Looking for the best video compression software for Windows and Mac? By all means, we’re here to help you save your audience from getting on their nerves because of the tortoise-like video speed on your website! Read on to find out about the best video compression software professionals use to get this task done

Is the sluggishness of background or header video speed on your website becoming a great cause of concern for you? The sad part is – that great things often don’t come without impediments. It’s not always that easy to impress the audience! If you are a video editor then you would already know the importance of compressing video size. In simple words, video compression software reduces the file size by eliminating the details in the data so the video can be downloaded quickly and played easily on any device.

Optimizing video for the web is as important as image optimization. So, if you want to learn how to compress video for web use. With this in mind, we’re going to talk about not only the benefits of web-optimized video. But also the best video compression software used to compress video for the web without losing quality.

Keeping up with the advanced and the best video compression software is quite a task. Certainly, the available software to take video speed on the website to the next level without losing quality may require a little effort. But it goes a long way!

Here at TemplateToaster website maker, It’s time to discuss the benefits of video compression s before we delve deeper into discussing the best free video compression software. But, first, let us also discuss some basics related to video compression.

What is Video Compression?

Video Compression is a way to reduce the data which is responsible for encoding digital content of the video. Consequently, lesser storage, lower transmission bandwidth requirements, for a clip of video content, are the sole benefits of this reduction in data. The best video compression software would do all this for without compromising the quality of the video.

With this in mind, different levels of compression can be applied to a video. So, the higher the level of compression applied, higher the savings in transmission bandwidth and storage space. But the sad part is the quality of the video is degraded or lower to some extent.

Notably, that the video compression software is based on codecs. Speaking technically, “codec” stands for compression/ decompression. It is an algorithm or a little piece of software that is responsible for making video size smaller.

Why do you Need Video Compression?

We understand that you’ve every legit reason to put up an impactful video out there on the website. Be it a background video or a header video! Shooting internet speeds, HTML5 support, and video codecs make it tempting to use background videos and other videos. So the need to compress high-quality large size videos also arises! What’s the use of putting up a video which attracts no traffic?

Video Optimization for the web is crucial to make it SEO friendly. But, size and compatibility are massive problems you have to deal with. No frets. Optimum compression settings by using the best video compressor software will help solve this problem.

So, the best video compression software should have an interactive user interface. Also it should give you option to choose from different formats, let you select the file size, and resolution of the video.

Typically, you should go for a video compression software that offers a high video compression speed. And also look for additional features that come along with the software.

What are the Advantages of Using Video Compression Software?

Video Compression tools are basically used:

  • To create a file format which the system (to which you are about to put the video)
    can understand.
  • Specifically, give the best user experience to your viewers by making the video load speed fast.
  • SIgnificantly, get a better ranking in search engines as a result of faster video load speed, a bonus point to increase conversions.

List of the best video compression software

  1. MeGUI
  2. Movavi Video Converter
  3. Video Proc
  4. Handbrake
  5. Hybrid

Top Video Compression Software

There is a lot of software that is available to compress the videos online as well as offline. Most of them work as mere converters which will certainly provide you with a compressed file. But that output can’t be reliable most of the times. Also, compression in a real sense is called encoding/transcoding of a video file using encoding software and a related set of files.

With encoding software, you can control proper input and output for a video. Hence can get reliable and desired results. Encoding software, which is free to use and adopted by most professionals are MeGUI, Movavi Video Converter and Video Proc. These are feature-rich video compression software that comes bundled with plenty of options and advanced controls to compress videos without losing quality.

Using these applications definitely, rules out the issue of the large size of the videos which often acts as a hurdle and can make you procrastinate using videos for your website.

No doubt, professionals look for the tools which can get the task done like a magic wand in hand. Along with an emphasis on output quality while cutting out the time spent on bulk video compression. On the other hand, a newcomer trying his hand in this new field may not be able to get acquainted easily with the advanced controls and settings. Here are some of our picks for video converters:

  1. Freemake Video Converter
  2. Any Video Converter Free Version
  3. Format Factory

As we discussed earlier, it is very important to compress videos for web use. Here at TemplateToaster offline website builder, we are going to discuss the best video compression software, worth trying your hand at!

Best Video Compression Software (Review)

1. MeGUI

megui video compression software

There is another video compression software which is not known to many, surprisingly! MeGUI is the most comprehensive GUI based MPEG-4 solution. It is a more advanced software for video compression and is not meant for those with little knowledge of video compression. MeGUI is a powerful video compression software made basically for professionals who want more control while compressing videos professionally.


  • Automatic detection of the input video as interlaced/ hybrid/ film/ progressive.
  • Flexible processing and improved speed on multi-core systems.
  • Powerful support with job-queue and in-place job editing.
  • Auto Update feature to help ease the installation process and more.


  • Made for advanced users only. Not suitable for beginner users.
  • Requires prior knowledge of video compression software and tools.

2. UniConverter

Wondershare UniConverter video compression software

Wondershare UniConverter (originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate) is a media transfer, editor, burner, and converter tool. Indeed it is an ideal media converter tool that behaves as a central console for all your media conversion needs. The powerful capability to convert audio, video, and image into several other formats such as MKV, MP3, JPG, PNG, MP4, MOV, DVD, AVI, MXF are its main assets. Moreover, it comes with a full set of optimized video tools that you will require to edit your videos.
Notably, the compelling engine of this robust software helps you convert media files way faster than its competitors without losing the quality. Use this easy and simple tool to convert, edit, burn media files with ease.


  • Wondershare UniConverter is available for both Windows and Mac platforms.
  • Wondershare UniConvertor is available in 8 different languages that make it universally acceptable. But the default language is English.
  • It comes with a scheduler and provides you with a high-conversion mode.
  • It has a drag & drops user interface UI.
  • This software supports a 30X faster speed to convert videos.


  • In the free version, the length of the video is limited.
  • Also, editing is not possible in the free version.
  • It comes with limited conversion speed.

3. Movavi Video Converter

Movavi Video Converter  is best for fast and unlimited video compression. The best thing about the software is that it provides an option to convert as well as compress the video at a very high speed. Besides, the video compression software is easy to use and has a simple interface. It lets users compress unlimited videos. The software also comes with preset settings that make it very simple. You can also customize the settings as needed. However, if you are a beginner we suggest you use the preset feature for high performance.

There are very few video compressors that support 4K video without any loss in video quality, and Movavi is one of them.  You can compress in different file formats and convert videos into different file sizes. Also, it is a free 7-day trial so anyone can use it.


  • Supports multiple output formats.
  • Easily drag and drop files to the working area.
  • Customization option.
  • Fast video compression.
  • Supports Windows and Mac.
  • Free 7 day trial.


  • Video rendering can be a bit slow.

4. Video Proc

VideoProc is an easy-to-use video compression software that compresses video like a pro. It also provides other features like video editing, trim, converting and compressing video files. It is straightforward and allows you to edit videos, DVDs, and audios, to more than 400 outputs. The company has sold more than 180 million units of software worldwide. Moreover, the software can compress up to 8K resolution of video and up to 90% of the original size without compromising on the video quality.

What we like the most about this video compression software is the speed. It offers a high video processing speed, with low CPU usage.


  • The converted video can be downloaded in MP and MP3.
  • You can also record and compress live video streams.
  • Easily manage videos you have compressed.
  • Supports Windows and Mac.
  • Supports 1000+ video sites.


  • The free version is limited and comes with a watermark in screen recordings.

5. HandBrake

handbrake video compression software

HandBrake is an open-source video transcoder. By all means, it is one of the best video compression software available. And helps you to compress video for web background as well as header video in a few easy steps.

While we discussed the technicalities of video compression above, it’s not quite necessary to go deep into the complexities. However, familiarizing with the above terms would be sufficient for you to use HandBrake to compress the videos.


  • HandBrake is an open-source video transcoder.
  • A plethora of formats and presets are available to use in this compression tool.
  • This video compression software is free to use.
  • It is termed as best for beginners.


  • Challenging Graphic User Interface.
  • Advanced settings can confuse the beginner.

6. Hybrid

hybrid video compression software

A multi-platform QT based frontend which can convert almost every input to x264, x265, Xvid, and VP9. Along with this, audio streams are encoded to ogg, acc, mp3, flac and ac3 inside the following containers mp4, mkv, m2ts, mov, WebM, and avi. Also, it comes with an integrated bitrate calculator. Moreover, it has the ability to encode a single title/ chapter. Packed with an array of features, it is definitely one of the best video compression software.


  • The Hybrid tool supports x265, the latest codec in the market and works flawlessly.
  • The 2-pass mode is available for x265, for better quality output video.
  • A wide range of options related to filtering, resizing, cropping, chapter making, x264 etc. are available.
  • The ability to encode files in batches helps save a ton of time in the process of encoding.


  • GUI can be a bit challenging for using advanced options.
  • CLI is to be used for some customized encoding results.
  • Linux version lacks support for major codecs such as x264, x265. However, XVID is supported.


Best Video Compression Software Compared (2024)

Best Video Compression SoftwareMovavi Video ConverterVideo ProcMeGUI
Usage LevelIntermediateBeginnerAdvanced
Setting up and ConfigurationEasyMediumHard
Learning CurveMediumEasyHard
FormatsLimited SupportMostly SupportedAll Supported
DependenciesIncludedIncludedNeed to be installed separately
Compression TimeHighHighHigh
Memory UsageHighModerateHigh

How to Compress a Video Step by Step using Video Compression Software?

For demonstration purpose, we’re going to show you, how to use Hybrid. We’ve chosen it over other video compression tools as it supports WebM format as well, which is not supported in HandBrake and MeGUI.

  1. Choose the source video by clicking Input Icon.video compression software
  2. Browse the input file to be compressed. Select and Open. It takes a couple of seconds to process and open the video depending upon the length of the video.
  3. Now Click Output Icon to save the Output Path and Name of the file.
  4. Now select the Codec you want to use and then click on that codec tab as shown below.
    vedio compression software free
  5. Choose the encoding mode as per the requirement

    • 1-Pass –The video file is processed in one go!
    • 2-Pass –The video file is processed in two phases for better quality output
    • Constant Rate Factor (CRF) –provides encoding at a fixed quality, size can’t be determined
    • Average Bitrate (ABR) –An average bitrate is provided as per the desired quality, in contrast to constant bitrate in 1-pass and 2-pass mode

    vedio compression software best

  6. Now select preset as per the desired quality, slower the processing, higher will be the quality. Level/Profile should be kept as shown below. You can save this preset for encoding more videos in future.
    to compress vedio
  7. Click on Crop/Resize tab to choose the desired resolution (Width x Height) for the video.
  8. Now go to the Audio tab, Select Codec from the list of provided codecs such as AAC or any other encoder you want. Select Bitrate or Quality options and other small options provided, as per the requirement. You can also provide any other audio source apart from the one form video.
    best free video compression software
  9. Now go to the Config tab and click on the Output option.
    vedio compressor software
  10. Select Container settings to choose the format of the file.
    compress video size
  11. Now click the Path option under the Config tab to provide default paths for Input, Output and Temp folders.
    best vedio compression software
  12. Now under the Jobs tab, Select the file from Queue and Click Play Icon to start encoding.
    free vedio compression software


Recommended Settings for Hybrid:

Codec: x265/x264

Mode: Specific filezie/bitrate 2-pass

Bitrate: 300 kbps for an SD (480p) quality video and 750 for an HD (720p) quality video

Preset: Very slow

Container: MP4/WebM

Audio: Ogg format and 96 kbps at 48 KH

How to Choose the Best Video Compression Software in 2024?

While choosing the best software for video compressing here is what you need to look for:

  • Usability: Make sure to choose software that is easy to use and does not have a steep learning curve.
  • Video Quality: Compressing video does not mean you have to compromise on the video quality. Try looking for software that is good and does not compromise the quality of the video.
  • Performance: Software that can compress the video fast and is stable can save you a lot of time.
  • Advanced Functions: Also choose a video compressor that supports advanced features like resolution, frame rate, bitrate, and audio codec. Also, it should support video compression with no quality loss.
  • Free Trial:  A good option that lets you use the software and decide what works best for you.

Which Software Do You Use for Video Compression?

To put it briefly, there are many video compression tools out there for beginners and advanced users. For professional use,  MeGUI, and  Movavi Video Creator definitely come in handy. There is a whole lot of difference between the graphic user interface of the different video compression software. Beginners may find the complex GUI overwhelming while all the advanced controls can prove to be a goldmine for a professional. You can find a lot more tools on this dedicated forum for Video Encoding. As a web designer or a web developer, it is always your prime concern to create websites for your clients that are as user-friendly and SEO optimized as possible. You start looking for the best video compression software for web background, header video and more.

Now that you know how to compress videos for your website, start designing stunning themes using TemplateToaster web design software and introduce beautiful videos to your website in minutes! The videos incorporated, will definitely make a sea change and will strike a chord with your website visitors. you may also read about Graphic design software.