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WordPress, as a platform, is popular among the techies and the masses purely because of its dynamics and flexibility. Plain and simple, it’s user-friendly. What a theme may not offer is well-compensated via. widgets and plugins. For example, when it comes to the beautification of the websites, slider plugins are one of the smartest and easiest ways to use your WordPress website’s real estate to attract and engage your visitors. But, picking the right one could be tricky.



Apart from the design and page load speed, what you should pay attention to while picking a plugin for yourself is the ratio of its functionality and intuitiveness.

Although, using any slider plugin requires just three simple steps – download, install and activate – you can bypass even these steps by designing your theme on TemplateToaster. Not only will you get the custom design and templates, you can adorn them with dazzling slideshows that will never weigh down your site.

Now, if you still want to try out plugins for a slideshow, then this list of handpicked WordPress slider plugins is where your search ends.

FEATURES COMPARISON CHART: An Overview of all Plugins

Plugin Active Installs Rating (out of 5) WordPress compatibility Current version Responsive SEO Friendly Device Friendly Browser Friendly Video Format Support
Meta Slider  700,000+  4.8  3.5 (min.), up to 4.7  3.3.7  Yes  Yes  Yes  No  Yes
Huge-IT Slider 100,000+   4.3  3.0.1 (min.), up to 4.7  3.1.98  Yes  Yes  Yes  No  Yes
Master Slider 100,000+  4.2  4.0 (min.), 4.6.1  2.9.5 Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
Meteor Slides 80,000+  4.7  4.4 (min.), up to 4.7  1.5.6  Yes  No  Yes  No  No
Easing Slider  80,000+   4.4  4.5 (min.), up to 4.6.1  3.0.8  Yes  No  Yes  No  Yes
Soliloquy Slider Lite  80,000+   3.6  4.0.0 (min.), up to 4.6.0  Yes  Yes  Yes  No  Yes
Cyclone Slider 2  80,000+  4.5  3.5 (min.), up to 4.5.4  2.12.4  Yes  No  Yes  No  Yes
Slider WD  50,000+  4.5  3.4 (min.), up to 4.7  1.1.63  Yes  No  Yes  No  No
Ultimate Responsive Image Slider  30,000+   4.7  3.8 (min.), up to 4.7  2.9.8  Yes  No  Yes  Yes  No
Image Slider  20,000+   3.3  3.5 (min.), up to 4.7  1.1.89  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  No
Smooth Slider 20,000+  4  3.0 (min.), up to 4.6.1  2.8.6  Yes  No  Yes  No  Yes
Huge-IT Responsive Slider 10,000+  4.1 3.0.1 (min.), up to 4.7  2.3.4  Yes  No  Yes  Yes  No
MaxGalleria  5,000+  4.3  3.9 (min.), up to 4.7 5.1.4  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
Giga Slider  2,000+  4.3 3.0.1 (min.), up to 4.7  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes


meta slider wordpress slider plugin

Meta slider is a potent mix of Flex Slider, Responsive slides, Coin Slider and Nivo slider that is suitable for mastheads, galleries, as well as online stores. With features like thumbnail navigation and smart crop, it can give your slideshows the feel of a gallery.

Its Pro version has mind-blowing features like animated layer slides, customization options for developers using API, live theme editor, more than 50 CSS3 transitions, responsive video slides, and a built-in WYSIWYG editor which makes designing fun and intuitive.

Why we love it? Full compatible with translation plugins such as WPML, PolyLang and qTranslate.


huge-it slider wordpess slider plugin

Extremely simple to use, edit and play, Huge-IT slider kickstarts your website in less than 5 minutes. Since, the plugin supports HTML both in titles and descriptions, you can set URLs to specific pages. Designed to serve different kinds of functionalities, this slider can also be used as a widget from the widgets admin panel.

Pro version offers the flexibility to use videos and content in slides, new navigation buttons, more design and transition options.

Why we love it? Smart Target feature which automatically opens all internal links within the page and outsourced links in a new tab keeping a check on bounce rate and time on site.


master slider wordpress slider plugin

Master Slider is one of the most advanced HTML5 WordPress sliders. It is characterised as robust, efficient, and intuitive slider compatible with all themes, browsers, and devices. Prime features include a user-friendly panel, smart crop, and multi-axis navigation.

Pro version offers full-width, full-screen and boxed layouts, deep linking, WYSIWYG editor and WordPress’ Native Text Editor.

Why we love it? Hardware accelerated CSS3 3D transforms and WooCommerce product slider.


meteor slides wordpress slider plugin

Meteor slides is a no-fuss responsive and device-friendly slider with fluid themes, touch & swipe support which is powered by jQuery Cycle. A basic pack contains more than 20 transition styles and supports multiple languages.

Why we love it? Lightweight and multisite compatibility.


easing slider wordpress slider plugin

Designed on the KISS principle to keeping things simple, this plugin is focused on user experience. It comes with a basic slider with installable add-ons. This keeps the website light as only some chosen features remain in the dashboard with no extra features to spoil the user experience. Upon installation, you’ll get the smoothest transitions due to hardware acceleration and fast loading pages.

With add-ons, you can have SEO-optimized captions, slides from post feed, thumbnails, video and carousel slides, jQuery Lightbox, and also add images from external sites via URL.

Why we love it? Fully open source and free.


soliloquy lite wordpress slider plugin

The plugin is free and is a complete package that anyone would want for their website’s slider – touch-enabled swiping, metadata for each image as well as the slider, smart JS & CSS loading, WYSIWYG editor, and numerous add-ons ranging from themes to Lightbox to Instagram. However, support is provided only when a support license is purchased. The good thing is that this support comes right from the house of WP’s core development team!

Why we love it? It is developed by WordPress’ lead developer, Mark Jaquith, with performance optimisation and security at its heart.


Cyclone slider 2 wordpress slider plugin

If you’re looking for a slider which is responsive, supports all browsers and search engines, multiple languages and allows unlimited slides with each slide having a unique setting, then Cyclone Slider 2 is your pick. It auto-fetches images from your NextGEN gallery using selective loading so that only chosen scripts and styles load, thus, keeping the page lightweight. It’s a powerful pack of amazing features!

Why we love it? Translation feature and testimonials as a slideshow.


slider wd wordpress slider plugin

One of the fastest plugins, Slider WD is configurable and can be easily integrated into any theme using PHP function to be used as a widget, plugin, or part of the theme. Additionally, you can apply visual layers to each individual slide to make them more elegant and engaging.

Unlock its pro version for more transition effects, layers, embed DailyMotion, Instagram and Flickr, add social sharing buttons’ layer, effects like parallax, zoom and carousel, and to import-export slider properties.

Why we love it? Auto-play in videos with music playback and watermarks on images.


ultimate responsive image slider wordpress slider plugin

Best suited for bloggers who appreciate a drag-and-drop interface with labels and descriptions for individual slides and feature of auto-height.

Unlocking Pro version gets you more than 500 Google font styles, Lightbox integration, unlimited colour scheme, side thumbnails, unlimited images, multi-lingual translation, and multiple image uploader.

Why we love it? Horizontal as well as vertical slider orientation.


image slider wordpress slider plugin

Image slider is compatible with all devices and search engines and comes loaded with more than 390 transition effects, unlimited colours, layouts, and ability to link images to external URLs. On top of it, you can customise with CSS and JS and use it for posts, pages, widgets, and sidebars. There is no additional heaviness on the page in this Lite version.

Why we love it? Social share buttons on the slider.


smooth slider wordpress slider plugin

Apart from features like auto-fetching of recent posts in the slides, typographical customizations, beautiful transitions, effects, backgrounds, and smart preview, what makes Smooth slider truly unique is its import-export feature. This feature makes migration from development to production environment a breeze. You can also set an expiry date on slides which comes handy for promotional offers.

Premium subscription gives more control with add-ons, Lightbox effect, live chat, and prompt support. Plus, it is a great and free replacement for the paid WordPress plugin, Revolution Slider.

Why we love it? Ability to create slideshows from RSS & Atom feed, NextGEN gallery, Facebook album, Flickr, Instagram, 500px and videos.


huge-IT responsive slider wordpress slider plugin

The name gives it all – Huge-IT is light, user-friendly, and works well on all devices and screens. It comes with seven slider effects, option to build sliders with unlimited images, text, etc. You can style and add different effects on individual slides and preview changes in real time.

Why we love it? Feature to add custom elements on the slides, like buttons and text.


WordPress Gallery Plugin MaxGalleria wordpress slider plugin

MaxGalleria is a great pick for everyone – designer, developer, and bloggers. A streamlined design and management put the user to ease. It picks images from the WordPress gallery and from external URLs which can then be used in the six preset layouts or customised as per requirement. There are multiple add-ons that further increase the plugin’s flexibility while keeping it light and interface clean.

Why we love it? Six responsive Lightbox scripts – SwipeBox, PrettyPhoto, FancyBox, Image Lightbox, Tos “R” Us, Nivo Lightbox.


giga slider wordpress slider plugin

Giga slider offers the flexibility to be used both as a page slider and a small widget slider. With freedom of unlimited sliders and a plethora of transition effects and skin types to choose from, you have the perfect, responsive, SEO-friendly slider for your website to run on any modern browser.

Pro version adds on to these amazing features with the ability to point slides to a specific URL, full design management and prompt support.

Why we love it? Minified CSS, JS and jQuery files with a lazy load that keep the page light and load speed minimum.


We hope we covered a good amount of ground here. So, try these plugins and TemplateToaster and let us know in comments below what worked for you.

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