Keeping your Joomla site up-to-date is extremely important for the site security. And upgrading a Joomla website is a pretty easy job. But if you find it difficult and are looking for the step by step solution, then follow the tutorial for beginners and easy steps to update your Joomla site.

Joomla is an open source Content Management System with an active community. Apparently, Joomla is a big brand and they frequently release new updates to reinforce user experience and to fix security vulnerabilities. Joomla has a huge active community of developers who are continuously working to enhance the Joomla experience and they are releasing new updates mandatory for you to employ in your Joomla site to make it function accurately.

Performing a Joomla update may seem a daunting task at first for a newbie, but it can be easily broken down into a few steps. And this way it will be absolutely simple for you to upgrade your Joomla site. You can read about best Joomla hosting services.

Backup your site first!

Never begin the Joomla update without making a backup of your current Joomla site. You may lose the data. And I’m sure you will never prefer to update your site without having a restore plan!!

How to make Joomla update within the same version?

It’s quite simple to carry out Joomla upgrade within the same version, most likely Joomla 3.x. In order to upgrade Joomla version manually, you first need to login to Joomla dashboard i.e. Joomla administrator at “”. After a successful login, the Joomla will automatically check for update. And if the new version is available then it will show you a message on the top of the screen saying “Update Now”. You simply need to click on the button to initiate the update process.

How to Upgrade Joomla

Soon after you click on the Update Now button, you will see the update page. On this page, you can see the information regarding the current version of Joomla and the version which you are going to update to. It is recommended not to make any changes in the settings, just keep them as it is. All you need to do is to simply click on the “Install the Update” button to proceed further.

How to update Joomla to latest version

Now sit back and relax! Your Joomla site will update to the latest version and you will see a confirmation for a successful update.

How to upgrade Joomla 2.5 to 3?

If you already have a Joomla website and you have not updated it for a while, then the probability of hacking is increased. And once your site gets hacked, it is probably the hardest thing to restore the hacked Joomla site. Therefore, you should never miss an update.

Lately, Joomla 2.5 been the most widely used versions in the Joomla 2 release. Although it’s been a long time that Joomla 3 and so versions have released, still as a Joomla developer I get the queries from some of my clients on how to check Joomla version, how to upgrade Joomla 2.5 to 3, etc. You may download free Joomla templates.

Well, the Joomla update, especially from one version to another, can be challenging. And the reason behind is perhaps the extensions or the templates currently employed on your Joomla site are not compatible with the new Joomla version which you want to migrate to.

So, it advisable to deactivate all the currently used extensions and templates. However, you may need to update or remove them from your Joomla site if they aren’t compatible with your new version. And always easy to create a Joomla template with the latest version.


Backup your site before upgrading to the new version.

Now, to begin the update process first you need to navigate to ‘’ and this link will straightaway lead you to the update page where you can start the migration process.

  • Go to the Options
  • Select Update Server → Short Term Support → Save & Close
  • Then click on Install the Update button

upgrade joomla 2.5 to 3

Soon you will see a success message on the screen. However, if you ever forget your Joomla login URL and struggle to get back to your Joomla admin, then simply follow the mentioned guidelines.

That’s all. Happy Update!!

Joomla Update Troubleshooting

As a beginner, you should spend some time learning what is Joomla first. Starting out with new technology can be confusing if you don’t have a good hold over it. Whereas, if you already own a Joomla website then you need to know which version your site is running on. If it is still running on any version less than Joomla 3, then you should consider updating your website to the latest version as soon as possible. Because it does not support and provide security for versions below than 3.9, therefore, Joomla update is mandatory.

If you face any problem while updating or after an update, you can contact Joomla forum or FAQs to find out the verified answers to your problem. Since it is one of the most potent CMSs and when clubbed with a powerful website builder software like TemplateToaster, can give you desired results in minutes.


Final take on Joomla Update…

Now you know the process to update your site you can easily carry out the process. However, creating a website can be an overwhelming experience if you don’t have the right resources like TempalteToaster Joomla template creator software which is one of its kind. You can quickly establish your online presence and start your business online with the help of this software. And as far as your Joomla update is concerned, you can rely on the above methods. But still, if you ever land in confusion and seek help, feel free to reach me via comments below.

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