With over 1600 WordPress contact form plugins to choose from, you could easily get confused and overwhelmed. What would really help is if there was an objective comparison of the top WordPress contact form plugins. Luckily for you, that’s what this article is all about. Here at Templatetoaster WordPress website builder let’s look at the strengths and weakness of the top five WordPress contact form plugins to help you know which one suits you best.

List of the Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

  1. Contact Form 7
  2. Ninja Forms
  3. Fast Secure Contact Form
  4. Contact form maker
  5. Ultimate form lite

Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins in detail

1. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin

With over 1 million active installations, this plugin is a preferred form creator for many WordPress users. Contact Form 7 plugin has received at least 828 5-star reviews from satisfied users. When you install contact form 7, it adds a new menu to your dashboard called contact.

To create a new WordPress contact form, just click on the contact menu from your dashboard and create a form from the resulting input area. You will see a predefined template which you can use as is, tweak it a little bit, or even ignore it and create your own form from scratch.


WordPress Contact form plugin is relatively easy to use. Even newbies can conveniently use the provided template and have a functional form on their website in just a few clicks. Secondly, this plugin is free to use on as many websites as you please.


Like all other free plugins, support for Contact form 7 is limited. There is no guarantee of getting a speedy response to bug reports and any other support ticket. Secondly, contact form 7 relies on a number of third-party plugins that extend its functionality and most of these plugins are commercial. The official Contact Form 7 website does not also list the supported third-party plugins so it might not be easy to locate them.

2. Ninja Forms -Best WordPress Contact Form Plugin

Ninja Forms Contact Form WordPress Plugin

Ninja Forms is another popular contact plugin with over 1 million active installations and at least 603 5 star reviews from users. This free WordPress Contact form plugin is arguably the best solution for those that are looking for more functionality in the contact forms. For instance, Ninja forms plugin can be used to create surveys, subscription forms and all manner of forms.

The plugin adds a forms menu that you can use to access the settings page from where you can easily drag and drop various form template fields to make your forms. You can then use the shortcodes generated to place the form(s) anywhere on your website.


Ninja Forms has an easy to use interface that allows users to easily drag and drop to create highly functional forms. Secondly, apart from only notifying the admin when a new email is received, Ninja forms can also notify the user that the email they sent has been sent successfully.


Even though Ninja forms is a freemium plugin, there are a number of important third-party plugins that are purely commercial. It costs anything from $19-$499 to have full premium access.

3. Fast Secure Contact Form

Fast Secure Contact Form WordPress Plugin

The fast secure contact form has over 400,000 active installs and a 5-star rating from at least 436 users. Fast Secure Contact Form plugin makes it easy to add advanced contact forms on your website. Once you install this WordPress Contact form plugin, a submenu item will be added under plugins called FS Contact form that you can use to access the settings page for the plugin.

To get started, click on the basic settings tab and you will see a shortcode that you can insert where you want to display the form. Inserting this code without making any changes will yield a basic contact form that has a captcha for preventing spam. If you need more fields, like say an attach file option, just navigate back to the settings page and add the fields you need.


This plugin is pretty easy to configure and use considering the complex forms that it can generate. The form also has a captcha code that can help keep those annoying spam emails at bay. It is also free so you can use it on as many installations as you want.


Even though it is easy to use the plugin to generate functional contact forms, the forms generated are not aesthetically appealing. The user support for the plugin is also wanting, although this is understandable because the plugin is free.

4. Contact Form Maker

Contact Form Maker Contact Form WordPress Plugin

Contact form maker is a relatively easy to use form builder that even users with little or no programming knowledge can use to make great contact forms. The plugin has over 70,000 active installs with at least 61 5-star reviews.

The settings page of the plugin is user-friendly which means the user can make important modifications without the need of code-level changes.Pros


WordPress Contact form plugin has multilingual support and the developers promise to add more languages upon the request of the user. It is also easy to integrate Google maps and captcha / ReCaptcha in the form.Cons


A number of important features like front end submission and upload fields are only available in the premium version.

5. Ultimate Form Lite – WordPress Contact Form Plugin

Ultra Form Lite Contact Form WordPress Plugin

Ultimate form lite plugin has been installed over 50,000 times and has an average of 4.7 stars rating from all the users who reviewed the plugin. You can access the plugin dashboard by clicking the forms menu.

There are six predefined templates that you can use as it is or edit to meet your unique needs. WordPress Contact form plugin has a drag and drop builder which makes the process of making contact forms pretty easy.


Ultimate form lite comes with six great looking templates that you can use to make aesthetically appealing forms for your website. The free version also allows you to create an unlimited number of forms with. The forms also have an inbuilt captcha system to prevent spam entries.


Multistep forms are only available in the premium version. The form only supports English and Swedish and lacks support for other common languages. Also, the multi-step layout is not very good looking.

Bonus: TemplateToaster

templatetoaster contact form for wordpress

Themes designed in TemplateToaster offers an advance built-in Contact Form! You can easily configure this contact from within the WordPress Admin Dashboard under theme options on the go! Options to add or remove fields like name, email, custom field etc are all there, moreover, you can modify its appearance within TemplateToaster.


It is a breeze to design new custom WordPress themes in this software, it offers hundreds of ready to use themes to modify in addition to “start from scratch” option. You can insert the contact form provided by TemplateToaster anywhere on the website and add/remove the fields very easily from WordPress admin.


You need to go back to TemplateToaster WordPress theme builder and website builder software if you need to redesign your WordPress contact form.

Best Drag and Drop Interface to Design stunning WordPress Themes and integrate Contact Forms on the go!

Which WordPress Contact Form Plugin you use ?

I hope I have shed some light on the top WordPress Contact form plugins. If you are still unsure about which one is best for you, you can install each of them for a test drive and pick the one that best suits you. Let’s discuss in comments if you have some more good suggestions.