There are numerous things that call for your attention while creating a website. One of them is having a contact form. It can enhance your site’s credibility to a great level. Having a WordPress site is no less than a boon but if you are not sure how to include WordPress contact form, that probably can be the area of concern. But here in this article, I will show you how to do that flawlessly.

As we know communication plays a significant part in development, be it personal or professional. And when you own a website it becomes even important to give your users the easy way to contact you whenever they want. However, the basic purpose of a website is to attract new visitors and keep them engaged for as long as possible. And giving them an opportunity to contact you can add up to your success. Thus, adding a WordPress contact form will be undoubtedly beneficial to you.

In this article, you will learn how easily you can get a fully-functional WordPress contact form up and running on your WordPress website. Furthermore, you will learn about the benefits of adding a contact form to your site and other related aspects to the WordPress contact form.

Why Do You Require to Include WordPress Contact Form?

You might be wondering why do you need a WordPress contact form or do you actually need one or not. However, there are plenty of best contact form WordPress plugins available in the market to choose from. But having a clear understanding of the need of the WordPress contact form will give you the great start. There are pretty good reasons to add a WordPress contact form to your site rather than placing plainly your email address. These are:

Reachability: WordPress contact form is an easy way to allow your users to quickly contact you.

Protection against spam emails: Soon after you post your email address on the web, you start to receive a lot of spam emails. And that’s where contact form comes to rescue. It gives a visitor a chance to get in touch with you, without having you to disclose your email address online.

Relevant Information: When you provide a contact form it automatically cuts the flow of useless information to and for. With a WordPress contact form, you actually inform the user what type of information you are asking for.

I am sure these reasons are convincing enough to include a WordPress contact form to your site. Moving ahead, let’s now take a look at how to add a contact form in WordPress. I will show you two ways to do it. First, the traditional way (the plugin way) and second is via TemplateToaster (the easy way).

How to Add WordPress Contact Form

Method 1: Install a Plugin

There is an array of free and premium WordPress plugins available which offers you tons of features. I have picked up Contact Form 7 here. It is available in the WordPress repository for free and has been one of the prevailing plugins of all times.

1: Login to your WordPress dashboard (back-end/Admin).

2: Go to Plugins → Add New and now you have to search for Contact Form 7 here.

3: On finding click on ‘Install’ and then click on ‘Activate’ This way the plugin will be installed and will be ready to use.

4: Click on the ‘Contact’ from the WordPress dashboard, present at the left side menu. However, Contact Form 7 is preconfigured with a single form ready to set up. If you wish to use this basic form then simply copy the code at the top of the form. While the address where the email is sent to can be changed from the ‘Mail’ segment under the ‘To:’ heading.

Add a contact form in wordpress with plugin

Method 2: Add WordPress Contact Form Using TemplateToaster

Those who are already using TemplateToaster WordPress Theme Builder are aware of its powerful features and the pool of themes with advanced functionality. TemplateToaster website builder software is a complete solution for your website development needs. It is a desktop-based software which can be downloaded on your local machine. It offers you unlimited trial to test its efficacy. While designing a WordPress website or a theme with TemplateToaster you will see an option to add contact form in your website. Choose the option to create your own custom WordPress contact form with ease.

What makes TemplateToaster the best choice is its in-built integration with Contact Form 7. That means you can create a custom WordPress contact form that includes:

  • Desired number of fields
  • Chosen font-family
  • Select Color scheme
  • Custom Background
  • The typography of labels and Input fields
  • Customization of input fields and text areas like background color, border color, and radius,
  • Designing and typography of Send button

Create a Contact Form in WordPress with templatetoaster

That too without bothering about functionality. The in-built integrated with Contact Form 7 will automatically get all the features of Contact Form 7 with your custom designed contact form. All you have to do is simply design your contact form and relax. TemplateToaster will do the rest.


Now you know how to add contact form in your WordPress site, you can carry off the process easily. This is an excellent solution to employ an extra layer of security to your website, more precisely from spammers. And the popularity of the Contact Form 7 plugin for WordPress sites is the main reason why I choose it as an option to discuss. Whereas choosing TemplateToaster will be beneficial to you in its own zone. Now it’s totally up to you which way you want to go. Check out WordPress website builder software and free WordPress themes or WordPress themes.

Both ways are easy but if you compare you will find an additional layer to design the form using TemplateToaster. Because it gives you inbuilt integration with Contact Form 7 and various other incredible features to craft a beautiful website. So try it to know it. And if you face any issues while adding a WordPress contact form to your WordPress site (however, the chances are very less) do let me know. I will help you resolve them.