The all-new YouTube Monetization rules by Google has been creating a buzz in the digital market and most of the advertisers and YouTube channel holders are facing a problem because of the same. But, we have a solution to your problem.

What comes to your mind, when you think of advertising your business? Probably extra expenditure. Right? But, what if you get a chance to earn extra money by posting a video about your business. YouTube is the biggest video sharing platform and gives you the authority to post your videos and earn money. But, with the introduction of new YouTube monetization rules (AKA YouTube Demonetization), not every creator is eligible to earn money now, there are some parameters now, which a video has to go through in order to get advertisers.

What is YouTube Demonetization?

When an ad can be shown on your YouTube channel, that’s what called as monetization and an advertiser has to pay some amount to YouTube for the same purpose. The amount paid by the advertiser to YouTube is then shared with the respective channel holder for letting the advertisement to be shown on their YouTube channel under YouTube partner program.

YouTube Partner Program

Initially, a creator can register in the YouTube Partner Program, if he has a total of 10,000 views in a lifetime. By registering yourself in the YouTube Partner Program, you get the authority to make money through advertising.

But, YouTube’s new rules state that a creator needs to have:

  • 1,000 subscribers
  • 4,000 hours of watch time in the last 365 days

This is primarily being termed as “YouTube Demonetization” since now the channel owners with fewer views and audiences won’t be able to generate revenue as earlier.

Purpose of YouTube Demonetization: Why this heck?

YouTube enables you to post videos which are informative and useful and this freedom had been misused by some users in the past and that is the primary reason why Google had to introduce the all-new set of rules once again.

This new policy will empower YouTube to collect enough information about the channel that if the channel is legit or not. The videos which are re-uploaded by the scammers will now be suspended because the new policy is really strict and provide complete security against scam videos and the immensely popular video sharing platform “YouTube” would keep all the offensive videos away from the channels.

Also, you must take a note that if you’re posting any disturbing video such as violence, nudity, copyright, and hateful video on YouTube or even any platform on the internet, then you will have to face the consequences as well. As we say “With great power comes great responsibility” so, the content should not be violating any rule especially when you want to attract advertisers to your channel.

Recently, one of the YouTube’s leading creators ‘Logan Paul’ landed himself in trouble after posting a disturbing video of a man committing suicide, shot live in Japan’s “Suicide forest”. He had received a huge backlash on the internet for posting that video. Soon after the suicidal video got deleted from the YouTube channel, in order to get control over the situation.

This entire policy change of YouTube Monetization is a great help for those who were the victim of copied content and those who were using or copying someone else’s content will be in trouble from now.

Effects of YouTube Demonetization On Advertisement Business

If you were earning through advertisements on your YouTube channel till now, regardless of the views and subscribers you had, then it’s the time to recheck your numbers so that the revenue keeps coming to you. Because Google has made it absolutely tough for the creators to qualify in the race of YouTube monetization. Revenue generation from ads is a big deal now, all thanks to Google.

The YouTube Demonetization is so severe that it is limiting the advertisers to monetize their content. Earlier, the video was determined by an automated program to check if the video is advertised-friendly but, from now the employees of YouTube will monitor whether a video is advertised-friendly or not. There would no auto-generated red flags from now. These new YouTube monetization rules can be the biggest damage for the newcomers and for the creators who do not hold a very big YouTube channel.

Escape-Route To Regain Revenue After “YouTube Demonetization”

Once you upload a video on the YouTube channel, you have to wait for the right advertisement to be shown on your channel only then you can generate some revenue from it. But, how about uploading a video on your own website and spreading information about your business and generating revenue from ads, all by yourself?

Importance of Having a Property of Your Own

First of all, the revenue coming from the ads is not so big which can make you rich overnight so, stop worrying about ads for now and act smartly. Second, the high-quality content you are creating is always on another platform.

In order to clarify all your confusions about whether or not to have a website of your own, let’s first understand the importance or need to have your own website, which is eventually your own property.

  • Creating your own website and posting videos on it will give you complete freedom to choose the type of advertisements you would want to show on your own personalized channel. As the type of advertisement shown on your channel would leave an impact on the audience and advertising is a great representation of your business.
  • You will be free to focus on the quality stuff so that you can enhance your business and attract the target audience.
  • When you post a video on YouTube, you have to wait, (some uncertain time span) to reach your target audience. Because all who are watching your video is definitely not your target audience. Therefore, you need to choose a path which leads to the right audience.
  • Your website, your benefits no intermediates. If someone wants to put an ad on your website then all the monetary benefits will directly come to you without any intermediates such as YouTube. Hence, having a website can benefit you in both ways, you can get your business online along with earning some extra revenue by posting other relevant videos on your website.

Helping Tools

  • There are a lot of platforms in the market by which you can easily create an effective website for your business. Many of them are free to use but some are paid. In order to create your website, the first thing comes to the mind is technology and amazing features which your website will have. For this, Platforms like Templatetoaster website builderWix, Weebly and Squarespace are present at your service.
  • You can simply hire a professional developer to have your own website. The easily accessible websites like Upwork, etc. can provide you with the same so that you can get a complete website with minimum efforts.
  • The above two methods can be heavy on your pocket. Hence, a DIY solution like a web design software could be a cost-effective choice to start with. TemplateToaster is one such web design software that offers you a complete package to design high-end websites. You can easily create your website with full customization and for a newbie also it becomes no big deal to build a website with TemplateToaster . So, get started now!

What’s Your Take?

If you still choose to continue operating your YouTube channel then you have to follow the protocols because there’s no way to skip new YouTube Monetization rules (applicable for small channel holders). But, looking at the broader aspect of the solution i.e. making your own website is profitable for you anyway. You can redirect your established audience to your new page and also, attract the all-new audiences to your website. Your website is your property sooner or later it will generate business for you. So, the choice is completely yours.

Share your experience with us in the comment section below. Do tell us which idea you liked the most for escaping “YouTube Demonetization”.