, make sure to check out these extensions in detail and make the best choice for your site. If you have any questions or doubts, then do mention them in the comment section below. There are also Joomla rating and review extensions.  Also, check out our free Joomla templates to make your site Joomla website look even more stunning.