Check out these best Joomla affiliate system extensions for your Joomla site. It has become indispensable to include affiliate programs in almost every website nowadays. And by including an impressive Joomla affiliate system extension you can improve the quality of your Joomla website. It is one of the efficient ways to do that. In this guide, I will provide you the top best Joomla Affiliate System Extensions to help you add them to your website too. So, let’s stEbay sellerart now!

Joomla is a free and open-source content management system. So, when you create a website using this highly useful platform, you open the doors to many new opportunities. There are many high-quality Joomla template frameworks available with the help of which you can easily create a Joomla template with Joomla template creator and start your affiliate marketing right away. Or if you are in a hurry you can get started with any of the free Joomla templates available out there.

Since you are looking for Joomla affiliate system extensions, no wonder you already know how affiliate marketing enables you to display offers, products, and place ads for extra revenue. The convenience to use Joomla affiliate system extensions for your Joomla site make it quite simpler to get started. But it can be a little difficult for you to choose the best solution for your Joomla site. And that’s where this guide will help you. I have thoroughly compared each Joomla affiliate system extension for you. Let’s quickly see how they stack up against each other.

Best Joomla Affiliate System Extensions

1. Affiliate Tracker

Affiliate Tracker

Affiliate Tracker is an extensive affiliate tracking tool for Joomla 4 sites. This extension would make it possible for you to create a complete affiliate program. It enables you to track referrals, commission sales provided by affiliates and increase profits and traffic without any difficulty. It is a comprehensive Joomla affiliate extension that lets you create a dedicated affiliate marketing area on your Joomla website. Affiliate Tracker provides full support for VirtueMart, K2Store, Emerald, HikeShop, and OS Membership Pro, and all other main eCommerce extensions. Furthermore, it offers you the features so that you can conveniently track each and every action you want.

Core Features

  • Affiliate Tracker is fully compatible with all main eCommerce extensions.
  • It comes with automatic affiliate ID tracking.
  • It also offers you multiple accounts and commissions per affiliate.
  • You can quickly pay your affiliates online with the help of PayPal or Stripe.
  • You can have customizable affiliate trackable URLs.


  • It is fully compatible with Joomla 4
  • It is fully compatible with VirtueMart.
  • It can beautifully track all referrals.
  • You will get notifications by email when users apply for new accounts.


  • Affiliate Tracker has not been updated for the last two years.

2. TF Advert

TF Advert

TF Advert is another free Joomla 4 affiliate system extension that you can use. It is a simple-to-use Joomla extension. It lets you add any advertisement code or any other affiliate or ad network to your Joomla site without a hitch. However, with this Joomla plugin, you can add multiple advertisements as well as any code for different Joomla articles or tags, or categories. Moreover, you can dynamically display current article titles as well as category titles. Whereas, the new version of this Joomla extension supports various types of advertisements such as link, image, simple, html ad codes. Using this plugin will make everything simpler for you.

Core Features

  • With TF Advert you can add any advertisement code to your Joomla site.
  • You can find it in the Joomla Extensions Directory (JED).
  • It does not require any special Joomla skills to use this extension.
  • It lets you have different types of advertisements such as images, links, and simple.
  • If you get stuck somewhere, you can refer to the documentation.


  • Support Joomla 4 version
  • It is a free Joomla affiliate extension.
  • It is quite a simple-to-use Joomla affiliate extension.
  • All you have to do is just paste the copied code of the affiliate program on the advertisement code and you are done.


  • Joomla version 3 is a basic requirement for using this Joomla affiliate extension.

3. Ebay seller

Ebay Seller

Ebay seller is a helpful affiliate system Joomla extension that helps you promote your auctions on your website to attract potential bidders on Ebay. If you are selling on eBay then this Joomla extension can be a great tool for you. Some Joomla professionals consider it one of the best digital marketing tools. However, you will find many useful features with this Joomla affiliate system extension that will help you make your website an effective affiliate spot. You can definitely find it in the Joomla Extensions Directory (JED) and use it for free.

Core Features

  • Ebay seller Joomla affiliate extension allows you to select parameters to match your needs.
  • The list you have created is displayed in the module automatically.
  • This Joomla affiliate extension uses the latest API available on the eBay developer website.
  • It is fully responsive and includes floating rows.
  • You will have a clean and efficient code to use.


  • It is a free Joomla affiliate extension.
  • It is pretty simple to configure this affiliate extension to your site.
  • Ebay Seller comes with several useful features to give you a fully-functional affiliate-ready website in no time.


  • You need to have at least Joomla 3 version in order to use this Joomla affiliate extension.

4. eBay store

Ebay store

eBay store Joomla affiliate system extension can be a great help for you if you have a store on eBay. Just by simply adding this html widget to your Joomla website you will be able to drive traffic to your website without any difficulty. There are some parameters out of which you can choose the ones that you find matching your needs. Soon after you select the parameters, your listing will be automatically displayed in the module. Moreover, you can have geo-targeted widgets for your Joomla site. However, you can easily filter widgets on the basis of country and language.

Core Features

  • eBay store is an effective Joomla affiliate extension that lets you sell in various different countries.
  • You can effortlessly sell in multiple languages.
  • You can have multiple versions of the widgets on the same page.
  • The widget will update in real-time automatically.
  • It works on asynchronous calls.


  • eBay store is a fully responsive Joomla affiliate extension.
  • It has a new panel format to offer you.
  • You can have geo-targeted widgets on your Joomla site.


  • This eBay store Joomla extension is limited to the eBay platform only.

Bonus Joomla Affiliate System Extensions

5. Single Ebay

single Ebay

Single Ebay is a free Joomla affiliate system extension that you can use for your Joomla site. As the name specifies, this Joomla affiliate extension is dedicatedly useful for the eBay platform. If you wish to promote your eBay auction on your website then you can use the Single eBay Joomla extension for that. It’s quite simple to do that. All you need to do is enter your ebayitemID and your auction will automatically be displayed in the module. You can freely use this Joomla extension by finding it in the Joomla Extensions Directory.

Core Features

  • Single Ebay lets you boost your eBay auction with ease.
  • You can make use of the different parameters.
  • You are free to select the parameters that match your needs.
  • It will automatically resize the image width.
  • It has efficient and clean code to use.


  • Single Ebay is a free Joomla affiliate extension.
  • It comes with an external language file.
  • You will get a comment textfield inside the module.


  • You can not list more than 100 items.

6. Moonchip Customisable Ad Positions

Moonchip Customisable Ad Positions

Moonchip Customisable Ad Positions is a fully customizable ad positions module that can give you the desired results. Using this Joomla extension allows you to add Google ads code in Joomla without any difficulty. You can have both horizontal as well as vertical control for fine-tuning the position of Google ads on your Joomla website. It gives you full control in your hands. The cache option is also there within the module so that you do not have to face any cache issues either. All-in-all it is a pretty useful Joomla affiliate extension to use for your Joomla site.

Core Features

  • Moonchip Customisable Ad Positions comes with the ability to improve the position of Google AdSense.
  • With this Joomla extension, you can easily decide where you wish to have Google ads on your Joomla site.
  • You can comfortably put the entire Google Ads code into the box.
  • Whichever ad you like, you can have it for your Joomla site apart from the Google AdSense ads.
  • It makes everything pretty simple to perform.


  • Moonchip Customisable Ad Positions is an easy-to-use Joomla extension.
  • It’s pretty simple to implement.
  • With Moonchip Customisable Ad Position aligning your ads according to your Joomla template becomes easy.


  • It is a paid Joomla extension that does not have a free plan.

So, these were the best Joomla affiliate system extensions that you can use for your Joomla site. You know there are numerous benefits of Joomla for creating a website and one of them is the availability of extensions to extend the functionality of your Joomla site. And these Joomla SEO hacks can help you avoid many unknown obstacles.

So, Which Joomla Affiliate System Extensions Should You Use For Your Business?

Well, the answer is pretty simple, you should use a Joomla affiliate system extension that fits your business needs. It all depends on your needs and goals. Joomla Affiliate extensions are loaded with features and functionalities to elevate your site. That being said, it doesn’t matter whether it’s Amazon, eBay, or any other brand, they all rely on affiliates. A strong affiliate system makes it easy to generate revenue for your business. Also, the ability to let people find you and purchase your services or products gets easier and convenient for both buyers as well sellers.

There is an array of Joomla affiliate system extensions available out there but choosing the one suitable solution for your business is really important and at times can be struggling too. However, it is to note here that these Joomla affiliate system extensions can be used along with Google AdSense as well. Joomla extensions for website security can be comfortably used for all retail applications and websites. With the help of these security extensions, you can quickly show product information right on the page you are building without causing any inconvenience to your users.

And when it comes to selecting the one ideal solution for your business, you need to check every tool for its pros and cons. So that you know which plugin can be really beneficial for your website. Make sure you know the essential Joomla extensions to boost up your site.

Happy Affiliation!

Best Joomla Affiliate System Extensions – In Conclusion

So, that’s all I have in the Joomla affiliate system extensions for you.  The importance of affiliate marketing is growing with each passing day. In fact, affiliate marketing has become an essential part of the eCommerce business. Out of all the strategies you implement to improve Joomla website performance or to boost any eCommerce website, the affiliate system needs to be maintained properly. However, if you dig deeper you will realize that everything is interconnected. And every change is causing a butterfly effect for your business. So, which Joomla affiliate system extension you find useful for your business, do let me know in the comments section below.