Looking for the best Joomla helpdesk and support ticket extensions for your Joomla site? In this post, I have compared the top Joomla support ticket and helpdesk extensions so that you can make the right choice for your site.

No matter how good or comprehensive your website is, at some point one of your customers would require to get in touch with customer support. No matter what business you own, having good customer support option is the key to attain customers loyalty improving the user experience. And, when you have the best Joomla helpdesk and support ticket extension it all gets very easy and convenient.

By establishing a proper helpdesk and support system on your site, it ensures that all the queries of your customers are addressed quickly and in the best possible way. With the help of extensions, you can allow the customers to raise tickets and then allot them to the suitable department for more help. Organizing a proper helpdesk and support tickets on the Joomla site will not only help you establish good teamwork but also provide excellent customer support, which indeed will help improve reliability and overall sales as well.

To help you accomplish customer service goals, I have listed the best Joomla helpdesk software and support ticket extensions, both free and paid. So, without any further delay let’s get started.

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List of Best Joomla Helpdesk and Support Ticket Extensions

  1. Helpdesk Pro
  2. JS Support Ticket
  3. RSTickets!Pro
  4. Issue Tracker
  5. JV-HelpDesk
  6. JSP Tickets
  7. Quick Support
  8. JoomTickets
  9. Shack HelpScout

1. Helpdesk Pro – Paid Download

Helpdesk Pro

Helpdesk Pro is one of the best Joomla helpdesk and support ticket extensions developed by the Ossolution Team. It is a powerful extension that works best for Joomla sites. The extension is compatible with Joomla 3.x and Joomla 4.x and is built on top Joomla framework and Twitter bootstrap.

The Helpdesk Pro not just provides you with a convenient way of adding top-notch customer support service on your site but is also very easy to use. With a nice, clean and intuitive user interface the extension has a feature-rich ticket support system.

Main Highlights:

  • With Helpdesk Pro, you get unlimited nested categories to specify the depth level of the ticket
  • Easily manage tickets from frontend and backend
  • Various ticket filter options- you can sort tickets by adding filters like category, filter by status, filter by ticket data and therefore manage tickets properly
  • Create powerful custom fields and easily assign the custom fields to categories
  • Add multiple attachments per ticket
  • Helpdesk Pro allows public users to submit tickets without having to log in
  • Assign individual tickets to staff
  • Add articles under categories for knowledge-base support
  • Add pre-defined replies
  • Export tickets into CSV file
  • Multilingual support
  • Powerful search features for tickets using the user ID, email address, and more
  • Top-notch email notification system

When to Choose Helpdesk Pro?

Helpdesk Pro is compatible with PHP7 (which is very fast). Therefore, if you have updated your site to Joomla 3.5 and all of the extensions are compatible with PHP7, then getting Helpdesk Pro is a good option. The extension has some of the most amazing features and a clean modern interface.

So, if you are willing to pay $29-$99 for a feature-rich Joomla helpdesk and support ticket extension, then Helpdesk Pro is surely a good consideration.

2. JS Support Ticket – Free Download

JS Support Ticket

JS Support Ticket is a web-based free Joomla helpdesk and support ticket extension that is super easy to use. The users can create a ticket from the front-end. JS Support Ticket is built keeping in mind the Joomla framework.

The extension allows you to create departments related to different business units and also for the admin panel. This way the users can choose the department while raising a ticket. With responsive designs and a fully customizable and configurable user interface, the JS-Support Ticket extension has a lot to offer.

Main Highlights:

  • Set ticket priorities
  • Unlimited tickets
  • Easy to use layouts
  • Mobile-friendly responsive designs
  • Email notifications
  • Customizable email templates
  • Unlimited attachments
  • Get user reports and stats
  • Powerful search filters
  • RTL and multi-language support

When to Choose JS Support Ticket?

JS Support Ticket is one of the best Joomla helpdesk and support ticket extensions for free. So, if you are looking for an extension that provides ease of use and flexibility, in terms of efficiency, robust and intuitive design at no price. Then this is a good enough plugin to consider.

3. RSTickets!Pro – Paid Download


With RSTickets!Pro you can easily add full helpdesk support to the Joomla website, as a result, your customers are more likely to have a good experience with the products and services. It is a powerful extension for customer support gateway, helpdesk, ticketing, along with an easy assortment of staff groups, knowledge base, and custom fields for different departments.

All in all, the RSTicket!Pro extension has a complete set of features to help you with better customer support and improve business success.

Main Highlights:

  • Easily manage customer queries and problems both frontend and backend
  • Create custom fields – choose HTML attributes, and customize validation messages
  • Add categories for ticked based on departments
  • Set priorities
  • Customize different departments – set custom fields, change email address, email notifications
  • Add articles, knowledge base resources for the clients
  • Predefined searches
  • 3 options to view ticket – plain, accordion, and tabs

When to Choose RSTicket!Pro?

With RSTicket!Pro, you get to integrate a professional helpdesk system on your site. With robust features like – online email ticket generation, categorize tickets through departments, multi-language support, and others make this extension a good choice for frontend and backend use.

4. Issue Tracker – Paid Download

Issue Tracker

The Issue Tracker is an all-in-one Joomla helpdesk and support ticket solution for excellent customer support. It is a great tool to assist webmasters, coders, and helpdesk staff arrange customer issues effectively. As a result, it helps in providing a quick and well-planned response to the customers. It is an easy to use, robust, and user-friendly extension on the list.

Main Highlights:

  • Unlimited tickets organized into categories
  • Assign user managers to handle tickets of different category
  • Advance audit features
  • Create custom fields
  • Powerful and flexible security structure with different permission levels for helpdesk staff and customers base don ACL support
  • Integration with Joomla mail function better communication and enhanced support
  • Identify non-enrolled users as guest raised issues
  • Support language translations

When to Choose Issue Tracker?

The Issue Tracker is more like a forum thread messages, however, the major difference is that every issue can be made private and only visible to the user or customer who created it. And, of course, the authorised staff on the web and support team.

It is a simple yet powerful helpdesk and ticket extension along with a flexible security structure

5. JV-HelpDesk – Free Download


Perhaps you would like to provide your customers with passive means of support and a ticket system. With JV-Helpdesk you can provide your customers with a one-on-one dedicated ticket support system. The extension is fully integrated and also allows you to edit BBCode, efficiently reply to emails, multilingual support and more.

Main Highlights:

  • Add unlimited categories
  • Excellent frontend customer dashboard
  • Add custom fields for tickets
  • Set priorities and statuses for tickets
  • Manage tickets in frontend and backend
  • Email templates
  • Assign and re-assign tickets
  • Allow customers to rate received support
  • Supports Twitter Bootstrap
  • Option to download files

When to Choose JV-Helpdesk?

JV-Helpdesk is a simple and professional helpdesk and support ticket extension for free. It is compatible with Joomla 3.x. Besides, offering the aforementioned features the extension is also includes the latest features like flag tickets by staff members, global message across helpdesk, browser event notification, and create a ticket on behalf of customers.

6. JSP Tickets – Paid Download

JSP Tickets

JSP Tickets is again a great extension on the list of best Joomla helpdesk and support ticket extension. It supports Joomla 2.5.x and Joomla 3.x versions, so before installing the extension make sure to check the Joomla version.

JSP Tickets is a perfect extension where registered and guest users are provided with easy accessibility to avail support. The extension comes with a great customization feature to provide excellent support to all of the customers.

Main Highlights:

  • Prioritize tickets based on the high medium, low and more
  • Allow and configure the various type of attachments to support tickets
  • Access to predefined and custom categories for installed extensions
  • Monthly ticket status graph for categories
  • Gets email notifications of the ticket for admin, moderators and customers
  • Advance control system to users to keep an adequate track of their products through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and others
  • Get social media support

When to Choose JSP Tickets?

The extension is great in providing ticket system accessibility to registered and guest users. JSP Tickets extension has automated helpdesk tickets concerning audits, managers and clients.

Besides, it also offers features like ticket percentage pie chart, complete analysis of the ticket, category graph every month. You can avail of two plans one for 30 days and the other one is for 365 days. It is pretty affordable so if you are willing to spend money on a helpdesk and support extension then you must consider it as an option.

7. Quick Support – Paid Download

Quick Support

Next on the list of best Joomla helpdesk and support tickets extension is Quick Support that stays true to its name. Quick Support is a good extension to integrate support within the existing Joomla infrastructure.

It is a feature-rich support system based on the Joomla framework. The extension perfectly integrates with the existing Joomla site and allows the admin to easily manage tickets. The extension provides a great user interface for the team to work on.


Main Highlights:

  • Beautiful and clean interface
  • 100% responsive layout
  • Instant notification on new ticket
  • Users can easily attach files
  • Easily handle tickets based on priorities
  • Specify any number of categories for the support ticket
  • 8 extra fields like name, phone number, reason, postal address or any detail that you want to know from the customers

When to Choose Quick Support?

If you are paying additional money for an external support system then you don’t have to. External support can be very expensive and it will slowly eat up your budget. With Quick Sup[port you get an amazing set of features like set categories, multiple users, customer notifications, ticket status, and more at a pretty reasonable amount.

8. JoomTickets – Paid Download

Joom Tickets

JoomTickets is a premium Joomla helpdesk and support ticket extension to help you manage customers on the site. With this extension, the customers can easily submit their issues about the website, product and services, and your support team can further assist them.

It is a simple yet powerful extension to use. You can use JoomTickets to effectively manage queries, issues, and provide the customers with a solution from the frontend and admin panel.

Main Highlights:

  • Unlimited number of categories and tickets
  • Assign users and manager to manage tickets of any category
  • Different options for email and attachments
  • Customize email templates
  • 100% mobile responsive
  • Change the colour, background of the templates
  • Filter tickets based on id, category and status
  • Automatic status update for new and answered emails
  • Multiple language support

When to Choose JoomTickets?

JoomTickets is a good helpdesk and support ticket extension that provides good enough features to manage tickets. However, the extension is best-suited for tracking issues.

9. Shack HelpScout – Paid Download

Shack HelpScout

Lastly, on the list of Best Joomla helpdesk and support ticket extension, we have Shack HelpScout. It is a popular helpdesk and ticket support extension for Joomla that we simply can’t miss on this list. You can use Shack HelpScout to easily integrate HelpScout with Joomla.

In like manner, the extension allows you to display Help Scout forms and user conversations within the Joomla site. Therefore, the answers of your customers will be answered by Help Scout rather than Joomla, but your users will never get to know about it.

Main Highlights:

  • Display Help Scout forms on your site to help users establish a conversation with the support team
  • Show all the previous conversations of every user
  • Display customer information inside Help Scout
  • Connect Shack HelpSCount with Help Scout in just two steps

When to Choose Shack HelpScout?

Shack HelpScout is a great extension to use and effectively manage customer support. If you are looking for an easy solution to display the Help Scout form directly inside Joomla, then this is a perfect extension for you.

Final Words- The Best Joomla Helpdesk and Support Ticket Extensions

The aforementioned helpdesk and support ticket extensions help the customers to start a conversation and get help whenever needed. Indeed, the same extensions allow you to reach out to your visitors in an effective way because it is easier to install, create, manage and track tickets right from the admin panel.

The Crux: Joomla helpdesk and support ticket extension help you improve the user experience while at the same time help boost conversions. That is why, when you decide to create a Joomla site, it is worth integrating a helpdesk extension on your site. Whether you choose premium or free helpdesk support extension, just make sure to consider aspects like customization, ease of use, security and budget.

Hope this article was helpful for you to choose the Joomla helpdesk and support ticket extension. But, in case you have more suggestion do mention them in the comment section below. Also, check out free Joomla templates that support Joomla 4 and bootrap 5 to make your website look even more stunning.