Have you ever felt the need of your own private blog? Do WordPress have the ability to create private sites? Here is the answer..

Yes, you hear it right !! You can make WordPress site private. There can be several reasons for the same. When you want to create a family-blog joined by all your family friends & relatives, all over the globe, you need privacy from rest of the world. One can need private blogs for team members to share project related views, in some business, for students to create a single-access point to collect notes or for special customers who are granted special privileges etc. As like this, you can have your own reason to make WordPress site private.


How to make WordPress Site Private?

The main concern here is that how to make a WordPress site private. The very simple answer is plugins. Now the question arises that which plugins can be used to make WordPress blog private. So, here at TemplateToaster WordPress website builder software and WordPress theme builder, you will get the best plugins to make WordPress blog private given below.


Best Plugins to Make WordPress Site Private: Comparison Chart (2019)


Parameters My Private Site Private Content Force Login All-in-one Intranet Subway
Active Installs 20,000+ 8,000+ 10,000+ 3,000+ 2,000+
Rating 4.8 5 4.9 5 5
Login Redirect Specification Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auto Logout Time No  Yes No No No
Visible Exclusions Yes No No No No
WordPress Multisite Compatibility Yes Yes Yes Yes  (Only in Premium version) Not Specified


1. My Private Site

Make WordPress Site Private

Private Site plugin is used to restrict the non-registered users from viewing WordPress site content. They will be forward to the WordPress login screen. A login prompt is generated when unauthorized users access the site. This plugin doesn’t cover the non-WordPress pages like .html and .php etc. but still a very popular choice among users to make WordPress site private.


  • It supports WordPress networks.
  • It provides a Visible Exclusions settings that allow the entry of a list of URLs that will always be visible. There is a separate Setting for hiding/revealing Site Home without entering its URL.
  • This plugin has Landing Location settings to determine what the User sees after successfully logging in.
  • It is compatible with all themes only incompatible with A5 Login plugin.
  • It contains setting to disable the plugin so that the plugin settings can be changed when the Site is not set to Private.


2. Private Content

Make WordPress Site Private

Private Content Plugin facilitates you with the shortcodes to reveal a portion of post content to intended user roles only. For example, you can show content to subscribers, editors, authors etc. But a higher role can always read a lower role content. For example, an administrator can read a private content of editor & subscriber both. With this plugin, you can show the hidden content to a specific role. Under this privilege, you can

  • Mark a text as visible only to a certain user, using his login name in version 3.0.
  • Set a text as visible to multiple users, using their login names comma separated in Version 4.0.
  • Use either the usual private shortcode or the extra ubn_private, in case the first is already in use with Version 4.3.


3. Force Login

Make WordPress Site Private

Force Login plugin will take the details of authorized visitors in advance, then easily hide your WordPress site from rest of the world. You can make WordPress site private until launch.


  • This plugin is compatible with WordPress Multisite.
  • It will redirect the visitors back to the URL they tried to visit.
  • It contains Extensive Developer API (hooks & filters).
  • This is fully customizable.
  • You can impose the filter exceptions for certain pages or posts.
  • It is fully translation Ready & WPML certified.


4. All-in-One Intranet

Make WordPress Site Private

All-In-One Intranet provides you everything you need to hide your site and start building your intranet. As it’s the common practice to make corporate intranets. All you need to take care is privacy. It proves to be a good plugin to make WordPress site private.


  • It is so easy to make your site private with this plugin. Only one checkbox you need to set to make your entire site private to anyone not logged in. It also generates warnings if any core WordPress settings allow unauthorized users to register.
  • Your staff can need logging in to read information as well as write it. So WordPress’ default of logging users into their profile page is no more helpful. You can set any site URL as their new landing page.
  • You can set the time after which a user will be automatically logged-out. It will surely help to protect sensitive company information.


5. Subway

Make WordPress Site Private

Subway allows you to hide the website content from non-logged in visitors and reveals only to authorized users. This plugin redirects the users to a login page that allows them to type their username/email and password to confirm their authentication.

The plugin has settings inside the Administration Panel. You will see ‘Settings’ > ‘Subway’ to configure where you want to lead the user after he/she has successfully logged in. That may be a page, a custom URL, or just the default behavior. It successfully makes its place to the list of some best plugins to make WordPress site private.



If you need to make WordPress Site Private, then these are some excellent plugins. Nothing can be easier than using simple plugins to control the visibility of your website content. You can save the authorized users or user role who can access the specific information. Even you will get prompts if any intruder will try to log into your website. Really, these plugins have made the privacy control of website so easy!! Check out our free WordPress themes.

Having a WordPress site private is critical and designing pre-made themes can be a little weary task to do. You can opt for a managed WordPress platform or a website maker which will let you have the ease of executing the work without any hassle.

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