With its great features and community support, Drupal is one of the leading platforms to build a website. Drupal is popular for delivering frequent updates with practically advanced features. Drupal released Drupal 9 version in June 2020 and Drupal 10 is already getting hype. Partly because, new functionality for Drupal 10 is coming to the latest Drupal 9 version which means developers are already working on the new APIs for the coming update. Therefore, Drupal experts deprecate old functionalities but keep backwards compatibility that allows them to keep the module developers up-to-date with API changes in order to make the release of Drupal 10 easier. In short, Drupal 10 will be identical to Drupal 9 with removed deprecations. Let’s have a look at what is new with Drupal 10

What is new with Drupal 10?


Drupal is all set to deliver its latest version at the earliest possible opportunity. Its new initiative includes automated updates, usability-focused updates, decoupled menus, and more. For a detailed explanation, continue reading this guide-

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Drupal 10 Features

jQuery UI

Indubitably, Drupal is one of the leading open source projects. If you want a customized website with great features and seamless user experience, then Drupal is an ideal choice for you. jQuery UI has been an integral part of Drupal since 2011 and is still in use in the latest Drupal 9 version. However, jQuery is not a happening technology anymore. Therefore, there is no point of offering support for jQuery UI in Drupal 10. In fact, the plan is already in motion with Drupal 9. Experts are working on reducing the dependencies on jQuery itself by writing vanilla JavaScript. With the release of Drupal 10, support for jQuery UI will be completely replaced with vanilla JavaScript writing.


As we have mentioned, Drupal experts are dealing with code deprecations. Similarly, Drupal 9 is released with Symphony 4.4. Therefore, they are updating Drupal 9’s codebase with Symphony 4 so that the transition of the latest Drupal version with the latest Symphony version could be as smooth as possible. In fact, Symphony 5 has already been released with version 6 deprecations. Therefore, Drupal experts are enabling bridges and customs to become Symphony 5 compatible. The ultimate goal is to release Drupal 10 on at least Symphony 5.4, while keeping up with the latest Symphony version when needed.


CKEditor 5 was released in 2018 and was rewritten from the ground up, making it an entirely new editor. Therefore, Drupal users have to update to CKEditor or switch to a modern editor to reap the benefits from bug fixes and new features. Therefore, Drupal experts are working on developing a new module in Drupal 9 to make CKEditor available for Drupal 10 in order to enable sites to switch to the new editor and update their configuration before they actually update to Drupal 10. Nonetheless, Drupal site owners will experience great editing experience with the all new CKEditor integration.

Autoatmed updates

Drupal received constant requests from its users to enable automated updates. Looks like they heard their users and are ready to serve them the favor. With the latest Drupal version, they took the initiative to bring this feature into the core version. Till now, updating Drupal was a tediously, time- consuming manual task. In 2019, they introduced the first prototype for the Automated update system that obtained quite satisfactory response from the users. New feature is aimed at ensuring site readiness for safe updates, verifying updates with package signing, integrating composer and safely applying updates in a way that can be rolled back in case of errors.

Beginner friendly experience

Another thing Drupal focused on is the feedback of their CMS users who were not really impressed. They found out their CMS is not as liked by beginners as it is by intermediate or expert users. Moreover, the liking for their CMS goes down with time. Therefore, they are now working on making Drupal more user-friendly by simplifying their interface for non-technical users. Check how to create Drupal theme and get free Drupal themes.

When exactly is Drupal 10 releasing?

Although there isn’t a final date for the release of Drupal 10 but the expected release year is 2022. Therefore, Drupal 10 will drop by next year. It means you don’t have much time to prepare your site for this update. The latest feature is coming with some advanced features and you need to embrace the future features to stay up to date with the changing technical landscape. Get ready to peek into the new CKEditor 5, efficient editing experience, bug fixes, and new features!

What to expect with Drupal 10?

The release of the Drupal 10 is mainly focused on the following-

  • Implementation of automated updates
  • Replacing jQuery elements with JavaScript components
  • Making significant enhancements in Drupal’s out-of-the-box user experience
  • Integration of the new Olivero front-end theme as the default theme in Drupal core.

Drupal is leading with the aim of offering a more user friendly CMS. Moreover, all the mentioned updates are ultimately serving the same goal, i.e. a user friendly CMS. While the Drupal 10 hits the users with great user experience, it also offers developers with the creation of innovation and flexible digital experiences. Therefore, if you haven’t updated to Drupal 9 already, do it at the earliest possible opportunity. It will further help you with the smooth update that is expected to bring all of the above mentioned bug fixes and features. Moreover, you can contribute directly in the development of the project by suggesting you ideas to them on their Drupal Slack channel using #d10readiness.

Drupal 10 updates: Conclusion

Drupal 10 is going to bring all the new features and some significant changes in your eCommerce CMS. Suddenly jumping to Drupal 10 from Drupal 8 or less can be a bit of a dramatic change for you. Therefore, we recommend you to update to Drupal 9 to make yourself accustomed to the new Drupal version. Although it is planned to offer exceptional user experience, you need to be prepared for a smooth transition to the latest version. I hope this guide offers a rough idea about some of the major changes you expect with the latest version drop. Comment below to share your experience and expectation from the latest Drupal version.