We explore, write, and post blogs on WordPress, but sometimes we feel like deleting WordPress blog. The content is outdated or it’s no longer serving the purpose for your business, you can delete WordPress Blog in just a few steps. Yes, that’s true!

WordPress is one of the largest CMS with millions of users across the globe. While posting content is really easy on WordPress, people often get confused about how to delete a WordPress blog. That’s easy too! In this blog post, I will discuss a step-by-step guide on how to delete WordPress Blog. Let’s get started!

How to Delete WordPress Blog

Whether you are planning to migrate your website to a new domain or simply want to get rid of unnecessary data, whatever your reason is, deleting WordPress is no rocket-science.

Before you begin, you need to figure out the type of hosting – WordPress.org or WordPress.com. Both are distinct platforms, so you need to know about the host before you begin the deletion process. Once you understand these basics, you can then begin the process.

Check out the top two methods of deleting the blog post on WordPress.

Steps To Delete WordPress Blog (WordPress.com)

Here is a list of a few steps that will help you delete WordPress Blog.

Step 1: Login to the WordPress Account

Deleting the WordPress blog is a personal choice, but it is advised to keep the backups. So, before you delete the blog, make sure you get a backup. This will help you restore the data, in case you want to post it in the future. With WordPress, you don’t get a single button for backups, but a series of a few steps.

Login to the WordPress Account→Dashboard→Tools→Export. You will get option to select what files you want to export. You can select particular files or simply go for the “All Content” option. Once done click Download Export File.

export blog website content

Step 2: Go to tools, click delete site

Go to WordPress Dashboard→Tools→Delete Site.

delete blog wordpress site

A new window will open where you need to mention the reason why you deleting the blog. You can simply continue by clicking on the “Another Reason” option.

A pop-up will appear asking if you have exported the data. It’s a simple reminder, so, you can recheck the backup or export the data first. Once done tick the box – I want to permanently remove →Delete Now.

delete blog website confirmation

Step 3:  Click the verification link

Once you hit the Delete Now button, you will get a confirmation email. You need to click the verification link so as to complete the deletion process. You are done, it’s deleted!

In case, you have purchases the domain from WordPress.com, then deleting the WordPress site is not possible. If you are stuck in this situation, then you have two options listed below.

To make the blog Private, go to WordPress dashboard→Settings→Reading→Select (I would like to make my site private…)

select option make my site private

Alternatively, you can move the site to a new registrar where you need to contact the third-party domain registering company. Follow the directions as stated and you can delete the WordPress blog.

Steps To Delete WordPress Blog Self-Hosted (WordPress.org)

Self-hosted means when you buy the domain name using the WordPress hosting provider. This simply means the WordPress sites where you have hosting accounts. So, deleting the WordPress.org site is much simpler as you get complete access to your data.

Here is a list of a few steps that you need to follow to delete WordPress Blog.

Step 1: Backup your WordPress files

As already mentioned above, backing up your WordPress files before deleting is always a good idea. In case you change your mind, you can restore the data with ease. To backup files, we recommend using the WordPress backup pluginDuplicator.

duplicator migration wordpress plugins

Step 2: Go to root directory and Delete Files

control panel file manager delete wordpress files

Simply log in to the hosting account cPanel dashboard and click File Manager. Here, go to the root directory of the website and delete your files.

Step 3:  Remove Domain Name

Once you have deleted your blog, you can remove the domain name from the account by clicking→Addon Domains, this will keep the dashboard clean and fast.

Note: This is not a mandatory step, you may skip this. It’s all about the user preferences if they wish to keep the domain or wish to delete it. you may read how to move WordPress site to new domain.

Can We Delete The WordPress Blog From Google?

Well, even if you delete the WordPress blogs from the host, they might still be visible on the search engines. Google algorithms index the content of your website and it remains for some time there. In case, you want to delete the indexed content from Google you can do so from  google search console. Simple and easy!