Web design trends are just alike the trends in fashion industry, they come and go! However, there are a few trends that utters by requisites, for instance having a responsive design. There may be changes in trends to flat designs through skeuomorphism.

Seeking practicality in the real world, you need to follow the trend that actually fulfills your business needs efficiently. Instead, you should not bear in mind what makes your website looks cool and fascinating, just in order to engage more visitors.

Remember, a website designed to meet the ongoing trends fades away much quicker. So, keeping this in mind, here  at TemplateToaster offline web design software you will see a few web design trends that would make you think for a while prior incorporating. you may also read list of best graphic design software and best logo design software.

Hamburger Menu

Hamburger MenuWe are living in the era of technology and high end Smartphones have now become really popular all across the globe. The designers now consider simplifying the navigation and using a Hamburger Menu to hide it. Although it is being used massively but is also being criticized by many!

This trend is not only limited to responsive websites for mobile devices but has also crept into websites designed for desktops too. Numerous designers create websites using a navigational drawer across the website, be it for mobile or desktop. Such designs hide the global navigation in the ubiquitous Hamburger Menu, providing with a much sleeker and cleaner website to browse through.

No matter such designs are appealing for majority of the audience but can be risky for news and e-commerce websites.

Parallax Scrolling

Incorporating Parallax ScrollingRecently, numerous websites were designed using Parallax Scrolling, which is a technique through which the content in background and foreground is allowed to scroll at assorted speeds. However, it is used for good effects but has some potential glitches too.

  • If using Parallax Scrolling one should take special care of arranging the content for SEO as most of thse sites are single page and there is no much room for content arrangement.

  • The performance of the website gets hampered because of heavy JavaScript and graphics, leaving the page unloaded majority of times. Page loading time, particularly on mobiles, is really bad, leaving the viewers with a negative effect


CarouselsViewing websites with carousels has become really common these days. No mater they simply cut down the clutter and make the website visually appealing but consider the following glitches that this web design trend boasts:

  • Special care need to be taken to make the Carousels search engines friendly.

  • Under-optimized images with high resolution contribute a lot for slowing the loading time of the webpage, thus affecting the performance of the website negatively. Excessive use of jQuery or JavaScript can even be a reason to hamper the performance

  • Using carousels sometime creates numerous accessibility issues that cannot be resolved entirely even with one of the best frameworks available out there

Despite of being these aforementioned drawbacks, it cannot be said that using carousels must be entirely neglected until and unless one has a good reason to incorporate it.

Excessive JavaScript Effects

Using JavaScript ExcessivelyWithout any doubt, JavaScript is scrolling everywhere these days. This can even be a significant reason to make a beautifully designed website working sluggishly. There are rare Visitors that consider sticking on to a website which loads really slowly.

JavaScript is one of the most proficient languages that can deliver highly functional results. It aids designers to create dynamic and amazing load screens incorporating trendy elements that can add very advance functionality.

Many JavaScript frameworks and libraries are available these days, for instance Backbone.js, Knockout.js and Angular.js. However, you must be aware of the cons of encompassing a website with unnecessary JavaScript. Let’s have a look:

  • Page load time can affected pathetically due to under optimized JavaScript code.

  • Heavy use of JavaScript can effect page load time on mobile phones and tablets.

  • Search engines do not crawl JavaScript, thus the content fetched dynamically through Javascript may be missed from Search engines indexing.

Flat Design

Flat-DesignUsing a flat design work wonders for majority of websites because of its compatibility with several other trends like material design, responsive web design and minimalism.

Let us now explore a few upsides of incorporating a flat design to your website:

  • Simple Typography: Using simple typefaces with a flat design makes sure that every text throughout the website comes out to be absolutely readable and decipherable

  • Ghost Buttons: Ghost Buttons decrease the user distraction and are the basic component of flat designs.

  • Vivacious Color Schemes: The use of vibrant color schemes in the website designs makes templates and UI frameworks wonderful and fascinating.

  • Minimalism: Helps creating a user interface looking exclusive and uncluttered simply by cutting down on several elements.

Material Design

Material-DesignIf you focus on creating a website that would deliver realistic effects to the viewer then Material Design is worth using. It is a new style language launched by Google last year that makes use of shadow effects and various impressions of depth & movement to let users get realistic experience.

Using an effective Material Design would let you design a website with futuristic and cleaner design that simply focuses on UX. Although there are critics in design aesthetic of Google but Material Design is admired as the most trending web design.

The minimalistic look of Material Design makes it somewhat similar to Flat Design, which is another ongoing web design trend. But, unlike a pure flat design, more depth is experienced through Material Design because of shadows and depth used. You may read illustrator vs photoshop, gimp vs Photoshop, best web design software and web design trends 2020.

There is no need to worry if you are not a professional web designer and want a trendy site, simply use a web design software like TemplateToaster to create your own website and it is done.