Ever since its inception, we have only seen WordPress grow. Throughout its emergence from a mere blogging platform to a full-fledged Content Management System with robust functions, WordPress have continued to attract tons of internet geeks and hosted millions of sites on the web.

In today’s world of tech savvy people, a well developed and fully functional website has become every entrepreneur and businessman’s basic need. And that’s where WordPress makes its grand entry.

However, because of it’s established eminence, many of us fall prey of the nasty rumor that WordPress is brilliantly designed for SEO. Though it is true to a great extent, we tend to ignore the fact that the core software needs a little prod to generate exemplary results.

In this article here at Templatetoaster WordPress website builder and WordPress theme builder, i will talk about some of the WordPress Tools that will help you, optimize your WordPress website.

But before that let’s have a look at why it is important for you to optimize your site for search engines.

Why Optimize?

We all know that, other than validating your existence, a website is a great tool to market yourself and your organization too. You can sell, buy, raise funds, create awareness and do many other things depending upon the nature of your business or organization.

So, a website has great potential to make your business or cause flourish. But not all blogs and sites are equally powerful. Some are good, some are average while others just exist.
If you want your site to be one of the best and help you accelerate your growth, you need to ensure that it reaches out to your target audience. And for that you have to enhance the SEO of your site.

SEO means improving the visibility of your web pages or sites to get a better ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
When you optimize your site, you make your site visible in the search results of your potential clients.

This helps you to draw more target specific traffic, which will help you publicize your business and ultimately increase your sales.

How to Optimize

Search Engine Optimization is a vast topic and needs professional training for anyone to master the art.

From knowing how to do your keyword research, adding proper snippets, optimizing your images, there are various parameters you need to follow to optimize your post for good results. You also have to consider a strong title, do a lot of interlinking and of course take care of your content readability.

This is not the end. There are tons of other parameters too, that needs to be followed while considering an SEO friendly post. But because this is a lot, we might sometimes forget to follow one or the other step.

Some WordPress enthusiast, therefore, came up with certain tools that ensure, you follow all the rules perfectly and come up with a highly optimized post.
Let us have a look at some of these tools that can help you optimize your post and maximize your ROI.
Tools that can help you Optimize

There are many tools in the WordPress market that can make optimizing your site the easiest job. In this section we will tell you about 5 amazing WordPress tools that will help you optimize your site.


1. Yoast

Yoast is one of the most popular and most widely used SEO plugins that offers you almost all the necessary features to make your site SEO friendly. It takes care of your technical optimization ( on page optimization) along with your overall site optimization and looks after your XMPL sitemap too. The best thing about this feature is that it comes for free and yet comes jam-packed with robust functionalities.

2. All in one SEO Pack

This is another leading SEO plugin for WordPress users. It is an extremely handy plugin that even beginners would love using. It automatically optimizes the title of your posts for search engines and looks after all major SEO functions that are necessary to make your page visible to search engines. The plugin has two versions – a Free version and a Pro version. You can try using the free version first and if you are satisfied with it, you can purchase the Pro version that comes with more advanced functionalities.

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3. Broken Line Checker

A broken link on your site, can not only hurt your SEO efforts and hamper Google rankings but can also cost your business. In a content focused site with numerous links in each post, it sometimes becomes difficult to keep a check on all your links. Many times our rankings are affected, because a dead link might escape our notice. That’s where Broken Link Checker can come in.

Broken Line Checker is a very useful tool that will update you every time it detects a broken link or a missing image in your posts or site. You will be notified about it through your dashboard or via email as soon as the dead links are identified. Meanwhile, it prevents the search engines from following such links. You can directly edit the links from the plugin page, without manually updating each posts.

4. Premium SEO Pack

This is a premium high-quality SEO plugin, that can be a very good option to optimize your site instantly. From improving internal link building to optimizing your images and 301 redirections, the plugin takes great care of everything for you. It also enhances your snippets to make your site visible in top search results.

5. SEOPressor

Improve your organic traffic with the SEOPressor, another very handy tool to optimize your web page. The inbuilt keyword research tool of the plugin makes it stand out among the rest of its types. This plugin guides you through everything that is needed to improve your traffic. From optimizing your images, internal linking, optimizing for social sharing and so on this tool is a very good option for all WordPress users.

6. SEMrush

This is a great tool that can enhance your ROI instantly. It is not a plugin, but a simple tool that can help you get in-depth knowledge about your competitors, perfect keywords and so on allowing you to compare your work with others of the same field to improve it for better results.



If you are running a content focused website on WordPress, the on-page SEO of your site becomes an extremely critical factor. The search rank of your site greatly depends on how well you optimize your post. However, this is not the only defining factor for your rankings. It also depends on a lot on off-page SEO and other similar factors.

With the changing search engine algorithms; you need to be very cautious while implementing your on-page SEO. If you stuff your article with too much of keywords or try any kind of back hat SEO practice; your site runs a high risk of being negatively affected. In worse situations, it might even be banned.

The plugins mentioned above will assist you in this regard and make sure that your site is properly optimized. The on-page SEO feature of Yoast and SEOPressor plugin offers great insight into the parameters that needs attention before publishing an article.

Especially for the new bloggers, the on-page SEO feature proves to be extremely helpful allowing them to ensure that the SEO analysis were perfectly done by these plugins.

With each of these tools, optimizing your site becomes a very simple and enjoyable task.

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