This post will tell you about the essential types of plugins for your website. Those will help your website perform well from various aspects, such as page load time, search engine optimization, security, and spam protection. Here at Templatetoaster WordPress website builder check out essential plugins for WordPress.

Plugins of following types should be included in your website.

  • Cache Plugin
  • Security plugin
  • Antispam plugin
  • SEO Plugin
  • Ecommerce plugin


One Cache plugin, one security plugin, one Antispam spam, and one SEO plugin, such four plugins should be there in every website. Apart from these four types, an Ecommerce plugin is used by most of the WordPress powered website, which is required only when you are going to create an online shop.

Here at Templatetoaster WordPress theme builder, Let us get into the discussion of each type.


Cache Plugin

How much time a website takes to load on the visitor’s device is something that matters greatly. This plugin helps to reduce the load time. It creates a static copy of the website on server, which is instantly served to the user without executing PHP code. WordPress repository has many cache plugins. Most popular caching plugins among those are W3 Total Cache, and WP Super Cache. Both plugins have advanced caching approach, but, Where WP Super Cache is easy to configure, W3 Total Cache boasts the complex settings.


Security Plugin

Security plugins are expected to provide security from brute force hacks, and do scan and prevent from vulnerabilities and malware. So, to immune your website from hacking and malicious code injection, you should install a security plugin. Popular security plugins in the WordPress repository are, Sucuri security, Wordfence security, BulletProof security, iThemes security. All of these have a great caliber of keeping websites secure. You may choose anyone matching with your requirements.


Antispam plugin

An Antispam plugin will provide the safety to the blogs against spam. If you are going to maintain a blog in your website, then you will need a plugin to keep the spam at bay. Akismet, Antispam Bee, and WP Spamshield are heavily used by WordPress websites. You can stop the spam commentators and bots from posting rubbish comments on your blog posts, with the help of a plugin. Our previous post tells about the widely used plugins and how do they provide protection.


SEO Plugin

An SEO plugin will help you in optimizing your website for search engines. WordPress SEO by Yoast is very popular plugin with over one million downloads from WordPress repository. Yoast helps you writing optimum page titles and Meta tags and give keyword recommendations to you for writing better content. Plus, it also does page analysis and gives SEO suggestion to you. All in One SEO is another solution of SEO. It has different configuration settings, which are very easy to do. Unlike Yoast, it automatically generates Meta tags and automatically optimize the titles.


Ecommerce Plugin

You can turn WordPress into your eCommerce solution too. An eCommerce plugin will help you turn your website into an online shop. WordPress repository consists so many eCommerce plugins that are helpful for integrating shopping cart to the websites. WooCommerce, WP eCommerce, MarketPress and iThemesExchange all are nice plugins. But, the WooCommerce has more popularity than rest of the plugins. It is absolutely free to use and has very nice features. You can easily create an eCommerce website using WooCommerce.



It is not like your website can’t run without plugins. But, it is about “strength” of your website, which is enhanced by the plugins. Cache, security, Antispam, and SEO plugins are must have plugins for keeping a website healthy. Moreover, you wouldn’t even need to pay for them. All of them are free until you want premium support and features. Check out our templates and free WordPress themes. you can create your own website with TemplateToaster.