Ronit’s team has been performing very well in this season of “WebHack”, an annual technical contest. Teams from various other colleges, comprising of geeky brains contest each year for the “Best Developers Gang” title. Ronit’s team is also the defending champions of this season’s WebHack.

So far their journey in this competition has been great, but there is a fuss among the competitors about a new team this year. “Team WebKnitters”, as they call themselves have been the team with record fastest compilation time in every knock-out round.

“Team Webknitters” are their close competitors and Ronit is bit worried about it. So far during their journey they have been unable to figure out the issue related to the compilation time of their codes.

“How is Team WebKnitters constantly setting up the time records?”, Ronit is thinking while scratching his head, remembering all the basics of coding he has learnt till now.

Ronit’s name had always been in the leading Web Developers in the college when it comes to any competition or event. He implies a distinctive unique style of coding while building any project. He doesn’t know, that unintentionally, he has built his own library.

There is a set of codes in the library which he has built, he is fond of using them as and when required. One day, he comes across a term called JavaScript frameworks, however it is almost a similar concept. Yes, a reusable set of codes but the difference has to be obviously explored. Let’s chalk out first what a framework is.

JavaScript Frameworks, Their Significance in Web Development.

A framework (JavaScript frameworks in our case) can be considered as a skeleton, made up of lines of code based on which the developer can develop his web tool. A developer can choose any framework depending upon his coding style and the type of tool he wants to build. Since both the libraries and frameworks imply the concept of code reusability, you might be thinking that why they have been termed distinctly in that case?

The difference actually comes in the inversion of control, in the case of libraries, you call the library in your code but in framework, it calls your code and uses it in a particular way. Thus frameworks have changed the conventional ways of coding in Web Development. Industry makes a significant use of frameworks in web development, in the upcoming portion of the article I will discuss few JavaScript frameworks.

On the other side, during the event’s happenings, Ronit is in search of the strategy behind the opponent team’s success, he sees one of their members wearing a t-shirt with “AngularJS” written on it.”Wait, what’s that term?”, He thinks.


JavaScript Frameworks for 2019 ( Review)


Angular JavaScript Framework

AngularJS is one of the JavaScript frameworks maintained by tech giant Google and other community of developers. It is a client-side, open source framework. Released initially in October, 2010, Its licensing is through MIT. AngularJS, according to most of the developers, is one of the most powerful frameworks for building single page applications(SPAs). Its development has addressed many challenges that were previously encountered in building such applications. In AngularJS, user can achieve maximum functionality with a little code.

It supports two-way data binding with MVC(Model View Controller). In coding terms it simply means that any changes in the model will affect the view and vice-versa.

Netflix, PayPal, The Guardian are some of the leading brands which use AngularJS for building their UI and other components of their platform.

AngularJS: Few More Points

Now, we will discuss about some more features of AngularJS,

  • It is famous among its developers for the flexibility provided. The whole process can be seamlessly executed as it provides all the resources that are needed to develop a user-friendly, flexible and platform-independent web applications.
  • Two-way Data Binding and Dependency Injection brings most of the flexibility in AngularJS. Dependency Injection in Web Development helps to additionally achieve more of the code reusability.
  • Its Learning Curve is steep. However it is still worth learning due to its wide range of functionalities, being one of the early JavaScript frameworks and having constant upgrades since then.
  • It follows the inbuilt POJO(Plain Old JavaScript Object) model. You need not to worry for using additional getter and setter functions. This makes your code easier to test, reuse and maintain.
  • Latest version of angular was Angular 1.7.8, and the upcoming one is AngularJS v8. The latest release has got new features such as improved accessibility of selects, better drag and drops and CLI(command line interface).

The Contest Continues,

“This T-shirt is definitely a reward from some coding contest.” Ronit thinks and also recalls what AngularJS exactly is when he goes through all the information related to it on the internet. “Industry is using these types of other frameworks as well!”, these findings amaze Ronit.

Now since he knows about one of the JavaScript frameworks, the secret behind modern web designing and development, he wants to explore more such tools which might help him to perform better in this contest. He goes on exploring about few more of them.

So the discussion is not over yet, we’ll go on to explore a few more frameworks.


Vue. JavaScript Framework

Vue.JS is another open-source JavaScript framework, built by Evan You, an independent software developer. Earlier he used to work with Google, on AngularJS. He liked some of the parts of AngularJS so much that he eventually decided to take them and build another, lightweight framework. Therefore Vue.JS is also known for its less size other than having an incrementally adoptable architecture. It boasts of having a versatile ecosystem that scales between a library and a full-featured framework. It was first released on February, 2014 under MIT License.

Vue.JS project is currently being backed by crowd funding and patreon sponsoring. Evan You(the developer of the framework), through the official website of Vue.JS, describes it as a front-end framework that is “Simple to use yet powerful in nature.” It is also popular for its light weight among all the JavaScript frameworks.

Like AngularJS, it also supports two-way binding with MVVM(Model-view-viewmodel) architectural pattern. MVVM is ultimately the modern pattern of MVC only, but provides a more clear separation between the View and the Model, with the viewmodel which acts as a connection between them.

Some of the big names in web development which use Vue.JS are Alibaba, Adobe, Grammarly.

Vue.JS: Few more points

Now, we will discuss some more features of VueJS,

  • Famous among the developers for its incrementally adoptive ecosystem.
  • It removes the traditional disadvantage of SPA’s(Single Page Application) inability to link to any other items on the same page. It has a “vue-router” package that enables to fix that issue.
  • Taking into account prior understanding of basic JavaScript, most of the developers consider its learning curve to be gradual and shallow, easy to follow.
  • It is even possible to build another framework on the top of VueJS, some of the existing ones are nuxt.js, vuetify, NativeScript-Vue etc.
  • The latest Vue release was Vue 2.6.10 “Macross”. Evan You, the main developer behind vue has also previewed about Vue 3.0 recently. He plans to make the next version even faster with smaller size and more maintainable source code.

The contest,

Ronit was now gradually getting an answer to this riddle. Team WebKnitters actually consists of members who have mastered various frameworks like Angular, Vue etc which are helping them to reduce their time. They are not reinventing the wheel and thus, setting up the quickest time records. Frameworks are very crucial part of web development these days. Less size, increased performance, various such JavaScript frameworks are coming up with a variety of advantages.

Next we will be discussing another such framework.


Ember.js JavaScript Framework

Ember.JS, also used for building SPAs, is another JavaScript Framework. Notable features of Ember.JS include pluggable architecture and over 3500 addons to enhance it. EmberJS is also open-source and client-side framework. Just like VueJS, EmberJS was developed by only one developer initially, named Yehuda Katz. Yehuda Katz is also a former key developer of jQuery and Ruby on Rails. Its first release was made on December 8, 2011.

Ember.JS supports two-way data binding with MVVM(Model-view-viewmodel) architectural pattern.

Apple Inc. is one of the notable player that uses Ember.JS as onr of the JavaScript framework for their web development tasks. Some of the other big names that use ember are linkedin, playstation etc.

Ember.JS: Few more points

Some more features of Ember.JS are listed as below,

  • Other than being considered as a framework, ember can also be used to build desktop and mobile applications as well.
  • It uses routes as a core-feature for managing URLs.(like “vue-router” in Vue.JS).
  • Its debugger is “Ember Inspector”. Currently it is available as an extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Debugging actually becomes easier this way.
  • It has its own CLI(Command Line Interface) known as Ember CLI. It is the official way to create, build, test, and serve the files that make up an Ember.js app or addon.
  • The latest Ember release was version 3.10.0, with added feature of angled bracket invocation for various components. It also included native decorator support in the latest version. The upcoming Ember 3.11.0 is expected to be released around the mid of 2019.

Bonus tips: Making Web Development Easy

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Ronit finally realized that it is not only about knowledge everytime. Clever and smart coding is the key to take-over the other teams in big contests like WebHack. Team WebKnitters had been developing their tools with the help of frameworks in every round. They performed in the smartest way along with less coding. This is the significance of using frameworks in the current industry scenario. So think smart and research new things in your industry.