The very first thing I need to clear that Online reputation management has nothing like social media marketing or it has nothing to do with public relation. Even people have no idea that how online reputation management can impact on their sales and business.

Online reputation management is anything (positive or negative) about your website that people say can make an effect on you and your website. By managing and monitoring what other people are talking about your website is a vital part of maintaining your brand. This process is called as Online Reputation Management.

It’s not a one day process; it takes hard work and your time to create brand value. But, the most difficult part is to maintain your brand value. A Facebook comment on your page, a tweet about your brand can harm your brand reputation. You cannot expect people to say good things about your company every time and it’s not necessary whatever you do, share they will like it every time and they will share it with others too. The best way to do is to respond positively and change your strategies if needed.

Here at Templatetoaster website builder, listing few tools by which you can manage and monitor your brand reputation.

Social Mention

Social Mention is a tool that does the real-time searches of social media and obtains the results from these searches. It will also search bookmarking, blogs, images, micro blogs, videos and all the content shared by you online. It will also provide you with the latest trends.

There are simple steps to do it:

  1. Put the keyword
  2. Select the category/categories
  3. Run your search

After the analysis, you will land into the analysis page where you will find the data related to your niche. You can sort the data according by source and by choosing last month, last week and according to time and date. It also gives you charts mentioning: Reach, Sentiment, Passion, and Strength.

Google Alerts

Google has many tools provided to its customers, but Google Alerts is one of the best tools to maintain an online reputation of any company. Google alerts basically provide you the interesting content of your niche about some specific topic. It also sends the emails to you about your alerts. You can set the time when you want the alerts once in a week, one in a day.

You can have the following categories about what you need alerts:

  • News
  • Blogs
  • Web
  • Videos
  • Books
  • Suggestions

You can even select the sources from where you can get the information. You can choose your language and region. You can set the Google Alerts for your website, business and you can get the alerts by mail when you will be mentioned.

Google Alerts is a free tool the only thing you need to have is a Google account.


Rankur is a very useful tool to get the trending topics and to analyze your social media presence. You can easily maintain your online reputation by Rankur. Like the other mentioned tools, Rankur also provide you the data according to your relevance. You can filter the result, according to demographics and audience.

Rankur monitors the data like online reviews, news, blogs, forums and social media networks. Rankur includes the basic steps to maintain and manage your online reputation:

Step 1: They first analyze the current situation of your company and build a strategy to improve it if needed

Step 2: Reputation building demo model

Step 3: It optimizes the content for Search Engines and for link building

Step 4: Sorting of negative and positive comments, reviews and content

Step 5: They provide you the articles for blogs and video presentations

Step 6: Professional Web design

Step 7: Creating accounts on social media and managing those accounts

Step 8: The final step is to do the whole in-depth analysis.

Hyper Alerts

If your Facebook page helps you to make your brand’s digital presence and important factor of your marketing strategy then you must use Hyper Alerts. It is an online tool that will help you to monitor any activity on your Facebook page and also you can get instant email notification regarding the same.

You need not be a page’s administrator to get the updates and you are allowed to get unlimited updates. The good thing about this tool is you can also check your competitor’s page as well and monitor the activities by getting email notification.

So, These were the most effective tools to manage and monitor your brand reputation online. Do you have any other tool to add in the list? Please share your views in the comment below.

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