WordPress Content Creation Tools

Do you know all the content creation tools for WordPress? I know I don’t – but I know which ones are the best.

Can you imagine a marketing plan without content creation? Or a website not based on WordPress? Neither can I. Today, more than a quarter of all web pages use this system to build an online presence. You just have to master the best WordPress Content Creation Tools.

Hundreds of tools can help you to improve content creation in WordPress. You can use some of the 50 thousand plugins but you can also find content creation mechanisms somewhere else. To cut the long story short, I am going to present you the 15 most popular WordPress Content Creation Tools that you can use every day.


Best Tools to Improve Content Creation

You cannot run the business nowadays without a decent content creation strategy. Using the right WordPress content creation tools can make this task easier, so let’s check out the 15 most efficient means of content creation.

1. Yoast SEO

SEO is the precondition of a good online campaign. Yoast SEO is one of the best WordPress content creation tools that enables you to optimize the website in all of its aspects. It makes sure that you create the best content possible. This plugin is letting you choose a focus keyword and then it disperses it through an entire content. To put it simply, Yoast SEO is making your online content visible.


2. Jetpack Spelling & Grammar

Although it is not primarily dedicated to marketers, the Jetpack plugin offers a wide range of content creation elements. Spelling and grammar help you to avoid typos and grammar mistakes. Jetpack can suggest you how to use shortcuts. It lets you know how to improve text and detect terms or phrases that you use too often. These are important details but many writers neglect them in the process.


3. Just Writing

If you are having trouble with procrastination and the lack of focus, Just Writing will make you go back to work. The plugin is perfect for content creators who lose focus and cannot handle the deadlines. Besides this, Just Writing has a lot of features that can improve writing skills and style. Some of these are spelling check, formats and style options.


4. Essay Geeks

Most of the small and medium businesses don’t have enough staff to manage all duties on time. In case that you are facing the same problem, you can ask for assistance from professional writing services like Essay Geeks. They are hiring experts in all fields to create digital contents for their clients. In some occasions, even the biggest marketing units outsource this type of work and let the professionals do it instead. Although atypical, this can be one of the crucial WordPress content creation tools in your assortment.


5. Content Forest’s Title Tool

Bloggers publish millions of posts each day and it is getting harder to develop ideas related to your business. Luckily enough, Content Forest’s Title Tool is offering many other solutions. Based on the keyword search, the tool is conducting a data-driven analysis to find and suggest title ideas for your website.


6. Canva

Content is becoming more visual and you may consider adding a few pictures to blog posts. Canva allows you to create SEO friendly images according to your affinities but it doesn’t make a big deal out of it. This tool is very simple. The developers noticed that many professionals around the globe are struggling to find imagery for their web pages. Canva eliminated this problem and enabled everybody to become a graphic designer, thus proving to be among the top WordPress content creation tools.


7. WP Smush.it

Images are a part of the content creation strategy. But they can slow down your web page because of their size and frequency. The WP Smush.it is the WordPress content creation tool which handles this issue. It reduces the picture size but still leaves it visible for all users. It is the WordPress image management solution with the largest number of downloads. When you start using it, you will realize why.


8. Testimonials Widget

No matter how good you praise your own products or services, you can’t do it better than the actual clients. Consumers love testimonials and referrals coming from previous buyers. Testimonials Widget allows you to share public praises like quotes, videos, or reviews on your website. You can add slide effects to make the testimonials dynamic but there are many other arrangement options, too.


9. Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is a platform which answers more than 15 million questions on a daily basis. Since marketers enjoy creating reports, use this tool to conduct a research among followers. With this material, you can create an analysis of customer preferences and behavior. After that, you can publish it as the PDF document. Such document is reliable and trustworthy, which makes it a nice addition to your WordPress content creation tools portfolio.


10. Social Networks Auto-Poster

Hundreds of millions of users made social networks very powerful. With so many consumers available almost instantly, you only have to share your content via Facebook, Twitter, and other social communities. Social Networks Auto-Poster will do it for you. It helps you to increase the reach, the number of followers, and their engagement.


11. Google Calendar

Most of the marketers have an issue with time management, which can disturb plans related to the content creation and publishing. Google Calendar is a scheduling tool that arranges your duties and creates separate notes for all future tasks. Along with that, you can set the reminders for locations, events, and meetings. Not bad for one of the simplest WordPress content creation tools, right?


12. TemplateToaster

Marketing is not only about the way you say things but also how you present them. TemplateToaster is the website building solution that helps you to arrange content within your online presentation. It’s the tool that creates themes and templates for your website simple options like dragging and dropping. With this WordPress Theme Builder, you don’t have to worry about not having a beautiful and perfectly optimized website.


13. Sketch

Sketch can make your web design efforts shorter and easier. The app can help you to improve the WordPress-based website using simple operations and templates. With Sketch, there will be no headache due to all those symbols, artworks, and styles. It will offer you many solutions and your task is only to choose the ones that fit your web page the most.


14. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

Average users read only around 20% of your post, so you need to attract them immediately with good headlines. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer is the tool that explores headlines and suggests improvements to make them sound better. That way, your WordPress content creation tools will drive more traffic, shares, and clicks in general.


15. Revive Old Posts

Revive Old Posts will publish your earlier content from time to time. Every once in a while, it will repost your blogs, photos, or any other content that you consider relevant. Of course, you can set the preferences, choose the time, and select topics that you want to promote again.



Content creation is an essence of contemporary marketing and the business in general. It can be difficult to handle this segment, especially if you are facing a strong competition, but there are special tools that can make your online work easier. In this article, I gave you an overview of the 15 most popular content creation tools for WordPress. Feel free to check them out and let us know if you have other suggestions that proved to be great for your business.