Are you looking for WordPress membership plugin? A membership website is a way to build online communities. People subscribe to such a website to become the members of a certain communities. People can be charged for annual or half annual subscription to your website. Hence, running a membership website can be a sustainable online business. If you’ve something worthful to teach the people, something that people want to know, then, you must think about your own membership website. But, the membership websites are not only build for monetization. There has been many for sharing knowledge among the community members. WordPress membership plugins are really of great help.

Here at TemplateToaster WordPress theme builder, you will know about the WordPress membership plugin that help in creating a membership website easily. They benefit you with their powerful features.

List of WordPress Membership plugins

  1. WP-Members
  2. Paid- Memberships Pro
  3. S2 Member
  4. Utimate member

Essential WordPress Membership plugins (Reveiw)

1. WP-Members – WordPress membership plugin

WP Members plugin banner


You can better manage subscriptions on your site with WP Members plugin. This is a powerful WordPress membership plugin yet very simple to use. Download it for free from WordPress plugins directory. Upon activation of the plugin, you will find it via Settings–>WP-Members. This WordPress membership plugin detects if your existing settings are contradictory with the discussion settings of WordPress.


WP Members Warnings


Its settings are too easy to make, which are managed in four sections. Manage your content the way you want to. Content blocking is required if you want only members to access the content. Moreover, select/unselect showing excerpt, login form and registration form on pages and posts individually.


WP Members manage options


This plugin gives you the options for selecting the pages of your website for login, registration and user profile.


selecting pages with WP Members


Select the options to send you notifications about new registrations and to hold them for approval. Although excerpt is created automatically, still, select the word limit of excerpt. For security purpose, enable the CAPTCHA.


WP Members other settings


This plugin gives you all the options to manage the registration fields. The common field labels are already added, but, you are given the option to create the custom ones too. It is up to you which field labels you want to display and mark as required.

Add fields of any type from text, text area, checkbox, dropdown, passwords or a file. The type you will choose, additional options for respective type will be given to you.


WP Members add a custom registration field


Then go for setting up dialogs and error messages regarding user registration and password. At no point, you will feel that the plugin is difficult to understand.

Then use additional extensions to enhance your membership website by subscribing at rocket geek (dot) com. This website is the parent website of WP- Members and offers paid subscription of $59. Use PayPal subscription, invitation codes, MailChimp Integration, Registration blacklist, user tracking and a few more extensions. All in all, this plugin is too easy to configure and too usable for the membership websites.

Active Installs: 60,000+

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

2. Paid Memberships Pro

Paid Memberships Pro plugin banner


The Paid Memberships Pro will take a place on the left sidebar of your WordPress dashboard. The very first option encountered is to add membership level. Add unlimited membership levels. For setting up membership levels, it gives the options to set the initial amount to be collected at the time of registration, recurring subscription, and custom trial period, and membership expiration period.


Paid Memberships Pro menu


You can see the report of your site, which comprises stats of visits, views, logins, signups, cancellations, sales and revenue. For payments, the plugin supports Stripe, PayPal Express, PayPal pro and standard,, Braintree, 2 Checkout, and Cybersource. While selecting the payment gateway, select the credit card type to be selected. Also, you can make SSL settings.

For creating the pages, the plugin offers the shortcodes, and also, it gives you an option to automatically create the pages itself.


creating pages with Paid Memberships Pro


This plugin also has the functionality to manage the list of members with CSV export and the list of orders. You can also easily manage to offer discount to the registered members of your website.

All in all, this is a nice plugin, which could be an alternative of WP Members plugin.

Active Installs: 40,000+

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

3. S2Member

S2 Member framework plugin banner


The S2 Member Framework plugin has more than a dozen sections on the settings page. It assumes that you might not have the technical knowledge to configure the plugin, so, it offers explanations for each section. Hence, even if you are an absolute beginner, configure the settings of this plugin.


S2 Member Framework options


You can better manage recurring and non-recurring subscriptions with the help of the S2 Member Framework. This plugin supports four (1-4) paid membership levels and a free subscription (level #0) also. With the help of this plugin, allow or disallow open registration. There is an option of configuring a security code, which is given to strengthening the security of users’ data and the plugin itself.

This WordPress membership plugin is compatible with multisite networking. And, there are several restriction options, which allows to restrict access of the pages, posts, and categories. You even impede the brute force IP, and, set a limit on IPs to be used by a single customer for preventing username (or link) sharing.


S2 Member Framework's content restriction options


The free version of S2 Member framework supports only PayPal, but, the paid version supports Stripe, PayPal pro, and Plus ClickBank. When it comes to list server support, the two big names are MailChimp and Aweber.

All in all, this WordPress memebership plugin is a good choice. With the comprehensive settings and thorough explanation of every setting, this plugin is very easy to configure for a membership website.

Active Installs: 40,000+

Rating: 4.1 out of 5

4. Ultimate Member

Ultimate Member plugin banner


It is a very simple WordPress membership plugin, but very interesting. The Ultimate Member plugin enables you to create the member directories and effectively manage the memberships. With the help of this plugin, you may let the members of your site to display their profile information and to edit their profiles from the front-end of your website.

As you activate the plugin, it creates a new menu in the sidebar of WordPress admin dashboard. This plugin has its own dashboard where it displays users’ overview.


Ultimate Member plugin menu


By creating user roles, you are restricted the content access. As well as, you dictate that what access the member has to its own profile and to the profiles of other members. As we told you a while ago that this plugin will let your member to edit their profile. For this, you are required to create a profile form to add the information about the member.


creating form with Ultimate Member


You are given the options for choosing predefined fields, as well as you may create your own custom fields. Select the type of field first, then, you are given the settings for configuring corresponding field. Are not the field type overwhelming? This is what we find most interesting in this plugin.


Ultimate Member's field manager


Members make their profiles engaging by adding a cover photo or video.

All in all, this plugin is a very nice plugin, but there is no option to monetize your website with its help. It comes to your aid if you want to create non-profitable communities for knowledge sharing.

Active Installs: 10,000+

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Which WordPress Membership Plugin you use?

It is never so easy to be straightforward when you ask which plugin is the best. It always depends on the requirements. Our recommendation depends on whether you want to monetize your membership website or not.

For the non-monetization purpose, the ultimate member is the best WordPress membership plugin. The WP Members and S2 Member Framework good from the other perspective, that is, monetization purpose. Between WP Members and S2 Member framework plugins, we will keep the S2 Member plugin at forefront as this plugin clearly tells the importance of the settings that it offers and undoubtedly the settings allow to keep a better control over the content you want to sell.

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