Incorporating simple yet stylish fonts throughout the website contribute significantly as various other factors do to attract the audience. Although the internet is flooded with a plethora of websites from where you can download free as well as paid premium fonts but how many of them you can browse through. So, to ease off the process, we have battered a lot to list down the finest selection of websites that offer a portfolio of free fonts (including a few premium ones too), right from vintage inspired typefaces to serifs including scripts.

In our earlier posts, we have also discussed about 20 websites to get free vector designs, images and icons. Here at Templatetoaster web design software check out top 20 free font websites for web designers:

Google fonts

It is one of the best websites that you can browse through to get amazing range of fonts absolutely free. There are as much as 708 font families to search for and the filters can be set according to “Thickness”, “Slant” or “Width”.

Adobe edge

This is another website that tops our list. It offers a huge collection of web fonts absolutely free. You can browse through more than 500 font categories and for downloading you need not have an account there. Edge Web Fonts is powered by Typekit, which is a commercial service by Adobe.

It is the next in the list of free font providers for web designers. There are around ten categories to browse through. You are also provided with detailed steps to how to install the fonts on Windows 10/8/7/Vista or Mac OS X.

Looking for new and fresh fonts for free online? It is an ideal website to browse through. Check out the amazing selection of fonts for a plethora of categories ranging from 3d, eroded, shadowed, comic and black to retro.

Font Squirrel

Here you can browse through thousands of fonts that are 100% free for commercial use. Fonts can be searched by “Classification”, “Tags” or “Family Size”. You can even check the preview instantly and download them right over.

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Font Space

It offers you as much as 28495 free fonts both for Mac and Windows that are shared by web designers from all across the globe. Whether you are looking for Cursive, Script, Handwriting or Tattoo, everything is available over here.


1001 Free Fonts



Downloading thousands of free fonts is no more hassles with “1001freefonts”. It claims to have the best font collection available for commercial and personal use. Start browsing and download right over!

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Although relatively less popular website, but still offers a great range of amazing fonts broadly categorized into 8 types. You can download them both for Windows and Mac for free.

Font Palace

To browse the selection of Open Type and True Type fonts online, this is an ideal website. It offers the royal collection of free fonts without “Signing Up”, both for Mac and Windows. Check FAQs for installation.

It has the collection unique fonts, both paid and free. In contrast to other websites, it has fewer categories to browse through and you can even sign up for mailing list. Every font is free except “Baron”. Fonts can be used for mobile apps, website templates, PDFs and a lot more.

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Urban Fonts

Browse through for premium & free fonts and free dingbats. Check out more than 8000 free fonts and some of them are trial versions for commercial use only. No need to sign up to download the fonts available.


Next in the list is that offers a wide collection of over 40,000 simple yet stylish free fonts. You can simply find the font sorted according to “Top Viewed”, “Top Downloaded” or “Latest Font Styles”. Members can sign up to get everything quickly.

Lost Type

Although less popular, but it is an amazing source to get exclusive typefaces, shared by almost 50 contributors worldwide. Various renowned brands like Disney, Nike and Starbucks also use the fonts available over here.

Font Struct

Are you ready to build, share and download fonts online? is an ideal platform for this. It is absolutely free and simple. Check out the wonderful font collection and use in any application.


Not much popular, but is a reliable place for web designers to get both free and premium fonts. Check out the wide selection of fonts ranging from 3d, Casual, Brush and Christmas to Graffiti and Magazine.

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It is also not much appreciated by professional web designers but you can find and download some of the attractive fonts for free. Check out Sketch Block, Wombat, Yaa Type, Zwodrei and Sketch Gothic along with various others.


It is basically a small design studio, located in Bulgaria. They focus on providing unique fonts that can be used both personally and commercially for a variety of applications. No need to create an account to download the fonts available.


Ranked a bit low in our list, lets you download a good collection of modern and vintage fonts to be used creatively. Although you cannot download the fonts directly but can click on some external links available for some great revival fonts.


A worthy website “” not only offers you stylish fonts but a wide selection of logos and cover designs too. No matter the fonts available are not as much in numbers but are ideal to be used for personal use.


Last but not the least in our list, offers you only 6 categories to browse through. There are a few hundreds of web fonts available that can be used effortlessly for a number of applications. You can get fonts for different languages right from Arabic, Cyrillic, Vietnamese, Turkish, Greek and Thai to Western European.

So, these were the top 20 websites offering free as well as premium fonts to add flexibility to web designers across the globe. There might a number of other sources available that we might have missed out.  Feel free to drop in your comment if you got something significant and we have missed out over here. Create your own website with offline website builder TemplateToaster.

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