In the current scenario, Information is everything. Whether, it is in the form of digital or physical. In this digital revolution world, Information is transferred from one system to another in the form of 0’s and 1’s or you can say in Binary form. The wireless medium of transmission is so popular that more than 90% people in the world use it in on a daily basis. Therefore, It is necessary to secure the information from intruders and the crackers which are present in each and every corner of the internet.

Therefore, you can’t ignore the power of this type of transmission which is nothing but “The Internet”. The Internet is a network of networks. It is a network of the interconnected system which is connected globally. In this post, I will explore the hidden secrets behind the virtual world so that you can protect your websites from hackers hosted on WordPress platform.

“WordPress” is an open and free Content Management System (CMS). It was used by more than top 10 million websites as of April 2016. Now you can analyze from the fact that how much popular a WordPress platform is!!!


Here at Templatetoaster WordPress website builder showcases things you can do in order to prevent your WordPress website from intruders.

1. D Dos Prevention.

D Dos (Distributed denial of service) is an attack in which intruder tries their best to slow your website server by hitting your website multiple times. Gone the days when you have to hire an Internet Security Specialist just to protect D Dos Attack. Now, WordPress has a facility named “All in One Wp Security and Firewall”. Now it is not easy for hackers to crack your web servers.

It is a very easy, well to use so that Admin of websites can easily integrate this plugin. It is a firewall having three types of setting

  1. Basic
  2. Intermediate
  3. Advanced

You can easily apply this rules and it is 100% free to use.

Features of All in One Wp Security and Firewall

  1. Security of User Accounts.
  2. Security of Login Account.
  3. Security of User Registration.
  4. Security of Database.
  5. Security of File System.
  6. Blacklist, firewall brute force mechanism and much more like this.


2. How to stop XSS Attack.

XSS as its name suggests “Cross-Site Scripting”. Previous versions of WordPress were vulnerable to this type of attack which was very hard to recover. In this type of attack, a malicious script is inserted into user website to extract the private information of users such as Admin user password, important file information etc. With the help of some plugins you can secure your WordPress website. Some of them are

A. Ninja Firewall
It is a web application for your WordPress website. It rejects the malicious script automatically. Just install it and see the difference.

B. Word Fence.
It will secure your website by implementing two-factor authentication. It will scan all possible brute force attacks and their signature such as R75, WSO etc.

C. Bulletproof Security.
It is a plugin used to protect your WordPress website from CSRF, XSS, and SQL Injections etc.


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3. MITM Prevention.

It is the most popular attack named “Man in the Middle”. It is a popular attack because anyone who is in the range of your wireless transmission medium can perform this type of attack and can easily decode the encoding of your useful information such as Admin password, important files etc. It is just like that a third person is listening to the information of two parties intentionally and storing their secret information in his brain.

Best way to stop MITM in WordPress is to implement “Two-factor Authentication

So, what does this term denotes?

Two-factor Authentication

It is a popular technology which was patented in 1984. You don’t need to go deep dive in this term. Just install the plugin named “WordPress 2 Step verification” which will add a layer of extra security to your WordPress account. It is as similar as Google 2 step verification mechanism. In this mechanism in addition to username and password, a 6 six digit code is generated by the plugin and sent to your registered phone, email etc. Just add this code to your login id and you are done.


4. SQL Injection Prevention.

SQL injection is a technique implemented by crackers to explore the back-end system through database SQL commands. Now it is a tough task for a cracker to explore the back end system. A most powerful plug in named “Injection guard” can stop the attacks in seconds. It will block all irrelevant and unauthorized requests with the help of query strings.

Another popular SQL injection plugin is “WP Security Pro”.

  1. With the help of this plugin, you can secure your WordPress account by implementing
  2. Login protection, the limit on login activities and their tracking.
  3. Blacklisting and white list of IP address (Most important features)
  4. DDos prevention.
  5. Brute force attack prevention.
  6. Tracking of live traffic.
  7. IP Address Range blocking (But it comes in premium versions only.)

Brute force Attacks.

It is just like a trial and error method to extract the useful information of the users such as passwords, pins etc. It is very dangerous when used by using software. As we are human we have a limitation, but robots don’t have. Robots can use hit and trial mechanism 24 hrs a day. There is no need to worry if you are using WordPress platform.

Mentioned below are the plugin used to stop brute force

Brute force login Protection.

It is a very popular plug in if you want to secure your website from brute force attacks using .htaccess.

Features of this plugin

  1. It informs the user about the remaining limit of login.
  2. Blocked users can see a custom message generated by this plugin.
  3. When an Internet Protocol address has been blocked by the plugin, it immediately informs the Email administrator.
  4. It maintains a trusted IP address lists.



In the 21st century, data is the heart and soul of communication medium. Hackers are everywhere just like criminals are everywhere. In order to protect yourself and to create a healthy workstation, you need to become aware and implement as much security features as possible. The Internet has a plethora of information. You can check each and every point of the security feature of which you are going to install and implement on your WordPress website. But sometimes a situation comes in which an admin is not aware of the security policies and the research mechanism. Now in this point, you must contact and Internet Security Specialists to protect your account and restore the credentials if hacked.

If you are facing this situation each and every time then please contact Cyber Law Specialists such as engineer who have completed a degree in law or even Internet lawyer who have Certification in information security and have a proven track record to solve your problem and have the knowledge to tackle your case. WordPress is an SEO friendly platform. Use it wisely and you will receive the best results in your WordPress journey. At last Be aware, Be safe.

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