The development team of TemplateToaster have reached another milestone with the launch of TemplateToaster 6. The developers have hugely revolutionized the TemplateToaster website builder with amazing features. TemplateToaster 6 is more handy and robust for the users. The biggest and wondrous feature of TemplateToaster is the WordPress with Content. Owing to this feature, you can include content in WordPress theme while designing.

Apart from this, options for making sticky menu, configuration of social media icons in the header, page management, improved contact form, Format Tab, dynamic font styles, and save custom gradient are also noteworthy feature additions.

Here you go with the fantastic glimpses of all new features of TemplateToaster 6.

WordPress With Content

WordPress with Content

Now you will see an additional option of WordPress with content with the choices of content management system. With this feature, you can add, edit and format the content of your website at the time of designing themes. All the necessary edit and format options are provided giving you a rich experience of formatting your content.

The editor will allow you to do many things with your content such as browsing your custom images, adding YouTube videos, creating hyperlinks and a lot more. A noteworthy point here is that the content added by the user and the files of the theme are kept separate from each other. So, when you will install the theme in the WordPress backend, you will be asked whether you want to import website content or not.

The content is imported only when you say yes for importing the content. We want to mention yet one more important fact about this feature, that is you can add desired content to your website as normal, even after importing the content with TemplateToaster WordPress website builder generated theme. Doing so wouldn’t affect the content addition and editing ability of your WordPress.

WordPress Editor

WordPress Editor


A new editor has been provided to the users for editing the imported content in the admin panel. It has all the basic and advanced editing/formatting options that you need. New editor has the buttons to add the rows with different column patterns. Next to the buttons, you have the options for editing source code and preview (symbolized with eye) of the page, and the option to check if how the page looks in different type of devices (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile).

Page Management UI

Page Management UI


A collapsible dock has been introduced on the left side of TemplateToaster’s user interface for page management of the website. You can add, remove, rename, and copy the pages with right click in the dock. The child pages can also be created with a right click. The option for creating page templates is also there at the same place.

Sticky Menu

Sticky Menu


You can now design sticky menu with TemplateToaster. Many users wanted the developers to include this feature in TemplateToaster. Now, you can choose to make your menu sticky while determining the position of the menu. Alike menu, the option for creating sticky footer has also been added by the developers.

Menu inside Slideshow

Menu Inside Header


TemplateToaster 6 allows you to place your navigational menu even in the slideshow. You can see this option while deciding the position of the slideshow.

Social Media Icons in Header

Social Media Icons in Header


You’ll get the option to add/configure the social media icons in the header of your website in TemplateToaster 6.

Fit To Screen Heights of Header and Slideshow

fit to screen


You will see this “fit to screen” option while deciding the height of the header and of the slideshow. It will automatically make the header and slideshow to take the height of the screen in which your website would be displaying.

Logo in Slideshow

Logo in Slideshow


In the TemplateToaster 6, you can display the logo of your website in the slideshow too. You can experiment with the logo and its position to elevate the appearance of your design.

Contact Form


Contact Form

You can add a contact form in your website from the interface of TemplateToaster. You can customize the form and can add as many fields in the form as required. The option to add contact form has been given in the Editor Tab.

Alignment Options for Images and Text Areas

Alignment Options


For the consistent alignment of the images and text areas, TemplateTaoster 6 has improved options. A new Format Tab has been introduced in the TemplateToaster, which contains vertical and horizontal alignment options.

Google and Custom Fonts in Editor Tab

Google Fonts in Editor


In TemplateToaster 6, the developers have provided the accessibility of Google and Custom fonts in the editor tab.

Dynamic Font Styles

Dynamic Font Styles


In TemplateToaster 6, you can choose preferred styles for you fonts. Using this feature, you can make the typography of your web content more interesting.

Typography Scheme

Typography scheme


TemplateToaster 6 allows you to create your custom typography scheme for the website, which you can apply on the whole website in one click. The elements of scheme are font, font size and line height. You can save multiple schemes and set the typography of textual content in one click whenever you’ll start a new project. Predefined typography schemes have also been given.

Custom Gradient save Option

Custom Gradients


In TemplateToaster 6, you can save customized gradients for future use. You can create your own gradient styles by defining the values of angle, color and offset for your current project, and keep them saved for using in other projects.

Flexible Button Styling

Flexible button styling


TemplateToaster 6 have an option for customizing the button size. You can apply buttons of different sizes in your design.

Final Words

With all such features, the TemplateToaster 6 is more powerful . Apart from above listed features, there are some other improvements in TemplateToaster. You can view the full change-log here. Our development team is continually working on making TemplateToaster more handy and powerful for you than ever. We would like you to drop us your feedback and suggestions after having a trial, and help us to make TemplateToaster as you expect it to be.