If you are looking for the best Joomla question & answers extensions for your site, this guide is a must-read for you. The role of question and answers in improving the overall Joomla website performance is crucial. In this guide, I will walk you through some of the best Joomla question & answers extensions, their pros and cons, and the benefits of including them on your website. So, let’s get busy!

Joomla is one of the top-notch open-source content management systems we have. When you create a website using the Joomla content management system, you are open to leverage the benefits to boost your business. And adding questions & answers to your Joomla website is an effective method to build an online community and strong connections with users. However, the Joomla question & answers extensions are designed to integrate the feature similar to a forum to your Joomla site. These Joomla extensions are highly useful and help you drive traffic to your website.

However, not all Joomla question & answers extensions would perform the way you expect them to. You need to select the one that can serve your business needs. That’s why I have selected some of the best Joomla question & answers extensions for you. You can quickly go through their pros and cons and decide which extension is best suitable according to your needs and requirements. Although, these Joomla extensions have been around many years from now and they work flawlessly to let people know about the answers they are looking for. However, have in mind that answering the questions successfully may take a lot of time and effort, but often the returns are encouraging in the long run.

So, let’s quickly go through the best Joomla Question & Answer Extensions now.

Best Joomla Question & Answers Extensions (Free/Paid)

1. Community Answers (Paid Extension)

Community Answers

Community Answers is one of the highly-rated Joomla extensions. This Joomla extension offers you fantastic features that can work perfectly for any community discussion website. No matter if you are having a question & answer site, knowledge base, discussion portal, technical support system, you can freely use this Joomla extension and make a strong impression on your audiences. However, the fundamental requirement for any community website is to provide the exact answers to the questions their users are asking. That too in the same manner in which users have asked them. Since there are many benefits of using Joomla for creating a website, having a powerful extension will double the impact. However, it is a paid Joomla extension that comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Striking Features

  • Community Answers provide support for unlimited nested categories to manage your users well.
  • There are features with the help of which you can display user activities.
  • The Joomla site admin can easily manage the tags taking the help of Ajax-enabled buttons.
  • It comes with several social features to make your question & answers more interesting. They are
    • Activity Stream
    • Avatar Support
    • Badges System
    • Sharing
    • Profiles
  • It fully supports the WYSIWYG editor for a better answering experience.


  • Community Answers is fully responsive in nature.
  • It also facilitates you to trade points for the best answers.
  • It offers you an advanced search attribute to help users find questions with an array of options.


  • Community Answers does not have a free plan.

2. Questions (Free Extension)


Questions is another strong competitor in the Joomla question & answer extensions arena. This free Joomla extension is loaded with numerous efficacious attributes to strengthen your relationship with your clients via healthy questions and answers sessions. It also provides support for Gravatars as well. However, keep in mind that before making avatars live, you are required to manage the permissions for guests as well as users. Also, you need to save the configuration settings as well which are available under the top right option.

Striking Features

  • Questions, Joomla extension comes with ACL support.
  • You will get email notifications for all the user activities.
  • Admin has the complete power to either block or unblocks the users.
  • It comes with an integrated search option.
  • You may include a vote up and down option for your users.


  • Questions, Joomla extension support Gravatars.
  • It provides support for jomsocial too.
  • You will get a fantastic pointing and ranking system that can be modified at the backend.


  • It has ended providing support for Joomla 2.5 and below versions.

3. EasyDiscuss (Paid Extension)

Easy Discuss

EasyDiscuss is a powerful Joomla forum extension. It lets you build an effective forum or a question & answer community on your Joomla site without a hitch. EasyDiscuss makes it way simpler to have a full-fledged discussion over a certain topic. When you have a discussion forum or any question & answer community on your website, you help people to share their insights. And this is what search engines like the most about any website. This Joomla extension beautifully manages customer inquiries, builds credibility, helps you engage users in multiple conversations, improves customer loyalty, utilizes user experience to create better strategies, and more. It is a fully responsive Joomla extension with various useful features.

Striking Features

  • EasyDiscuss beautifully blends into the Joomla template.
  • It lets you have the privilege to post your tickets and discussions anonymously.
  • You can also have private discussions if you want.
  • It comes loaded with advanced access control to manage your categories.
  • It gives you live notifications in real-time for better management.


  • EasyDiscuss comes with a built-in conversation system.
  • It gives you a user-friendly toolbar to manage, search, and sort discussions.
  • You can have auto-share discussions on Facebook, Twitter, and more.


  • It does not include any free plan to use.

Bonus Joomla Question & Answer Extensions

4. SIMAnswers (Paid Extension)

Sim Answers

SIMAnswers is an absolute question & answer solution for Joomla. If you have ever used Yahoo Answers for your Joomla site, you would definitely like this extension. It comes with a truckload of attributes that can give you even more functional questions & answers segment on your website. It is a fully responsive plugin that means your users can freely use it on their mobile devices as well. With its strong and operational features, not only can SIMAnswers be used as a Question & Answer solution. In fact, it can also be used as a forum or a support ticket system too.

Striking Features

  • SIMAnswers is an entirely responsive Joomla extension.
  • It provides complete support for Bootstrap 2 and 3.
  • It has a user-friendly interface to work with.
  • You can create distinct types of custom fields for questions and answers.
  • You can give comments or can rate the questions & answers with ease.


  • SIMAnswers offers you several preferences to choose from.
  • There are highly configurable categories as well as sub-categories to use.
  • It notifies you via customized emails.


  • SIMAnswers has not been updated for the last three years.

So, the list of the best Joomla question & answer extensions ends right here. All the options are fully functional and capable of providing a super easy question & answer experience to both you as well as your users.

Why Do We Need Joomla Question & Answer Extensions?

Certainly, content present on your site fuels the fire of information. Whatever you want to give to your users, be it service, product, or any form of information, you need powerful content to present it. However, merely writing plain words won’t be effective. You need to present your everything in some interesting manner or in the format that people are searching in.

And what else can be a better form than having some question & answer on your site? It’s not only about the content but also the answers you provide to your users. To make it clearer for you, I would take the help of the ‘People also ask’ (PAA) box. It is an initiative by Google to provide you with a featured snippet consisting of ‘rich answers’ displaying at the top of results. However, these answers are related to some specific questions or phrases that are searched by the users. Indeed, the position of the featured snippets and PAA boxes on the search pages affect the search results. Interestingly, the best part is, your website does not have to be part of the top organic positions to achieve rich answer status.

So, all-in-all dedicating a specific area of your website for questions & answers only makes sense. While the Joomla question & answer extensions reviewed above are capable of delivering the desired results. Do try them.

Happy Question & Answer!

Best Joomla Question & Answers Extensions – In Conclusion

So, this is it! Now, you know the best question & answer Joomla extensions to add to your website. We all know how important it is to keep your Joomla optimized for search engines. It is a well-known fact that when it comes to search engine optimization and search engine marketing, you can not overlook the power of the content. Content is the king anyway. You find and engage your target audience with content. You provide them the information that they are looking for and they come back again and again because of the valuable information you provide them. That’s the power of content.

When you allow your users to ask questions, you are actually giving them the opportunity to explore what they want to know, instead of telling them what to do. Thus, having a question & answer section on your site will be really helpful for your growth. This may also help you to improve Joomla website performance by including information that people are actually interested in. so, what are you waiting for? Have a question and answer segment for your Joomla website too. You can choose any of the above-mentioned Joomla question & answer extensions and start today. And if you stumble anywhere, feel free to leave me a message in the comments below. I will provide you the solution as soon as possible.