There is no denying the fact that web designing has been an integral aspect of any website always. It is the most fundamental factor which grabs the attention when a user first lands on your website. Since the web design was introduced, custom web design is one thing which has been one among many important elements in designing of the web and also its development. There are web design software for web designers.

This is an era of complete competition based marketing. In a time like this, uniqueness is the only way to keep yourself distinguished from the rest of the crowd. This could be accomplished only if you have ways of creating something which is totally different. Custom web designing is that factor which always set your website at a different level when compared to the rest of the crowd due to its various unique elements of designing.

But, times have changed. And over the long period, themes and templates that are ready to use have posed a very tough competition to the customized web designing. The competition has been so much tough with every passing year that the customized web designs have almost reached extinction. The web templates and themes may have not totally taken over the custom web designing but it is definitely killing them. This is clearly evident as there has been a sharp elevation in the curve of number of people who have switched to using themes from custom web design in recent times.

When we look at this development, it is very common for us to try and find out why is there such a drastic swap. Hence, we will tell about a few points that have resulted in themes overtaking custom web design!

Customer likes it to be real quick

With the rising competition in the market at a drastic pace, owners of websites are in a hurry always. One day that is wasted in the business could severely affect the rates of ROI. The custom web design must be produced from the very beginning. Every single element of the site must be created freshly for each of the websites. But considering the time constraints that the owners of the websites have got, custom web design is definitely time-consuming.

A faster solution to this problem is to use theme designs and web templates for the website. Such themes and templates are very easily available as they are pre-designed once and for all. The users must only have to buy these themes and templates, and later insert them wherever they want them.

Marketers follow trends

Custom web designs are not designed in prior whereas templates and themes are pre-designed and users can use them anytime. They are usually designed in the certain homogeneous pattern. Hence, websites that use templates and theme designs generally look similar. But this factor does not repel many of the marketers. They instead join the race and begin using them. As the websites are using same or similar design patterns, marketers begin following this development as if it is a trend. This will result in a large number of websites making use of the same kind of themes and templates. With such trend spreading like a wildfire, the custom web designing surely lags behind while the former survives and triumphs in the trend.

Templates and themes are cheaper

Like we mentioned earlier, themes are ready to use as they are pre-designed. These themes and templates are usually produced in masses and are later put up on various websites for buying. But the custom web design needs the designer to begin each element of web design from its scratch. The designer must also be consistently in touch with those clients who have assigned him to work to ensure that the web design he is making meets all the requirements of the clients.

But in a busy world which is fast paced and where time is considered money, the owners of the website are often in a hurry to get their work done soon. There will be less time for interaction in B2C. And since the templates and themes are cheaper when compared to the time consuming and lengthy custom web designing, a large number of entrepreneurs are choosing for templates and themes as alternatives for web designing.

Wide range of varieties to select from

On the internet, we now have various websites which offer templates and themes. The user could select from a wide array of themes and templates that are ready to use at a relatively cheaper cost compared to custom web designing. Templates and themes are available readily with diverse features. Users are now able to select from various functions which are present within the templates and themes. Since they are readily usable, they could be used in any of the CMS platforms.

Themes are responsive

Everyone needs to access a website through their smartphones these days. With an increasing number of mobile users, many businesses are swapping from desktop to mobiles. This has made it mandatory for the websites to fulfill the requirement of responsive coding. Such responsive coding is very much important if you need your website to be mobile optimized as well. In custom web designing, you must code the design of the website totally using responsive coding. But with templates and themes, you don’t have to do this portion of the work as they would already be designed using responsive coding.

Greater ROI on businesses

Businesses usually choose templates and themes over custom web designs. The effort and time involved in making a website using custom web design are very long when compared to the templates and themes that ate readily usable. Hence while owners of the website choose to use templates and themes over custom web design, they are actually saving a lot of the expenses which would be spent on creation. Even the web designers are saved from hectic work ad once the theme and template are chosen; they can effortlessly work on the chosen design. This, in turn, results in the designing of large number of websites in less time, which would increase the sales and improve ROI.

With such enticing benefits, themes and templates have surely taken over the web designing market and it would not really be a surprise if the custom web designs become extinct in the near future.